Preordained - Episode 8

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Frankly, the forest was nothing like I'd envisioned it to be. It looked absolutely normal, like that should even be a possibility. I'd already trekked as far as my legs could afford; I was tired. So, settling under a nearby shade, I'd pulled out Mama Yahimba's book, flipping the cover wide open. 

A pack consists of five members. A banshee, an alpha, two beta, and a weaker shape-shifter . It said. And I found myself backtracking my thoughts, stopping abruptly somewhere along the first dream I'd experienced of the sort. There'd been myself, and just three big dogs. The one with the red eyes, whom I assumed to be the alpha. Then the other blue-eyed ones, the beta. But that was it.

Where is the fourth dog? I wondered, and instead of answers, what I got in return was an intense scare: A growl! 

Then another growl. 

Then another.. It wouldn't stop. 

I was paralysed, my entire body refused to make any form of movement, whilst my heart was beating so hard, I was surprised it hadn't even popped out yet. And although, the faint volume suggested that the big dogs were a far distance away, I didn't want to take any chances.

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. Thus, tucking the book back into my bag, I crouched immediately behind the brown leaves for safety. 

I stayed there for a while, as alert as I could possibly be

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. The growling had then stopped.. however, just when I thought I was safe enough to continue my journey, a side glance had seen my gaze land upon them. Really, it was almost as if they'd been expecting me to surface all along, and whatever sound I'd intended to make also wouldn't voice out,- that was seriously how scared I was.
This isn't a dream, I thought. There's no escape for me this time.. 

Still, despite my obvious fright, it was difficult to pass over the little details I was sure to always notice. It appeared there was some sort of hierarchy within the specie. The red-eyed dog was surrounded by an invisible aura of dominance, stood with poise, charisma, and every other thing being a leader embodied. The alpha was bigger, furrier, and more dangerous looking, while the two other big dogs, who looked feebler in comparison, lingered somewhere behind. 

Their eyes were sparkly, hypnotic. It spoke in volumes, I couldn't quite grasp. 

Then suddenly, they were moving closer, and closer, and closer.. until I couldn't take it anymore.

 Panicked, I screeched.

The intensity of my voice was astonishing even to myself, and although I couldn't exactly speak dog, they really did seem frightened; they were backing off, eyes morphing into a mixture of surprise and sheer curiosity. 

Nonetheless, what happened next, was something I'd always hold onto for the rest of my life: they were shifting, right before my very eyes.

 And I was stood there, on that very spot, with mouth agape, staring intently as their scary features dwindled to the point of nonexistence. Before I knew it, they were all flesh and blood, just like myelf. 

"Lulu?" I'd barely overcome any of it when that very voice echoed. 

It sounded like nothing but a guess, still, I was confused as to how the guess had turned out to be right.

"How do you know my name?" I managed to ask. 

"Because your arrival had been preordained," said another voice.

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