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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

God! What’s my father planning? I thought this W.W was gone already. I don’t know why my happiness died instantly the moment she turned and why i became as stiff as the logs in the woods. What have they talked about? I am currently sweating in this hell hole car though the A. C Is running perfectly well
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. The thought of her in the same car as me send shivers down my spine. Clinton you have killed me. I can see the corner of her neck but can’t take in the sight. I only had a glimpse. No matter how rich I am I never got a tattoo because I was too scared if the needles and cancer but right now seeing a tattoo on this lady’s neck is making me more weary of her. I have to think how to settle scores with her whether scared or not. She musn't go unpunished. If she will be working there, I'll have to make her stay there worth the while. I smile in my head. You won't know what hit you. You just won't!
“Will you close your mouth and get out of my car! You fucking toddler!” I hear my father's roar. I look up to see the car has finally pulled to a stop, my father and the W.W are looking at me. I Don’t wanna look into her scary eyes. Could someone please tell her that! I walk out of the car not wanting to make a fool of myself a in front of this lady

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. I close the car’s door and walk behind them while my father keeps talking and smiling at her. She don't smile instead she glances at her wrist watch religiously. Soon we entered into the restaurant and we sit down at a far corner, just the three of us. I sit near my father while my father sits near her. That's a relief. A waitress comes towards us popping me a smile which I reciprocate and from my peripheral view I see W.W roll her eyes. Rolling those deeps eyes are cute though. I wish she could roll them one more time.
“and what's wrong with you?” my father asks me.
“umm nothing.”
“What's the bruise on your lip? It wasn't there this morning.” He tells me again.
“I hit my face on my car’s door. I was lucky it had effect on my lip only.” I lie. This is so fucked up and I’m feeling uncomfortable especially when the real cause it's smirking right now which depicts “nice lie.”
“Really?” my dad forges on. I have had alot today!
“Dad, the last time I checked, we came here for business certainly not my welfare.” I say.
“well I'd like the bitter lemonade mixed with action bitters.” I hear W.W tell the waitress whom I forgot was still here. Is this a woman or what? She has to be bluffing right? She possibly can't drink that combination.
“get both of us Martini.” My father tells the waitress and she goes to get out orders.
“So Miss Whitney, since you've been to the wire house, what's your take in it?” my father asks her
“I would have rejected the contract but your company needs saving rather than helping. I won't talk much but that damage would cost twelve million naira.” W.W spits out.
“what! So we pluck money from trees? Oh I see you want to steal first before receiving payment?” I yell at her.
“Mr Clinton, that's the contract cost. So it's up to you to decide if we have a deal or not.” W.W blurts out without any fears of me. I know she needs the money and is as poor as fuck, she's just acting important. I know her types.
“Dad, don't tell me you are going to give that huge amount of money to just rebuild a wire house? We can't trust her. Okay I suggest we provide her the equipments she'll be needing to work.” I tell my father hoping I just entered his skin.
“Clinton I’d appreciate it if you say something and not watching this great if a son insult my reputation. The main reason we brought him here was to notify him not to get in my way while working for you. Aside that, it's strictly business and that's between me and you.” She says and just then the waitress appears with ours drinks and left and I could see my father battling with decisions.
“Miss Whitney. How about the amount we pay you for your services?”
“I receive payments after my services. For now I don't know. But least payment is three hundred thousand naira.”
Is this girl mad or what?
“Are you kid....................”
“We have a deal Miss Whitney. Just send me your account details through Paul. I will transfer the money to you and please try your possible best to get it running on time.” My father embarrasses me. I emptied the glass in front of me just to keep the pain of being embarrassed aside. I glance at her and she gives me a smirk of victory and in one fling, she downs her drink and I almost puke. That drink is bastardy bitter. She didn't even give reaction to the bitterness of the drink. She looks as if she just took sugar. I hate you! She's Maniac, I'll settle for that assumption. My father looks surprised as well but too bad old man. You already hired a Maniac to work for you.
“well I hope the construction won't hinder my workers from working?” my dad asks to ease his weariness.
“except they stay off the construction site. Plus I hope you'll tell your Jnr CEO personally than when I mean 'they’ he is included.”she says. She's really turning me into something else.
“are you saying I can't supervise your profession?” I fire back at her.
“you should be supervising your work at the office and you are a worker too. The only person allowed to check over progresses is Clinton. I made the deal with him and not you. I'll send my bank details to Paul. I need to take my leave.” She says as she stands up followed by my father and they shake hands.
“I look forward to working with you.” My father tells her
“And you won't be disappointed.” She says then wear her shades before walking out. Thank God she's not riding with us.
I entered into the car so as my father and the driver speeds off. Just some metres from the company’s gate, a black sports car speeds out of the company. Surprisingly no worker had that kind of car. I am curious right now. And I want to ask the driver but my father saved my ego.
“do you know the owner of that car Edwin?” my father asks him
“it belongs to the woman from earlier.” He says.
What! W.W owns this car? Does she prostitute? It's she that rich? Or she has q rich boyfriend who does things for her? Why am I concerned? She can have a BMW X7 for all I care! Nasty bitch
“she must be living well.” my father suddenly complement and I grimace. Indeed living well. Duping people like she's gonna dupe him of his twelve million. Why do I feel like I could trust her but don't want to?.

Some pple say they don’t understand. I know my storyline. Just read it steadily and try pick out the names. Whitney and Rena isn’ta mistake. Just focus. It will blend soon.. we have a long ride so enjoy…. Thanks

To be continued…… .
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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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