His Majesty - Episode 19

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Episode 19

‘No I didn’t do it’ I tried explaining but everyone attention was back to the queen whose head was already bleeding and unconscious.

‘Someone should call an ambulance’ Rich’s uncle instructed and someone did.

When everyone realized they couldn’t wait for the ambulance, we all rushed her to the hospital in more than five cars, it was like everyone living in the palace were going to the hospital.

On getting there, we were attended to quickly and its due to the fact that it was the royal family, as the woman was carried away on a stretcher, we all sat at the waiting seat.

‘who is Vanessa decruz?” I turned around to see the person who just requested for me and it turned out to be a man in uniform.

‘i'm the one’ I replied curtly

‘We’ll love to speak to you at the station and it’ll be at your own interest to follow us right now. You’ve been reported for an attempt at murdering the queen’


‘You should go with them Vanessa, we don’t want to cause a scene in here, it’ll be too bad for our reputation’ The king suggested and the only thing I could do was nod.

‘We’ll be following you’ the king said as I walked away with the officers in tow.


‘Maybe we should stop asking you if it was you who did it, because it's obvious you won't confess to committing the offence . I think it's time to ask you why you did it’ one of the officers who was interrogating me asked.

‘I didn’t do it so why should I have a reason for that

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. Is there no CCTV at the house that can confirm my innocence’ I inquired

‘There's no hidden camera at that part of the house. You really disappointed me Essa, and I know even Richard will be disappointed. To let you know, he called earlier while we were at the hospital that he’ll be in town for some few days and we didn't bother telling him about the situation at home. His work is important too right now, but we'll tell him very soon” I was surprised because he didn’t tell me anything about staying back for three days.

A phone call came in from the king and he excused himself to pick the call, on getting back the wrinkles on his forehead had faded a little.

‘The queen is past critical stage, all we can do now is pray she wakes up, i've instructed everyone to go back home and you too should go now “he said to the maid who had come to witness.

‘Release her for me, we’ll settle this matter the family way since the queen is no more in danger’ I was released and given back my phone while one of their cars took me back to the palace.

I checked the time and I realized it was few minutes past ten.

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. I haven’t eaten all day and i'm so hungry right now I could faint. The stress is enough for a lifetime and all I could do was pray to God to allow me get out of this mess hale and hearty.

I saw my travelling box outside the front door when I alighted from the car and I had doubt and fear somewhere in my heart

Could this be happening.

‘You’re a danger to the family, woman. You need to leave” Richard's uncle said while folding his hands and blocking the entrance just like the rest of the family.

‘At least, let me stay here for the night. I'll leave first thing tomorrow morning’ I pleaded

‘No way, Vanessa. You’re leaving tonight’ He snapped

‘okay, i'll go but where do you want me to go at this time of the night with the baby. If you can't do it for me, please think about this child, he's your family at least’

‘How are we even sure the child is ours, stop being a talkative and use the gates before I get the guard to make you’

‘Richard will never forgive you for this, for doing this to his child’ I said hoping that will work on bed but instead they laughed and it sounded as if they were mocking me.

‘It was Richard who instructed us to kick you out of the house’


‘Are you playing deaf now?, I said it was Richard. Richard is behind this action of ours. So get off your high horse and…..’ I couldn’t hear their remaining words as my heartbeat raced twice as normal and I could have sworn it stopped at some time.

Betrayal hurts twice as much as a scorpion stings.

Before I could get my senses back, I was dragged out of the house and I found myself wandering around at late hour with a protruding belly and tears rolling down my face. My phone had fell and broken when I was dragged out of the house and I didn’t have the chance to call anyone to help me.

Spotting a shed at the other side of the road, I decided to cross the road and sleep for the night’

I was about getting to the centre of the road when I started to feel dizzy, I tried crossing the road without seeing the car coming towards me, at a high speed.

I landed on the floor after I felt the heavy impact of the car on me, I heard the screeching of the car tires and the door opening.

As I was getting enveloped by darkness, I had only one request for God. ‘if you won't save me, save my child’



We've gotten to the end of the first part of this book

The next part will start this weekend

Thank you so much for the love and the patience so far. It has been incredible.

I really appreciate it.

His Majesty's possession is on the way and it will be continued under this book, there's no need creating a new book for it since it's the continuation.

Glint of hope, here I come.

Thank you

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  • TOSH picture
    Ahh... sad
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Really sad, waiting for d next pls
  • Penangel picture
    Thank you for the love @ Tosh
  • Penangel picture
    I'll try my best to update early @Favour. thanks love
  • Deborah Tetteh picture
    Deborah Tetteh
    So sad , hope nothing happens to both the child and the mother
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    I know that uncle only fabricated that story, Richard won't do that sake of the child and also knowing the queen isn't his blood, we all leave to see. nice one penangel, more episodes plss
  • Penangel picture
    Thanks@Benedicta Nd thank u @Deborah
  • Nikita Debby picture
    Nikita Debby
    My God what is all this now
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Weldone pen angel. I just started reading this evening n now I'm crying cos its ended like this.. Next pls B4 I die ,even B4 Nessa that was hit by the car
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Can't believe Richard will do that to her
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    They lied don't think Richard is involve
  • patience Nifemi picture
    patience Nifemi
    God should save Vanessa ooo
  • Cutedreamer picture
    Almost everyone in that so called palace is a snob. So typical of filthy rich people. I hope Vanessa and her baby are safe. Amazing story dear, welldone
  • Penangel picture
    Awwwn @Ayomide Thank you for joining us on this royal journey. Welcome on board love
  • Penangel picture
    Moji is here oo, I've missed my favvy Thanks Nifemi for joining us... Hope you're enjoying the story
  • Penangel picture
    @Cutedreamer.... Thanks so much... Your awesome comments keep me going
  • ibrahimjamilah22@gmail.com picture
    More inks to your pen
  • ibrahimjamilah22@gmail.com picture
    More inks to your pen
  • Mayowa Vhivkidz picture
    Mayowa Vhivkidz
    So bad, i know Richard didnt v a hand in this.... I pray he comes back home fast
  • Oyelami Oladunni picture
    Oyelami Oladunni
    Good job keep,Awesome
  • Penangel picture
    Welcome Oyelami,, hope you are enjoying d book
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
  • Deborah Oguntoye picture
    Deborah Oguntoye
    This is awesome, pls start the next one soon before somebody die of anticipation. Weldone penangel
  • Penangel picture
    I'll definitely do that @Deborah. Thank you
  • Fatty picture
    what's with this family
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