His Majesty - Episode 18

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‘I didn’t do it, someone should please believe me, it was just a mere coincidence that I was there at that particular time. I was even at that spot because she called me down by herself for breakfast’ I explained hoping someone would believe but all I got was angry look from almost all of them.

‘If you think we’ll believe this sappy story of yours, you’re mistaken. We saw you when you pushed her down the stairs, you were right behind her when she fell’ One of the maids explained angrily.

‘I never knew you were capable of doing something this horrible, Vanessa . You didn’t just do it to anyone; you did it to the queen herself.

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. I thought you were innocent but it turns out I’m wrong and my wife was right about you like always’ the king shouted angrily at me and I lost all hope in the fact that anyone would actually believe I didn’t do it. The king was my last hope but now…… I guess it’s all over at this junction.


I was in my room busying chatting with Dae, telling her how much I’ve missed her and how I’ll love to go on crazy adventures with her after I give birth and made jest of my psychopath neighbor who fell in love with a girl down the street when I heard a slight knock on the door, I stood up from the bed and opened the door. Immediately I did, my smile faded away

Not so early this morning

‘Good morning, Essa

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. Where’s Richard?” The Queen questioned as she tried pushing her body into the room to check if Richard was there.

‘Richard isn’t here; he said something about going into town to get some work done. I think one of his clients is here so he wants to kill two birds with a stone, I guess’ I replied in full details hoping the woman will stop questioning me and just find her way. I might not really like her but with what Richard told me the other day, I find her pitiful. Not pitiful the bad way but just pitiful

‘Down to earth Vanessa, I just came here to call you down for breakfast. Maybe if you’ll come downstairs to check on your fellow humans, we won’t go through the stress of coming here to beg you royals to eat’ she complained and gestured for me to follow her downstairs immediately.


I turned back to take my phone before walking out of the door to follow her down the stairs. Taking my time to make sure she’s five feet away before I proceed to follow her, I don’t want her to turn back and see me walking closely behind as if I was stalking her.

I was busy texting on my phone and sending funny and horrible memes, jokes and emojis to Dae who won’t stop talking about my neighbor who got duped by the girl he fell in love with, telling me how sorry she felt for the guy, then I heard a heavy thud and someone screaming, as I drag my eye form the phone screen, I realized it was the queen who had fell and rolled down the stairs.

I quickly used my mouth to cover the scream that’ll come out from it as I pocketed my phone and slowly moved down the stairs, scared to see if she was dead or not. One maid was already out of the kitchen and rushed to her side, she looked up and when she saw me, her eyes turned dark

‘What happened here? What happened to the queen, what happened to my wife’ the king cried

Pointing at me, the maid said ‘She pushed her, I saw her. She pushed the queen down the stairs’


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