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Diary Entry 

10th June 2016

I was born and raised in a Catholic home. I have deep roots in religion but as i grew up my deeply founded faith was shaken bad. I lost both my parents in a car accident. Life did not treat me kindly from there on. I was passed from one relative to another. Things i went through in those places made me question the existense of God . Why do the innocent continue to suffer while the while the wicked flourish in their ways?

Anyway back to my entry today.

I met a client and he, dear diary is from the holy gallows. What happened to thou shall not commit adultery? Or any form of immorality for that matter? I don't discriminate though but i have gathered alot of intel from this one. He has been one of my clients for six months now. I know he likes them young. Am just a salvation boat while he waits for what he really wants. Its a pity though, those girls are so young. Just maturing in the wrong places.

He is constantly seeing one of this girl Yasmin who has real religious parents. One of the few who practice true faith. I wonder how the parents would react if they found out that their daughter is engaged in an affair with her supposed to be spiritual leader. Mr

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. Kevin.

Whose pastor is called Kevin anyway? The name is so cony. Am not a stereotyper but all Kevin's i currently know are crooks. The man pays handsomely though. Had to jot something down about him in the book of secrets.


Present day

15th February 2017



It's the third day in school and i haven't seen Lloyd. My dad won't be picking up so am going to use that chance to go to the Erickson's mansion. It's a miracle i can still concentrate in class. I walk to my locker only to find Janey standing beside it. She has been a bit slippery the past few days.

"Hey C.G?" She greats me.

"Hey you... that nickname is lame Janey." I respond with a smile.

Janey calls me C.G which is a short form of cute glasses.

"Am going to use it anyway." She ascertains.

 I open my locker to remove some books.

"What's up with you and the choir anyway?" I ask.

"I decided to give  this spirituality thing a try." Her face is all lit.



Silence reigns for a while.

"Have you seen Lloyd around?"

"No?" Janey responds giving me a puzzled expression. 

"Whaat? Everyone can notice when the hotest couple in town are missing for two days." I say defending myself.

Just then, the bell rings.

We make our way to class. We have biology and history class this morning. I have quite adjusted into harbouring a fugitive. Let me rephrase...ten million dollars. I do concentrate fully in class. Learning is apparently my only form of distraction. After the third lesson english, i head for the ladies room. Am not really hungry so am going to skip breakfast.

You must be wondering why i read a much later entry on the diary before the earliest entries. That is because M.J left a note on the diary entry that i should read because some one may be needing help. Best geuss, Yasmin. 

Lets not talk about the part that i did not sign up for this. 

Yasmin is the quite one out of the four girls in Sarah's clique. I open the door into the ladies room. There is no one there. I open one of the toilets, flap close the bowl and settle on top of it. I let my mind drift to the small entry i read earlier today. I have always thought the name Kevin was a bit cony for a Pastor. But seriously though he is the person we the flock are to seek spiritual help from. I have always maintained that i will have that love act after marriage. Its not really about me being religious but about  a law that is written on my consciousness. I wouldn't just want to cross it. This is a person who is supposed to be supporting girls towards waiting but instead he encourages the to defile themselves. I wonder what lines he normally uses.

Yasmin is a minor and Kevin committing such an act is punishable by law. The entry says he does it with alot other girls. Typical wolf in sheeps clothing. The thought of it makes my young mind feel unsafe even in the confines of religion. Is that suppose to happen? Religion for me should be a cushion for the society. Somewhere we can feel emotionally and psychologically secure.

Could she possibly need my help? Yasmin?  part of Sarah's crew? Part of my nightmare in the world. This must be some sort of a mistake.

I let my mind wonder off to the events of last Friday. Today i must seek that Ericksons kid. I don't like the game he is playing.

I hear hurried footsteps into the bathroom then one of the toilet doors open. Sounds of someone vomiting follows up.


Then sobs.

Whoever she is should go to the school nurse if she is ill.

The whimpering continues.

I find myself getting up from my throne seat and knocking at that toilet door. She shuffles on her feet like someone caught on the wrong. Something falls down and slides under the door then settle at my feet. A pregnancy kit. It has two lines showing its a positive test.

The door opens to reveal a distraught Yasmin.

"Yasmin??!" I call in suprise.

She looks at me her expression clearly telling me its non of my bussiness.

"Give it back Penelope." She says looking the P.G kit am holding. I almost give it back then i remember the diary entry and the note. 

"No!" I respond sliding the P.G kit in my blazer pocket.

She stares at me defiantly. I stare back through my lenses and its an eye battle for a while.

"Fine... you can keep it."

She proceeds to the sink and washes her face rinsing her mouth in the process.

"Can i get you some water from the vending machine?" 

She nods.

I leave the toilet then head for the water vending machine. I grab a bottle of water and give it to Yasmin. She looks grateful gulping it down.

"Are you going to give it back?" She nods towards my blazer pocket.

"Not until you tell me what's up with you."

The bell rings.

"Lunch pitch. Its a date."

I rush off to class careful not to let the kit fall of my pocket.




I take two bottles of mango juice and one bottle of water from the vending machine. I made up an excuse for not sitting with Janey today at lunch.

Yasmin is seated on one of the seats at the extreme end of the pitch. Branching at the exact column she is seated, i head for her. She has her natural kinky hair tied up on a burn. Her school blazer is lying on the seat to her left.

"Bought some mango juice." I say while giving her one of the bottles. 

She open hers while i struggle to break the seal in mine.

"Here let me help you." She says taking the bottle from my hand.

Isn't this going well.

"So what's up with you Yasmin?" I ask sipping off from my bottle.

"You must promise not to tell anyone." I nod gingerly.

"As you must already know  am pregnant. I don't know what to do. My parent's are staunch christians and have done everything to instil that discipline in me. How can i disgrace them like this?... especially in a town where people just never mind their own business."

She starts sobbing and i rub her back trying to calm her down. I can't believe this is the same Yasmin whose clique has terrorised me most of the time in school. Am certain that Sarah doesn't know about this.

"Who is the father?"

She looks at me hesitantly. 

"I can't tell you Penny..this is just scandalous already."

"Your secret will be safe with me Yasmin."

"It's Pastor Kevin."

I feign suprise. I can't have her knowing i knew before hand.

"Have you spoken to him?

She starts sobbing again. This time i hug her.

"Its ..okay..what did he say?"

"He says i can't keep the baby. He wants me to abort it. I suggested we keep the baby and he went ballistic on me saying i just want to ruin his reputation. Can you believe him?"

No i couldn't. What was this man seeking in the altar of God, money? Or was it just a easy hunting ground for him? As if fornication wasn't enough he wants to kill an innocent child. A result of his own promiscuity.

"He just care about his reputation. So much for being a man of God." Yasmin concludes.


Read " Ultimate Sacrifice " by the same author ( DORSILA ANYANGO )

. so much for being a man of God." I comment in a judgy tone.

"Are you judging me too?" Yasmin says a bit taken aback.

" Yasmin. I mean having an affair with a married man a church leader for that matter is super wrong. But i also happen to think he was taking advantage of you. You are sixteen and he is...?"

"He is 35." She finishes my sentense.

"He should be prosecuted for this." I speak furiously. Yasmin burst into more tears.

"Its going to be fine." I say trying to calm her down.

"What am i going to do?...i cannot face my parents..killing my baby is not an option."

She is right. Her parents will be furious and disappointed before they get to the level of understanding. I can't help but wonder what's going to happen with her schooling. We need someone to talk to apart from her parents. Suddenly an idea flashes on my mind.

"I know of someone who can help us."

"You do?"

I shake my head.

"How soon can we meet this person?"

"Immediately after school."



Author's note

Your girl is back with a brand new episode of Grand. I hope you enjoying how the episodes are unfolding.

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