Instinct: The Sequel

"That's the beauty of a banshee's power, your power.. It's absolutely instinctive."

Those were Noah's final words to Lulu in the last episode. 

But how strong, or rather, how reliable, is this instinct..? 

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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Introduction

    • Hello everyone, it should be noted that this particular book is the sequel to the first book titled, Preordained...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 1

    • Rare sunshine bathed the entire forest, its harsh reflection shining across the sandy ground. It was morning, and to every waking moments, training had become imperative to my rout...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 2

    • An abrupt yelp had erupted in the middle of the breezy night, interrupting my deep slumber... It started off as a faint sound that I'd chosen to disregard with a lazy groan, bu...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 3

    • Earlier that morning, Noah and Thato had headed out to a destination unknown to me, because I'd woken up to notice their absence, leaving Milo as my trainer for that morning...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 4

    • I loved drawing minimalist, rough-edged sketches. It was something that came naturally to me. And ever since I'd heard the word Vampires, I'd often graphicall...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 5

    • "Today's training is going to be different," Noah had told me at the early hour of that morning, and I guess I hadn't stopped to consider just how different he tr...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 6

    • That evening, my eyes had flickered through the golden sparkle reflecting from my leather bag, whilst I'd slowly dipped my hand into it to retrieve the familiar content. The cr...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 7

    • The once sunny atmosphere had suddenly become replaced by a thick cloud that threatened to spring forth a harsh gush of water. The whirling motion of the wind was severe; I...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 8

    • Usually, Noah could read through my thoughts, however, regarding what I'd experienced with the vampire, both the first, and the most recent, he didn't seem to fathom any of...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 9

    • "I'm Elijah," He'd begun, once I'd convinced Noah enough to let us all settle in the camp. "This is Gab," He'd said further, gesturing to his le...
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    • Instinct: The Sequel - Episode 10

    • Elijah had been right all along. They were here. The evil Vampires were here, and we really didn't have to be outside to notice their shadowy silho...
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