Grand. - Episode 10

Into his arms

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Present Day 

16 February 2017 


Johnson's Bungalow 

Cool breathing is upon my neck. I open my eyes. I don't understand why my bedside locker is far of, normally i can easily grab my phone because i do sleep at the edge of my bed.  I stretch to get my phone but warm hands hold me tight.

"Please stay." I hear Lloyd says sleepily.

"Oh my goodness!" I exclaim while forcefully unwinding myself from his hold . Leaping from my bed, its a miracle i land safely on the floor boards of my bedroom. When did i get myself into his arms? When did that happen? I must have rolled over while asleep.

That almost never happen. Penny you never turn while sleeping. You just never turn.

"Goodness." I repeat feeling embarrassed with myself.

I turn to face Lloyd. Instead of a startled Lloyd, sitting up is a calm and composed Lloyd. He looks at me like nothing happened.  Nothing happened?  I geuss he is used to cuddling with Sarah to sleep. The thought of it sends a sharp jab on my stomach. I pick a clean pair of uniform grab a towel and disappear into the bathroom

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. Twenty minutes later i emerge fully dressed. Lloyd is still seated on top of my bed, the covers pulled up to his waist area. His bare chest leans lazily on the pillow.

"Goodmorning." He says in a husky voice.

"Morning." I respond avoiding his gaze.

I wear my glasses then grab my bagpack. 

"You going to Raven?"

"Yep." He responds while getting of my bed. He wears his deep blue t-shirt and a maroon college jacket on top.

"Am still waiting for you to talk to your dad about me staying here. If i have to move i want it to be when this is all over." From his tone i know he is screaming. That's a long short Penny.

With that he heads for the window and he is gone. I feel a slight brush of cool wind on my cheeks. It feels like he was never here. 



Yasmin waves at me on the hallway much to Janey's dismay. Miss.Cherry has agreed to talk to Yasmin parents concerning her present condition. They will inturn talk to the administration concerning the same. She is convinced Yasmin can continue with her studies until when she cant.

"When did you and Yasmin become wave buddies?" Janey asks.

"Yesterday...its a long story Janey."

I place my bag inside the locker then fish out an english, history and biology text book. Those are the first class of the day.

"Indulge me." Jane insists.

"Its is a secret, i will be betraying her by telling you....have you seen Sarah in choir practice?"

She shakes her head.

I know she has questions, i would if i was her but i cannot be honest with her right now. Something is definitely wrong with Sarah. She sure cuts classes but has never missed so many days in a row. Miss.Swan our english teacher is already in class when we walk in. I place the chemistry and history textbook in my locker and the english book on top of it. A note stares back at me when i open it. Whoever is leaving those notes not only knows my locker combination, he knows my timetable too. Am not sure if i should be alarmed or not. 


You need to talk to the coroner. 8th July 2017.


After two hours of vigorous learning, its tea break. The muffins are amazing but my mind wanders off to the note i got earlier today.  I push my plate towards Janey. One muffin is still left on it.

"I hope you dont mind helping me." I say winking then leave the dining hall.

Ten minutes left before the bell rings. That would be enough time for me to read the next entry. Snatching my bag from the locker, i head for the ladies. After securing the door of one of the toilets, i flap the bowl closed and perch on top of it then open the specific entry i want to read.

Diary entry 

8th July 2015

Dear diary,

5 months in counting since i entered the town of Grand. I met the coroner a month ago but i choose to write that incident today because of a vow i made.

I would get those documents no matter what.

So Alphonse Walker made a 'mistake' and his younger son has really suffered for it. Alphonse Walker was his name on his propertly title deeds and his businesses which many were and still are out of town. His first born he named Simeon Walker and last born after himself, Alphonse Walker Jnr.

He couldn't have known that by naming his younger son after himself, he was feeding into the greed of his first born son. They say the best intentions paves the road to hell. In this particular case this phrase totally applied. The laws of the land states that if one dies without leaving a will but has children all his wealth is given to the legal first born son who may divide it to others as he so wishes.

Alphonse did not need a will. Long before he succumbed to his illness he divided the estates to his own sons. Half to Simeon Walker and half to Alphonse Walker Jnr. as a diligent father would do. He sure did notice the greed on his first born.

It came as a shock to Alphonse Jnr. when he was summoned to court. On reaching there he was accused of refusing to give his father's title deed on half of the estate he had in custody. Completely unaware of his greedy brother's schemes, he ran to the bank to get the title deeds that proved he was the legal owner only to find documents with his father's name. Alphonse Walker instead of Alphonse Walker Jnr. This was a forgery and it meant someone had gone into much trouble not only to forge but to steal the original documents from the bank. His brother won. He surrendered to him all the estates his father left.

The betrayal must have been great. He didn't even follow on who had been responsible for the forgery.  

Today i got my hands on him. Mr. Gregory the forging master of Grand. After a night of pleasure, and wine, i Hazel Grace walked away with all the documents he took from Alphonse. So typical of fodgers.

Read " Ultimate Sacrifice " by the same author ( DORSILA ANYANGO )

. Keeping the originals in order to mantain a level of control over their clients. Both smart and dumb at the same time.

The cover of this diary is detachable. Inside it is the key and map to the secret place where the documents are. I went to all this trouble because a month ago Alphonse Walker Jnr walked into my life. He did not buy what i offered. He just wanted a listening ear. It doesn't happen alot. It has never happened to me. Most of them get the pleasure first. Sometimes i have to walk on top of pins just to get to there innermost, darkest secrets. This is my thank you gesture to Alphonse for being different.



Author's note 

Hope you are enjoying the story. 

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Ani ohev otha/otah

Till next time.


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