They held her hostage, 

Away from her father's cosy cottage. 


Forced her into a life of crimes, 

Threatened her to threaten other people's lives. 


And "For the sake of Allah,"

They kept on chanting falsely. 


She was only, 


A victim, 

Of bad politici-sm. 

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    • Zakia - Episode 14

    • The Amir was buried at the earliest hours of the following day, next to his younger brother, and his most Loyal follower, Kabir,- A brief burial arrangement that I'd chosen to ...
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    • Before I decided to plan Mojeedu Rufai's death, I actually did tell him about my pregnancy.  "I think I'm pregnant.." I'd said to him that nigh...
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    • Zakia - Episode 18

    • The Police had arrived at the scene almost immediately after I dropped the call, and they hadn't inquired anything from me, nothing at all, before cuffing my nervous hands..&nb...
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