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“............. And that was the reason i couldn’t come on time. I’m sorry.”I say explaining to my family. The happiness they felt as I showed up earlier was out of the world. I suddenly felt special. There's nothing like family. I missed them so much. I had to explain my meeting with Clinton and the contract I was the begin with the day after tomorrow. They were a bit sad because I just arrived and I will be frequent after all I lived alone and visit only on weekends but now the weekends are now on probability.
“the most important thing is that you are here sound and health and we should also celebrate your job it's part of the success.” My mother says
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. So understanding and wisdom filled. Who knows if she is a descendant of Solomon. My twin siblings Welly and Willy only wanted the presents I got them but since I got them none, I promised them the next day we would go for shopping. After the long discussion, I went into my room to have a fitful sleep. Tomorrow and the next Is going to be long and stressful. I dose off immediately I close my eyes.

“Man look at you! We were barely gone for 10 months and you look old.” Alfred mocks
“someone looks sick.” Mason adds.
It’s funny right? I know! My friends are back! Today after the meeting I came home in my car after my father dropped me at the company. I came home and had a small nap

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. My friends rushed into my room like they were pursued only to later realize they set a bet that the first person to get into my room gets the phone numbers of the other two's new catch(girls) but three of them reached the finishing line at once. Seeing what they did, they burst into laughter. At first I thought I was dreaming when I heard their laughs. I opened my eyes slowly and I saw them but then I still sat upright and rubbed my eyes.. Alas! They were real. Flesh and red blooded! My friends are back! Hahahhahahahahah I can’t believe this! Alfred, Mason and Ezekiel! I raced up to them and them in group like my life depended on it. And their silly comments started railing in.
“seriously guys I shouldn’t be talking to you demons. No calls or messages.” I say to them only to remember we kept contact until four days back.
“scratch that. We talked and did mobile things until four days ago.” Ezekiel answers
“And why was that?” I ask
“Cos Rena seized our phones when she found out we flirted randomly using our phones as assistants.” Mason answers.
“the same Rena?” I ask. There has never been a time these guys don’t complain of how ruthless and heartless she can be. They said if I should thank my father for not letting me into the military zone, then it should be for not letting me ever meet Rena Ushers. And I wondered how three bodied men feared just one woman whom I am sure is tiny as hell. I know my question of “the same Rena” Is stupid cos none of them answered me. I mean which other Rena if not her?.
“she’s still on your nerves?” I change the question
“yap.” Mason says popping the “P” as he sips his drink. Yes we are in the bar in my house drinking or will I say celebrating.
“she was coming with you according to you guys. You said I could finally meet the almighty Rena. What happened? Why isn’t she here?”
“You are an idiot. So you really believe we will bring her down here just to introduce her to you?” Mason asks..
“Hey Rena our friend wants to see you…  and she will just follow us like a puppy down here? Maybe you don’t understand the definition of Rena.” Alfred elaborates.
“Well at the die moment almost when the plane was pulling out it wings, she received a call. An emergency alarm. So she left us behind. We came alone. We will her anytime duty calls or anytime she needs out help which I pray she never does.” Alfred adds.
Should I tell them about W.W? I know they will laugh at me and mock me randomly expecially how I was always boasting about how women can’t ride on me and go scot free. I don’t think I am ready to handle their mocks or should I let my ego down and tell them? Maybe they could assist me. They are soldiers for an advantage.
“Ouch.” I shout. “God! Who did that? What was that for?” I ask after seeing a shoe in Alfred’s hand. He pulled a leg of his shoe just to hit me! God please not thid torture again.
“you went on a trance. So we decided to bring you back to life. Hope it didn’t affect your brain?” Mason asks with a mocking smirk.
“I am fine.” I lie. It hurts like hell.
“the last time you dosed off like that was when felicia poured a drink on you then gave you cash to go wash the clothes in a laundry when she heard you fucked her friend.” Alfred says and they all burst into laughter.
“yeah, yeah I remember that day. Hahahaha Andy here couldn’t sleep for days. So his soldier friends helped him out. He only got some sleep after felicia knelt down and apoligised to him and he spat on her face and gave her some cash to go wash her ugly face in a laundry house.” Mason drives into the memory lane making the rest burst into laughter.
“so you guys are trying to say a woman is responsible for this?” Ezekiel asks?
“Yes”  Alfred says boldly
“Of course not! I just can’t believe I am finally meeting you guys again and I was just reminsincing about the lonely days alone in this room and and and.. and how empty I felt with you guys. Yeah. Yeah that was what I was thinking about.” I struggle with the confidence to explain this lie.
Now I know I can’t tell them again. I just have to deal with her my way.
“I still smell a woman Andy.” Alfred presses on
“let him be dude. Can’t you see he really missed us.” Mason came to my aid.
“you wanna bet?” Alfred asks Mason and he nods.
God! I am in for a big mess… 

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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    Nisor Wonderful
    I am sorry for the English blunders. I was too tired. Please try and adjoin some words yourself. Really sorry.
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    Sure dear it’s understandable
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    Totally understandable... We got a brain for some reason right
  • Henrique picture
    Totally understandable... We got a brain for some reason right
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