Made - Episode 6

A Friend

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"Hospital sucks." I said while trying to position my back cormfortably on the pillow of the hospital bed. 

Mercy stood by the window arms crossed looking at me. I could almost see what was going through her head. The silence continued for a while. If you dont tell me what happened am going to have to beat it out of you.

That day after coming from Kim's place Mercy had given me a cup of coffee. I had showered, changed into her clothes and went to sleep in her bed . Mercy had to leave for a while for a Church service that day being a Sunday. She did not leave before i made the promise that i would tell her all that had happened and where i was coming from that early.

At around 1.00 pm Mercy came back to find me shaking inside the covers. She touched my forehead.

"Your body temprature is dropping!"

She called for help from the neighbour. Within an hour i was in hospital. I was diagnosed with accute pneumonia. The doctor asked if i had done any activity that had exposed me to too much cold like swimming in a cold day. I silently nodded without sparing Mercy a glance. Cold weather had always been a no for me. Being a cold season, spending the night out like that had put me on the hospital way.

"How is work?" I asked wanting to break the silence.

"Its fine though i miss you bieng there"

"I hope Philip is holding on well with the reports."

"I geuss he is _are you going to tell me what happened or not" She asked in an impatient tone skipping all the pleasantries. She was now standing arms akimbo

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. She them moved closer to my bed and sat next to the stretch of my feet.

"Well...i sort of went to Kim's place."

At this point i was just closing my hands wating for 'mum' to start his speech. I was suprised by her next statement.

"Lady if you would have not been my friend i would have taken you to mental hospital and have you locked up....what did you do that for?"

"Mercy, i know i shouldn't have gone there but when i saw my duffel bag just lying there i couldn't resist"

"More like death calling to its victim ..... So tell me. What happened?"

When i finished narrating the ordeal her eyes were popping. I could see she had so much to say but could not phrase them in a sentence due to unbelief.

"You said he had a gun?"

"Yes thats what i said. At first i wasnt sure but when it fell it was right there infront of him."

She silent my shook her head as i waited for what she was going to say next.

"I really don't have anything to say _  maybe we should go to the police." 

I silently chuckled go to the  police......and say what exactly?

"And say what?"

"That your life could be in danger"

I stood from my bed and slowly made to the window.

I made a face as if am looking at someone then i adress him.

"Excuse me officer. Am here to report possible case of attempted murder while trespassing."

"Are you trying to role play right now because you suck." Mercy said waving her had on the air.

"That sounded better on my head" i admitted and we both burst into laughter.

"Ouch! My chest hurts"

I doubled down in pain.

"Enough role playing for one day. Get back into bed."



"So he can type."

"Yea, he sure can. Stop being cocky for a second you know he can do all that...that is why he is your baaawse." Mercy said rolling her eyes at me .

She was busy placing some roses in vase. Philip had bought then and sent them along with her. In case you have forgetten Philip is my boss. That one whose longest sentence to me had been 'can i get a copy of that report.' I think i should get sick more often people could actually go to heaven because of me 

"All this time he has been chocking me with work and he can do it himself! Wow."

"Don't get all worked up for nothing. You are good at what you do. Without you there he could not be able to submit a single report to the board. Just be content with that.

She finished with the roses and came to help me with the pillow. Two weeks had now passed and my sickness had not been letting up. I just hated the smell of hospitals on top of its plainess. Who said curing had to be this boring? Just then the doctor walked in.

"How are you Miss Daniella?"

"I won't be fine till i get out here" i grumbled

"About that. The results of your recent blood work has just come and it seems the disease is finally letting up. If this continues you will be out in three days."

"Thats good news. thanks doc"

"I'll leave you two to your girl time. Have a good one."

Five minutes had hardly passed when i saw Philip's  peeping at the door. I dont know whats with this guy but he always enters a room head first. I imagined how that worked for  while entering the board room. Needless to say i was not expecting  Philip to show up at the hospital. I secretly gave Mercy one of those why didn't you tell me about this look and was reading back I didnt know he was coming _ don't look at me.

"Am i interrupting something?" Philip politely asked.

We both threw our heads back. I imagined what was going through my head was same for Mercy.

He can be polite_yes he can be

"No!" I replied qiuckly regaining my posture.  Mercy made an excuse about getting me water and quickly left the room. Watching her walk out was a show of the day.

"Thanks for the flower they are beautiful."

"It was nothing."

Get out of here. Do they have baptismal sites at the entrance. Where is the Philip i work for?

I was wearing a quizzical expression. Philip must  be having a show wondering what that was all about.

"You shouldn't have come. I know with me absent and Mercy helping me is a strain on the company."

"You can say that again _ Why havent you resigned already? Its crazy .. all those reports..." He said then slumped his body onto the chair beside my bed.

"Woooow!" I couldn't  contain myself any longer i shook my head while getting out of my bed my gaze fixated on him. I think this is Philips twin cause i have never seen him this expressive.

"Are you okay" i could see concern written all over his face.

"No am fine.... Am okay _ For a moment there i thought i was talking to Philipo with an F_ i turned to him then asked ....Are you Filipo with an F?"

"Who is Filipo Daniella?"  He must be debating if the sickness has gotten into my head or not.

"Your evil twin who ocassionally kidnaps you and assumes you identity." I replied.

My boss was never that expressive or interactive  He did not say words like 'it's nothing or hold any form of conversation with us except when asking for a report. This was just a new side of him.

"Truth is we miss you at work ..... will you stop with all those faces?" 

"Forgive me am just mesmerized. I never thought you knew english if not for the fact that you present reports to the board otherwise you never really speak."

"You could get fired for that young lady" he said aasuming the office tone.

It was now my turn to look confused.

He laughed seeing the quizzical expression on my face.

"Am kidding." He said



Hello dear reader. I hope you enjoying this book. Though your comments would make a tone of difference. Til next time. Have a good one...Bye.
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  • Gracious picture
    First to comment again, yeahhhhh. Dancing rai now hehe
  • Gracious picture
    You have a great sense of humour, very nice. Philip is looking interestig and Daniella may be in trouble o. She shuu listen to Mercy. Loving the story. Nextt!!
    Thanks Gracious. You wont wait for long
  • Esther Mutunga picture
    Esther Mutunga
    Exit Kim ; enter Phillip Chaaaai, my dreams are valid ooo????
    Hehehe...we shall see were this goes
  • Tadenikawo picture
    Nice one Next please
  • Mwangiri Chai picture
    Mwangiri Chai
    Good sense of humour. ?
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Can we know more about Kim, to understand what's is happening, . You are a very good writer.
    Thanks Uche
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