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Sweet Bully

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Present Day 


17th February 2017

I can't breath. 

The taste plus smell of water my head is  partially immersed in is unbearable. I cannot untangle myself from the two pair of hands holding my head inside the toilet bowel. If they continue holding my head, my nose fully submerged under water am honestly going to die . They momentarily let my head up and i gasp for air like my life depends on it. Who am i kidding? My life literally depends on it.

"You could kill her." I hear Yasmin say.

"Too bad, i don't even care." Suzie responds.

Before i can take another breath of fresh air my head is back in the bowel. If they want to kill me i have a last wish i would love to pass across. Penny this is not the time for stupid jokes. 

I make to no avail a weak attempt to free myself from their grasp. They are too strong for me. Why is Yasmin not doing anything? I quit struggling and let my hand hung loosely by the sides of the bowl. I count seconds which feels like hours but they finally get the sense that am not struggling anymore.

"Is she dead?" I hear Yasmin ask clearly terrified.

"Jeez Yasmin, and why do you care? Watch the door and stop asking stupid questions, you seriously getting on my nerves."

"Calm down Suzie,...Yasmin understands what she has to do. Let her be anyway, you know there is nothing she can do." Samara says.

I close my eyes and hold my breath

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. I know they are too dumb to even check a pulse. They slump me on the floor and it takes everything in me not to groan loudly in pain.

"What now?" Samara asks.

I hear a shuffling like someone is looking for an item in her purse.

"Say Cheese." Suzie says and i can i hear shots of a photo being taken. Mine.

"Sarah will be satisfied with this, what could  Lloyd be doing with this looser anyway? Sarah is just being paranoid over nothing." Samara says then break in a non humorous laughter that crackles against my ear. 

I feel a sharp pain as a kick lands squarely on my stomach making me double over in pain.

"She is not dead after gloves may tear and i don't want to touch your filth."

I let out a desperate cough still holding my lower abdomen. 

"Sarah says hi and tell your friend Jane to stay away from my boyfriend else you both will have it rough in this school." Suzie says.

The sound of their footsteps fading away is music to my ears. An onset of relief washes over my entire body. Slowly i stand up and head for the sink to wash my face. Using the soap from the dispenser, i frantically wash my face, my hand shaking in anger. 

This should be illegal. This shouldn't be happening to any student whatsoever. This is bullying at a violent level. I could honestly die in one of those escapades. I feel tears mixing with the water in my face. I place both my elbows on top of the sink and cry my lungs out. Why did this Sarah chick hate me so much? And girl she is ruthless.

Yasmin. After all i have been through with her she dare let those people harass me like this. I have to retaliate. I feel my insides shaking in anger. A warm hand lies on my left shoulder and i spin around instantly my face still lit in anger. Janey is standing there with a worried look on her face.

"Are you okay Penny?"

"Yea..sure." I respond then storms off from the ladies. Do i look okay to you? 

" What's up Penny?...what's wrong? Yasmin told me to check on you in the bathroom."

"She sure did." I say in a sacarstic tone.

"Just stop and talk to me." Janey finally catches up with me and grabs my hand forcing me to stop. I look at her defiantly.

"What's up with you and James?" I ask.

"Nothing.. i told you nothing is going to happen. Why are you asking me about James?"

"Suzie says you should stop it with her boyfriend."

"Suzie is crazy, am not into James." 

"Yea sure." I say mockingly.

"Why don't you believe me?" Janey asks

"I don't believe you because you like the guy, apparently that is clear to everyone except you."

"No. I dont."

"Yeah right...continue living in denial."

"So what happened in the ladies room?"

"I was being bullied, that's what happened."

I start walking towards the locker area.

"You smell awful."

"I know." I respond with agitation.

"What actually took place?"

"I was having my head soaked in a toilet bowl."

"But why?"

"Am sorry i don't know why, i was busy trying not to get killed."

"Am sorry Penelope i didn't mean to upset you."

"Then stop asking stupid questions."

I open my locker with much strength equalling the anger welling up inside me in huge proportions. My books come tumbling one after another and a piece of folded paper lands at Jane's feet. She bends and picks it up."

"What is this?"

I take the piece of paper and shut my locker after taking what i need from it.

"Nothing you should worry about." With that i walk away, wondering to myself what am going to tell my dad. Why do i smell like..shit..?

18th March 2015

Who made her pregnant?



Diary entry 

18th March 2015

It's the third day since i enterd Grand and honestly my blood is still bubbling with excitement on what awaits me. I don't despise humble beginnings. Raven was my home. Its still my home. Someplace where i can run to when i need solace, when i need my space. It is my home because it is where all the memories i have of my late parents are based. 

My best friend Lucy was broken that i left. I still feel like shedding buckets remembering the time i had to tell her i was leaving town.

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. She off course know why i am leaving. She does know what i do and doesn't approve of it. Lucy was worried that moving into a town with high profile customers would be such a risk for me. Maybe she is right but in life we have to take risks. Otherwise no growth can be achieved. 

Its so funny though, Lucy may not approve of what i do but she still chooses my targets for me  I know i have said the word target but don't get me wrong. I don't lay traps. I let them trap themselves and that way they assume they are in control when in reality i am still dominating.

Now am just rumbling again.

All i want to say is, i miss my best friend Lucy. I pray that soon i will be able to go back to Raven and give her a suprise visit.


To know more about Hazel Grace i have to travel to Raven. I have never been there before but Lloyd has. Like an angel waiting to answer my prayers i hear a soft sound hitting my bedroom window. I lift the pane and sure enough i see Lloyd standing a few meters away with pebbles in his hands.



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