Imperfection - Episode 14

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After my call to Pearl, I received a phone call from one of my father's client telling me he couldn't reach him and that the matter was urgent. 

I dialed my dad's number to confirm from him before I release his phone number to a total stranger. He picked up at the first attempt making me doubt the stranger's words. 

“Hey dad, one man just called my line right now, he said he's Mr Brian and he's one of your American clients . He asked me for your number but I wanted to confirm with you first before i give the number to him” I informed him

“Yes, I gave him your number to call in case he can't reach him. Attend to all his needs, I'm busy right now and so also is your brother” I couldn't help but being surprised at his words. 

“You know that's not possible, dad. I've never done any business transaction for you. I can't guarantee you of anything, don't risk this, dad” I informed him. 

“Maybe you've never done any, but you've being involved in the business for long, you know the dos and donts. The deal can't be more than five million dollars

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. Lossing that won't kill me” He assured me. 

That might not kill you, but it will kill me, because you'll be doing the killing yourself. 

“Okay daddy, I'll try my best. But I can't guarantee anything coming from that” I told him the plain truth. 

“Okay, do just that. I'll send you the necessary documents and the phone numbers of those you will have to call. Bye” The other end of the line was silent signifying that he had dropped the call. 

Not long after that, I received the PDF file of the necessary documents and the phone numbers of those that I had to call.

Almost immediately I got to work, first by calling the man to send me a signed document of dad approving to send the goods to him. I called all necessary numbers to get the goods ready for exporting and after I received the documents I had to call them to order them to export the goods for the man. 

I checked the time to see that I've been sitting there for like four hours., I stood up stretching my body and reached for the fridge to get a bottle of water while I wait for a phone call from the man confirming that he had gotten the goods. 

I saw someone trying to open the door from outside, I left the fridge side to unlock the door and see who it was and to my greatest surprise, it was Pearl. She was supposed to sleep over. 

“You're back?, I thought you were going to sleep over” I asked and when she lifted her eyes to look at me. I realized she had been crying.

“Just disappear from my life, Greg. You've done just enough. Please go away!. Just go!, Go!” She screamed at the top of my voice. I don't know why I did it but I wouldn't bother asking myself why. I pulled her into my arms, hugging her close to my heart.

“I'll go away from your life. Please just try to endure me for the next four months. Just don't be like this. I'm sorry Pearl. I'll go away, I promise. Just stop crying please” I didn't let go of her until she stopped crying her heart out. She just gave me a tiny smile before walking up the stairs to her room. I followed her to her room door before turning back. 

Her outburst got me thinking and wondering if I've been really bad to her for her to hate me this much. Maybe if I had tried to understand her more and not see her flaws and imperfection, maybe she'll be fine now and I won't have the cause to feel I need forgiveness from one more person. 

After that girl died that night, I had lived with the guilt all my life.

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. But I can't break Pearl down like this. It's not possible. She need to be the girl she was when she walked into this house if she ever want to leave. 

I watch from the stairs that I was sitting as Natasha walk into the house with a huge grin on her face.

“Hey Greg, I have a surprise for you” She said and the last time she had said something like that, it was disastrous. She had brought me a cat thinking I would love to adore and cherish one. But it was the opposite, I dislike cats so much that the hair on my body stand up anytime I see one. 

“Please don't tell me it's a dog this time around, because I hate them too” I said through fits of laughter. 

“Nope, it's actually a human this time around. My boyfriend is in town and I've decided to introduce him to you guys” She said smiling. 

I heard a snicker from my back and when I turned my head, it was Pearl with a bottle of water. 

“Ooh,so now you double date, i never knew you also have that talent. I thought you only steal boyfriends, I didn't know you've upgraded” She said with hatred dripping from her voice. 

“I'm not dating Natasha” I informed her. 

“You introduced her as your girlfriend and you even organised her fashion event for her”

“I only call her my girlfriend because she's literally the only girl in my life ever and the help —was because she's my friend, what's bad about helping a friend” She couldn't conceal the surprise on her face. 

“But you told me she was……” Natasha didn't allow Pearl to finish her words before she cut her off by clearing her throat. 

“This is my moment, please don't ruin it. There he is” She said smiling at the guy who just walked in and stood beside her. 

“This is my boyfriend, Damilola Frederick…” She turned to us. “Dami, that's Greg and his wife, Pearl”.

I suddenly felt Pearl hold tight to my shirt, I looked back to see her looking at the so called Dami with fear and horror evident on her face. And when she turned to look at me, I saw her eyes begging me to help her for just a minute and that was enough for me to get the message. Without saying a word to the other couple, I quickly turned Pearl so the two of us could enter her room. 


You remember Damilola Frederick, right??
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