Wright Anderson has it all, name it; money, looks, character, pride, accent and mostly the jnr CEO of the Wright’s companies in Nigeria. He has character but to his friends. The first name was supposed to be Wrong not Wright said his workers. His rudeness and pride made people label him wrong. He is charming, exquisite, handsome, beautiful with the looks of Justin Bieber but his Nigerian hair spoiled everything . He stays this way only being intimate with women was when he craved for a one night stand. At twenty seven, he seems uninterested in women but something changed when his company’s electricity got beyond repair. The electrician who was said to be the best happened to be a woman who he made mockery of at the beginning but later got blown off when he found out her true identity…. Watch out what happened to Anderson…

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Written by Nisor Wonderful-God

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    • Heated - Episode 1

    • ANDERSON’S POV The cool breeze welcoming the early morning drive into my naked form as I stretch out my entire being on the large bed. It’s Monday, a day...
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    • Heated - Episode 2

    • MR CLINTON’S POV Imagine just because of electricity, if that’s enough to stop a grown man from working. What am I to do with a son as irresponsible as t...
      • Views (2,164)
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    • Heated - Episode 3

    • THE SAME DAY(MONDAY) RENA’S POV; I can’t believe what I am hearing right now. These three guys in front of me are so stupid. I mean how could a hu...
      • Views (1,861)
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    • Heated - Episode 4

    • UNKNOWN POV I seriously despise that girl right now. Only God knows how she crept to her position. I mean both of us were recruits at the very start. She brought her...
      • Views (1,859)
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    • Heated - Episode 5

    • ANDERSON’S POV Ahhhhh! Why are my friends numbers not going through? They haven’t even been online since last night. I hope Detroit isn’t getting i...
      • Views (1,594)
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    • Heated - Episode 6

    • RENA'S POV Looking back at these years, I know it’s not easy leaving behind everything; your family, loved ones etc and here I am with a loving position and the fr...
      • Views (1,510)
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    • Heated - Episode 7

    • RENA’S POV (CONTINUES) It’s true that the glories that flushes down the head, gets to the toes because Mason and Alfred weren’t left out of the glory I was...
      • Views (1,473)
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    • Heated - Episode 8

    • EZEKIEL'S POV Damn castle! Damn her to the core. I didn't even get the chance to extend my gratitude properly to the general at least for the position he gave me. I ...
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    • Heated - Episode 9

    • ANDERSON’S POV Gosh! I hate my first name! Wednesday came to soon. I had no fun to even think of what was life without my friends? I am in my own shadow. Gosh!...
      • Views (1,599)
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    • Heated - Episode 10

    • Hey guys! please you aren’t encouraging me at all. I mean if takes us hours to write stories for you to read, and we unfailingly do so, what is seconds you can’t take t...
      • Views (1,827)
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    • Heated - Episode 11

    • CLINTON’S POV This morning's charade just finally proved to me that my only son and child is possessed. A twenty seven years old can’t actually act like a fo...
      • Views (1,807)
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    • Heated - Episode 12

    • CLINTON’S POV I knew it! Anderson is a miniature bastard. Yes! A son who doesn’t want the happiness of his father is never a son. I was already talking t...
      • Views (2,217)
      • Comments (7)
    • Heated - Episode 13

    • ANDERSON’S POV God! What’s my father planning? I thought this W.W was gone already. I don’t know why my happiness died instantly the moment she turned and ...
      • Views (1,940)
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    • Heated - Episode 14

    • WHITNEY’S POV “............. And that was the reason i couldn’t come on time. I’m sorry.”I say explaining to my family. The happiness they felt...
      • Views (1,501)
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    • Heated - Episode 15

    • RENA'S POV “Why would you do this castle?” I ask castle as she appeared from no where with a gun pointing at me. “Because you made me jealous an...
      • Views (1,820)
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    • Heated - Episode 16

    • ANDERSON’S POV My head hurts like hell. What has these people done to me? I raise my heavy form off the ground. God! On the ground? How and why the hell would ...
      • Views (1,702)
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    • Heated - Episode 17

    • Now is the time for you to read closely and understand it well. Else you get lost. IN DETROIT RIA'S POV “I hope after this, I get to have my freed...
      • Views (1,515)
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    • Heated - Episode 18

    • NARRATOR'S POV By the time he had finished narrating the story, Ria had already cried her eyes out. With the way she continuously nodded at every word he said, proved sh...
      • Views (1,916)
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    • Heated - Episode 19

    • TWO DAYS LATER. "Don't tell me it took you two days to kill him." Harps asks. "Do you think it was easy? With all the guards here and there. As soo...
      • Views (1,731)
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    • Heated - Episode 12

    • Good morning guys. I know I have fucked up! It's not my fault. Just that when i feel i am not welcomed in a place it's kind of embarrassing and tiring to do thing...
      • Views (0)
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    • Heated - Episode 20

    • ANDERSON’S POV Aaarrrggghhh! God! This is pure torture. What happened? Oh I remember what happened and it’s such a nightmare that I underestimated that woman....
      • Views (1,112)
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    • Heated - Episode 21

    • WHITNEY’S POV I don’t know why I couldn’t get angry earlier. I guess it’s because i had other plans and maybe I wasn’t that temperamental as i ...
      • Views (1,018)
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    • Heated - Episode 22

    • EPISODE 22 NARRATOR’S POV She got out of the restroom and bumped into the nobody she had branded him to be and was about walking past him when he grabbed her ar...
      • Views (1,331)
      • Comments (5)
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