Pierced Rose - Episode 32


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Who would have thought you wrote down every word???
Goodbye being said like it has been rehearsed

"Reginah!!! Riri!!! Baby???" Reginah heard her name outside Maggie's apartment.

"I had a rough time at the club, now this." Reginah mumbled to herself. For a second, she wished it was a dream and that when  she opened her eyes it would be all gone.

That voice was all familiar to her.It was Brad's voice.
Wait, it suddenly hit her. What was he doing there in the middle of the night?? That guy needed a serious beating. She look outside the window only to see a loose tie, untucked shirt and whisky on his left hand. 

He stared at her silently through the window as if he was waiting for a  sign. A heart drawn on the window, perhaps. Keep dreaming dude.

"Come out here and tell me why you can't love me??? Come out!! Why are you doing this to me???" He yelled, taking the bottle on his mouth and gulped the the remaining whisky down his throat. 
"Riri, I am not walking out of here until you talk to me!!"

The neighbours  had begun waking up one by one..
"Riri!!!! Reginah!!!! Baby!!!!"

"Riri, let's go get Brad," Maggie said  drawing Reginah's attention from the window. 

"I wonder how he knew I was here," Reginah wondered walking out the apartment after Maggie and Mary.

"I kinda told on you. He asked where you were and I innocently answered. Not knowing he would do this." Mary confessed giving her a guilty look. Reginah just gave her a blank look and continued walking, she didn't have the energy to start getting mad.

"Brad?" Reginah called out running to him. He turned to look at her within a second and  averted his gaze tucking his lips. Pain was new  his skin colour.

Maggie and Mary stood beside her while  some of the neighbours were already outside viewing the drunkard and the three maidens.
"Am calling the police now, this guy is disturbing the neighbourhood." The security guard pointed out, reaching for Brad's arm but Maggie pulled him aside and calmed his balls.

"We will give you guys a minute," Maggie said walking back to the apartment building with Mary beside her. 

Reginah walk towards him and enfolded  him into a hug but  all he did was stiffen like a crafted idol.
"Don't pity me, love me. Please." he pleaded pulling back from her embrace.

"Its as hard to me as it is to you, Brad. It's a matter of life and death. Stop making it hard." Reginah  yelled onto his face, her hands on the air...

Brad walked closer and touched her face, his eyes on her lips, "Don't dare kiss me!!" Reginah warned him but he didn't move.

They  stood there  for some few seconds just staring at each other, her hair, face and toes giggling. A good feeling all together. A more comforting feeling than any blanket she would ever lay under. 

He gently touched her lips before  turning back  and staggering towards the backyard. Reginah was  left there her body scrambling for the figment of desire in her.

If it were up to her, she would have married him from the first day they met but his mother was clear. 

She didn't wanna give her mother more troubles to think about. The urge to cry came and went as  he was the only one who made her life complete.

The one who made her reality less harsh, although believing in fairytale was the dumbest thing ever, after meeting Brad felt like it.

In his imperfections he was her perfect prince. The prince he had to forcefully rip out of her heart. The prince who only existed in fairy tales.

She always looked for love and true happiness and in him she found that. 
She ran after him only to find him  under the tree thinking as he played with stones.

"Brad????" She sat beside him. 
"It hurts me to see you like this," She lied her head on his arm but Brad didn't  respond or stop what he was doing.

"I wish there was something I would do, I really wish." She tried so hard to fight back her tears.

"It hurts you know that," Brad sobbed pulling his knees to his chest, "I really wanna die, if this is what it feels to really really love. I can't stay a day without thinking about you. A day without seeing your lovely beautiful face is an incomplete day. I just want you. Only you. Why is it hard for you to see that?" 

He looked up at the stars and when he turned to look at Reginah he found her staring at him. Chaotic, powerful hot tears were spilling off his eyes.
It broke her heart that in a moment she thought of telling him the truth but was warned by her subconscious.

She knelt before him wanting to wipe the tears from his face but he faces down covering it with his knees. "Let them wash the pain away, the pain that is too heavy to bear."

She held him tightly making him break down, "I have never loved anyone like I do you. I have never met anyone like you. Why can't you love me?? if its the world you want?? I will buy it for you."

Reginah couldn't help but feel sorry. Was it worth it??? Was it worth it to lose the love of her life????

"You are a nice guy and the kind of  guy every girl wishes to have but me and you come from different world. Me trying to put up with that is to....." Brad butts in, "everything I owe is also yours. My apartment, car, clothes, shoes, business empire. Take it all but please give me your heart." He cupped her  face. 

Before she knew it, he kissed her hungrily, lying her on the  grass his hands roaming all over her body. 

She was nearly exploding when he trailed kisses down her neck to the shoulders.  He filled his hands with her breasts making her let out a mo-n. She was lost in passion and desire. 

He then car-ssed her thighs slowing moving towards her undies when she flinched," stop Brad, I can't do this." 

Without resistance, he pulled back, nodded and stood on his feet.

"I want you so bad. I want you to be mine so bad but I remember I told you I would wait till you ready.."  He smiled  trying to breath in and out to calm the little brad. 

He fixed his boxer and trouser trying to put it in shape."I am gonna have a bad night, I tell you." he joked, helping her up.

"You kissed me with passion, I can see love in your eyes. Why are you lying you hate me?" whispered onto my ear rubbing my waist in circles.

He bit her earlobe driving her wild leaving her wanting more. He found a perfect spot in her heart.

"Let's get inside, it's getting cold.." Reginah tried to pull him to walk but he just remained as stiff.

"You see this, I bought it for you." He reached out  for his back pocket. He opened the box, lifting the beautiful diamond ring up her nose.

"Keep it, I will not force you anymore...If this is what you want I will let you go. But I hope it won't be too late..."
Reginah closed her eyes and taking deep breaths.

"Goodbye Reginah," He placed the ring on her hand and walked away.

She really wanted to cry and shout at the world but she was the one who pushed him away. It would have been kinder to kill her than see her beloved go through pain. 

He looked like a man demented with cries of anguish,curses and lamentations. She looked up to the skies and prayed to God he remains healthy, happy and strong and make him forget about her.

She  walked back to the apartment devastated, feeling like a  hungry crippled soldier from world war 2. 

Luckily Maggie and Mary were there waiting for her, the sight of them made her cry. In between the floods, pain sat heavy on her heart.

"He left, he is gone for good. I can't take anymore." 
All they did was tighten their embrace, "we are here for you." Mary promised. 

Few minutes after, there was a knock at the door. Reginah quickly wiped her tears as Mary reached for the door. 

"Hey Mary, can I come in?" Brad's murmured not sure if he made the right choice going there. All he knew was that he wanted to see his love for the last time.

Mary smiled and  showed him in.  The sight of him pushed Reginah's mind to a zigzag mode.

"Can we talk?" He requested walking towards her. Reginah had thought they were done with that chapter of can we talk thing but it seemed she was wrong.

She wanted to say no but her heart beat her into it. She  won't be paying attention to her heart anymore that b-tch gives wrong advice's.

"Yes we can," She whispered,  leading him to Mary's room.

"Call me in case of anything." Maggie whispered, doing the call meme around her ear. That girl almost made her laugh during this serious moment.

"What Brad?" She closed the door behind them.
"I want to spend the last night with you. Please." 

"Okay, but not here at your place."
A small smile played  on his face while he nodded.
Reginah thought maybe doing him that last favour  would make him leave her alone.

"Let me grab some clothes," she hollered,  heading to the closet when  she received a text.
Looking at it, it was from his mother.

Evil Kara
>>I know Brad is with you at Maggie's house. Tell him to leave or else you know what I will do. Remember we had a deal.

Reginah was  sure she almost peed on her undies. Her whole body suddenly became cold and numb. She could feel fear flowing inside her veins. A bad feeling all together.

"You have to leave or else I will get into trouble. Get out or else my boyfriend will kill me." She yelled pushing him out. She knew it would hurt him to lie she had a boyfriend but she had no other choice..

"Who is he?"  He asked clenching his fists, his face all stiffened. 
"Get out or I will call the police on you." Reginah  threatened, feeling pieces of her heart scatter inside.

"What, you would do that?" he questioned. One of his hand pressing his closed eyes while the other was placed on his waist. 

Reginah push him out and he weakly staggered out of the room unable to face her . She  slammed the door on his face, sat on the floor, her body refusing to move.

Someone help her find her feet and stop her head from spinning...
Just flow salty water, don't pause. Wash away her  pain.

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  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    This is becoming too much o haba! Why full of pain me sef am beginning to feel d pain, this pain is too much for Brad now as well as Riri, pls Fideh make this pain go away somehow pleeeease
  • Preciousgift Oganya picture
    Preciousgift Oganya
    @Fideh I'm just waiting patiently... But the pain is too much ooo.
  • Godiya Wisdom picture
    Godiya Wisdom
    Seriously o! The pain is too much.. @Fideh posted let us in at Riri's past na
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
  • Adara Tosynne picture
    Adara Tosynne
    What's this great secret that is causing emotional havoc. Spill it out please
  • daragoldy16@gmail.com picture
    haaaaaaa, am crying please ooo
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    What is d secret that Regina can't tell brad for God sake.. D pain he and her is passing through is too much now... I think Regina need to open up to brad.. Pls timi d suspense isn't too much next episodes...
  • Loveth Dennis picture
    Loveth Dennis
    Riri dere is nothing new in dis world is better to pour ur hrt so u cud b helped
  • Onyedikachi Chijioke picture
    Onyedikachi Chijioke
    I'm literally crying here..oh nooooooooo.please post all the episodes at once
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Brad's pain is becoming too unbearable, why is Riri still keeping her secrets from d man who truly love & cares for her?
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    Guys calm down I will unveil the secret soon
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    I think Maggie is against reginah & Brad's relationship, she was an unfriendly friend
  • Philip Ametsi picture
    Philip Ametsi
    Money gets power
  • Ruth Appiah picture
    Ruth Appiah
    I'm even crying
  • Magzilyn picture
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