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“Why would you do this castle?” I ask castle as she appeared from no where with a gun pointing at me.
“Because you made me jealous and fell into a bad gang. Yeah at least if you are dead, all the fame and glories will be on me. I will be the General's most trusted and beloved.” She says playing with the nozzle of the gun.
“ Is all this worth it? Killing me? I thought we served humanity but here you are trying to kill one.” I say to her.
“ We have killed me humans Rain. Yours doesn’t make the death roll different.” She says with all seriousness attempting to pull the trigger.
“the only way I can stand here and watch you kill me is when I am tied
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. You can’t just kill me castle. It’s a fight-fight, win-win battle.” Without waiting for her response I race a zigzag track and held her wrist. We struggle with the gun and immediately I got a strong hold of the gun, I elbowed her face and she staggers backwards letting go off the gun. I raise the gun and points it at her but was shot at my shoulder from behind. I still resists the pain and with force points the gun to Castle when the same person shoots my left leg and it gave out on me. I look behind and saw a man

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. He is familiar but my sight is blurry.
“I am sorry W.W, family first. I hope you forgive me.”
I close my eyes struggling to open then and with a little more struggle, I fly my eyes open and find myself on my bed draining from my sweat. A dream! Family first? And castle’s planning to kill me? This is so more than a dream. God is always with the pure hearted ones. This is surely a message from him. I smile at the ceiling and mumble a thank you to God. I will take her by surprise and she won’t know what hit her. She should make a move first.
“Now that I have fulfilled your requests, am I free?” I ask my siblings
“yes… yes… .yes!” Welly shouts
“You can travel for two years if need be. These things will make up for it.” Willy adds
“Don’t tell me you are selling her out just because of these things.” Welly asks with hands folded.
“You never heard buy and sell in what I said or did I forget I mentioned it?” Willie asks…  now here comes their saga
“There is no difference. You are indirectly selling her out.” Welly argues
“then are you the buyer?” Willie says sarcastically 
“Mum!” Welly shouts
“Yes honey…” my mum rushes out. Poor mother.
“your daughter here is disrespecting me, again! Could you please remind her I'm older.” Welly says looking at my mother
“Willie, you should know welly is older than you and you ought to give her some respect.” My mum says tiredly
“well, well, she’s older by what? 18minutes… I still remember moreover Mrs Claron Walters did you see me slap her or insult her? Every twin is allowed to voice out their thoughts and opinions. I don’t know why mine always turns out to be an insult.” Willy explains tearfully.
“Now you see, she isn’t only disrespecting me, she’s also disrespecting you too. How can she call you by your name?” 
“it’s a name just as Mum is a name! Welly what’s your problem? Did you wake up at the wrong side of the bed?” Willy shouts in anger. Whoa this is exciting
“Then you also woke up at the wrong side cos we share the same bed.” 
“God knows what I would have done to you if I was older!”
“Too bad God didn’t give you the opportunity to be a monster.” Welly shouts.
My mum gives me a pleading look. I know what she meant. She wants me to shut them up. I click the nearest object close to me to gain their attention.
“Welly and Willy, is this what you have been doing while I was away? You put Mum through this awful stress? Do you want her to start regretting giving birth to twins or make her remember her late husband? Hasn’t she tried enough these past years?” I asked them knowing fully well that was enough to do the trick.
“I apologise on behalf of Willy and myself as the oldest I ought to have known best.” Welly says.
“Please forgive us for misbehaving.” Willy added.
“I forgive you but I don’t want to see you stress mum again. She’s not only your mother but mine too.”
“ you usually smile at us whenever you forgave us. You once said it’sa proof of your sincere forgiveness. Why are you not smiling now? Or is this one fake?” Welly asks.
“And even with the outing and everything, you never for once smiled. I thought we did something wrong.” Willy says
“oh you noticed that! I swear only a fool wouldn’t notice. She didn’t even smile when we asked how fine our clothes were.”
Just like that, they start gossipping me like I wasn’t there. Sometimes I wished I had a twin. I look at my mum and she is nodding sideways also amused by her children. They don’t hold grudges for long. She goes back to the kitchen and I follow her.
“Still had a nightmare?” she asks as I step into the kitchen.
“care to share?”
“its about someone close to me planning to kill me.”
“No matter how bad your nightmares are, could you at least continue smiling… you don’t want to look 80 when you are just 26.” My mum says while I nodded. How do I get to start smiling when i have been smiling occasionally for two years now. Just like reading my thoughts as always, my mum answers.
“It’s not too late to start smiling. Stop acting like the world offended you. It was my husband who died but I have been smiling and laughing making sure I am strong for my girls. I don’t want you ruining it for me with your unsmiling face, if there’s any word like that.” I burst out laughing. This woman can be funny if she wants to.
“You are laughing Whitney. Smiling won’t be much of a big deal. If you have forgotten how to smile, start learning it. I can be your mirror if you want.” My mum forges on.
“Mum, smiling is for the weak. I don’t want the world to take me for granted when I smile or laugh. I just want to be a no go area.” I say to her
“Smiling is for the better ones and frowning is for the bitter ones. Watch your context Whit, the “world” as you claim, is big. Not everyone plans to hurt you when you smile. No matter how long you keep frowning, those who are close to you and wants to hurt you still ends up hurting you. Can you just smile? At least to confuse them. Don’t let people judge you for the personality we all know you are not. I have said what I can. It’s up to you to be the final advicer.” My mum ends her sermon with an heavy sign.
Seriously emphasizing on what my mum just said, I think I need to start smiling. It wouldn’t do me harm. I need to see the people I will surprise when I smile.
“thanks mum. I will give it a try.” I tell her and quickly walk out.

Now guys, let’s discuss…  shebi u know I have tried at least. Let me tell u a story. When I didn’t have an Android, I usually read stories here and I know the queen of stories here is TobiLoba and the princess is Bebe. I love them too I swear. I crazily read all of their stories I am even currently waiting for bebe to continue salvation. I admire these people though I write too like 4 books now but couldn’t share mine ask me why?
Well because I had no ANDROID! But I promised as soon as I got a phone, I would share my stories with you and that got us here though sometimes I am too lazy to type. Forgive me for that.
I want to adopt something Tobi did I am not a thief o. I know if she’s reading this, she will permit me… please share your ideas on the story. Maybe I can use one of yours *winks*
Now who do you think is really Whitney and Rena? Watchout the surnames. Who will Whitney surprise with her smile?
Why do Whitney and Rena have a lot in common. What do you think of Anderson and his friends?
Please try and participate and comment. You don’t know how it boosts writer’s laziness and gives them reasons to write for you…  Thanks to Hannie aNadie for checking up on me… this episode is for you.. can we know each other better? I am Wonderful and you are?

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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  • Hannie aNadie picture
    Hannie aNadie
    So is Whitney diff from Rena or it’s one same person
  • Godiya Wisdom Jerry picture
    Godiya Wisdom Jerry
    i think Whitney is same person as Rena.. i am perfect
  • Nisor Wonderful picture
    Nisor Wonderful
    But don't forget the theme of the story, there are two girls there. (Twins).. Who is Whitney and who is Rena?
  • Hannie aNadie picture
    Hannie aNadie
    Now I’m super confused Need to start reading from scratch
  • Hannie aNadie picture
    Hannie aNadie
    Lol so I actually went back to read Whitney is the same as Rena Cause it was Rena who was called to come fix the company’s electricity n along e line it changed to Whitney’s POV so I’m beginning to think she has 2 separate identity depending on e nature of her job at Detroit
  • Nisor Wonderful picture
    Nisor Wonderful
    So who is the other girl at the theme if one of them is to be taken as both Rena and Whitney?
  • Hannie aNadie picture
    Hannie aNadie
    Nisor is Rena n Whitney ain’t the same person Then I’m wondering y Rena got a call to fix the electricity But Whitney was e one who went to the company
  • Henrique picture
    Okay, who've watch 'iron fist'.. there's a girl named Mary, she has two personality (like two people living in one body) one is weak, a photographer. and the other is strong, an assassin.... I think that's the same with Rena and Whitney. They're two diff. personality... Nice work Nisor ? ? ?
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