“You really can’t spell Zululand without Lulu.”

The circumstance that surrounded Lulu’s birth was a strange one.

“She’s special,” The old man had said to her mother.

However, no one really knew just how special..



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    • Preordained - Episode 1

    • Zululand was nothing but a tiny village. A place where the myriad of trees were even ranked higher in quantity than its inhabitants. For seventeen years, I'd occupied the small...
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    • Preordained - Episode 2

    • Early morning sunshine could be perceived as its reflection bathed the entire village. The roosters wouldn't stop crowing. The flock of birds hummed up and about with melody. M...
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    • Preordained - Episode 3

    • Apparently, there wasn’t a stable schooling system in the village, and so, most times, teenagers like myself, who had little or more interest, had to rely on independent rese...
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    • Preordained - Episode 4

    • “Mama, is there a story behind this pair of earrings, and the necklace?” I’d asked my mother right after that supper, carefully taking in her features. And it&rsq...
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    • Preordained - Episode 5

    • Majority believes that dreams are just dreams. Still, some say dreams are insight of a reality that is yet to unfold.  For days now, I’d been experien...
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    • Preordained - Episode 6

    • “No, I’m not your biological mother,” Mama had eventually replied after so much persuasion. And suddenly, I was being filled in on every single detail of my exist...
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    • Preordained - Episode 7

    • The weather of the next day was a perfect reflection of my mood. It was neither here, nor there: Mixed feelings, I’d say. The sun might’ve been harsh, even burning righ...
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    • Preordained - Episode 8

    • Frankly, the forest was nothing like I'd envisioned it to be. It looked absolutely normal, like that should even be a possibility. I'd already trekked as far as my legs cou...
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    • Preordained - Episode 9

    • Everything was still. Night had fallen some moments ago, and I’d watched the clear sky become replaced by a blanket of darkness that had gradually smothered the sce...
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    • Preordained - Episode 10

    • Vampires. The word was just as scary as the description Noah had spent the past few minutes reeling off, and I could already feel the shivers rushing through my entire bo...
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