She Should Have Died - Episode 5

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I found out Ebony didn't post my episode 5... Sorry love n kisses .. this is a bonus..


Bosa's p.o.v
"we'd always go into it blindly.
I needed to loose you to find me.
This dance, it  was killing me softly.
I needed to hate you to love me..."
I groaned, getting up from the bed. I looked at the time it was six pm and someone had already put on that annoying music . Swearing to deal with whoever tried it , I wore my puffy slippers and strolled downstairs. I saw my new stupid stepmom dancing and drinking more tequila shots. I just stared stunned!!Talk about privacy. Dad walked out of the room, entered the parlour and shut off the MP3 player. Ignoring dad, she turned it right on. Dad was no fuming,I feared he would commit murder. "Try it  J and you'll hurt your unborn son"she sneered. I wonder why that sentence always had an effect on Dad,he walked outside slammed the door behind him and soon I heard his car driving out.
I stared at this witch and went back to my room. I couldn't sleep again,I just went to have my bath.

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. I made sure I locked the Door because Reggie was around

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. I wondered who he was and why he was always around Regina. I knew better than to believe the crap of him, being her brother. He has been looking at me,in ways that gives me the  creeps. One day I even saw him going through my clothes. Turning on the showers,I hummed all my sorrows away. I got dressed and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Yes Regina sacked all the domestic helps and since then, I've been doing the cooking mostly indomie. I looked around,no one in sight that meant Regina went out.
I was dancing and boiling the noodles,when a sudden movement from behind took me unawares.  Pushing me from behind  to the wall and covering my mouth, Reggie warned me not to shout. I gulped in fear, no one was at home. I closed my eyes in fear as I saw him moving closer.........


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