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Meet Hazel Grace

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Present Day 

13th February 2017


Johnson's Bungalow

I can't stop pacing around my room. I have already showered. Dad is running late because he was to be having dinner at a colleagues house. That means no cooking today . I have already ordered pizza. I pace around my bed looking at the diary lying on top of my bed. Could this be another person's diary? Maybe another H.G, a Hillary Grayson?

I mentally laugh at myself. After that note i found in the diary i know it is the same woman whose body was discovered in Lake Grande. Who could she be? I have never heard of her before. Grand is a small town. The sort of place where everybody knows everybody. 

I open my laptop then type the name Hazel Grace with the date 11th February 2017 beside it. I give it some time to load. An article on the incident at Lake Grand appears in a flash. It talks about a woman's body being found in L.Grande with a pendant around her neck with the name Hazel Grace engraved on it. The cops are not sure if the name belongs to the dead woman or someone close to her. So far no leads have penned out neither has any missing reports about a woman been filed. People are being urged to come foward with any piece of information. 

I scroll down but nothing helpful comes into view

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. The Hazel Grace (Shaileen Woodley) star in the movie The Fault in our star is all that's on google. Flapping the laptop, i lay on my bed facing the ceiling then take the diary and hold it against my bossom. I feel like i will be invading on the dead woman's privacy if i open it to read. The thought sends chills down my spine.

"Honey, Pizza is here." I hear dad shout from the living room. He is here already. I place the diary under my covers then head for my supper. I settle on my usual sport. Dad is unusually quite today. Even our ride home before he left for dinner was without conversation. I pour myself pineapple juice on my glass then pour some in his glass. He takes the glass silently and says the grace without involving me.

Now i know something is up.

I bite a piece off the pizza, chew it then sip juice from my glass. I relish each moment as i savour the flavour upon my taste buds. Dad is sipping his juice quitely careful to avoid my gaze.

"How was the dinner?" I ask trying to start a conversation.

"Delightful." He replies blunty

Delightful..queer choice of expression.

I stuff another piece of pizza on my face and savour the taste.

"Everything okay dad?" I ask yet another question.

Realizing am not going to give up until he tells me what's going on, he leans back on his chair then shares .

"Evana... your mum is coming over the weekend."

My inside dances with excitement. It will be good to have her around for a change. My dad however looks pensive on his seat. I reach over and strokes his arm lightly.

"You will be fine dad. I know deep down she still loves you."

He squeezes my hand in return. After being full, i take my glass and plate to the kitchen sink. My dad is burried deep in his thoughts and i know its going to take a while before he even finishes his glass of juice. I kiss his cheek goodnight and head for my room. Retrieving the diary from under my covers i open the fast page.


Diary entry

16th March 2015

If there is anything i have learnt is this life is really good at giving me lemon. I can't tire on making lemonades.

My journey to this town was smooth. I arrived only to find my aunt eagerly waiting for me. The buildings here are grande and exquisite unlike in Raven where i come from. This people must be filthy rich. I just hope my clents will be able to meet the expectations am already building.

I already made few contacts through my online profile. Most of them will be suprised to know am already here but i hope they will enjoy it rather than choke on it. Five years ago if you would have told me i would be engaging in the worlds oldest trade i would have laughed on your face. Here i am, five years later. Single and ready to mingle for a few extra coin.

I already felt in love with this place. The atmosphere holds tranquillity and serenity my soul has never known before. Behind those huge mansions and those huge gates lies secrets unrevealed. Waiting for me to uncover.

Don't get me wrong. I dont go looking for trouble. I geuss it has its way of finding me.

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. In my line of profession, customers are bound to talk. Revealing their utmost secrets when their pleasure has reached the peak. I don't have to force anything out of anyone. They just come to me to unload the heavy burden weighing on their conscience and i gladly listen.

Am sure this is going to be exiting. Rich people have major issues and we going to have fun recording them dear diary. I must get some sleep now and wait for what tommorow holds for me.

My eyelids feels heavy. I place the diary on my bedside locker and let sleep take me into its bossom. Tommorow is just a sleep away.



Author's note

Heeey. I hope you enjoying this. I know my story may not be full of exiting corners each and ever episode but that is the beauty around it. If you find yourself here dont forget to like and leave a comment.

Thank for reading.

Lehitraot. Till next time.


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