Grand. - Episode 3

Sarah Molly

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Present Day 

10th February 2017

Friday night.

After the grand display of palacial homes and mansion, our bungalow lies at the edge of the street. That's what i prefer to call it. It is nice, well furnished. A gift my uncle left for my dad before succumbing to cancer. Poor Uncle Tom.

I can see dad red Mercedes on the drive . I pause at the wooden gate. I need a cover up story on why i am late and what on earth i am carrying on  that bag. I have never had to lie to my dad. It's not everyday i get to save dansels in...let me correct that.... Prince charming in distress. I feel like am hiding someone in the cellar and need to feed him with huge amounts of food.

I make uncertain steps towards the door wondering how its going to roll. I push the front door. Its locked much to my relief. I collect the keys from the other side of the house then head straight to my room. I push the bag full of money under my bed then strip and rush to the bathroom. As the water hit my skin, i let myself think.

Nobody is going to suspect i have ten million dollars under my bed. My heart beat gets erratic as i repeat the figure in the head. I feel like screaming to the world yet still keep it a secret

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. My fingers tremble. Whatever Lloyd's parents have done must be serious. I finish bathing then proceed to blow dry my hair. The smell of burning synthetic braids seem to calm me down. I do this for a while while humming to myself. I throw an oversized t-shirt and some tights then head for the kitchen.

There is meat stew on one of the pots. I open the top shelf and remove a packet of rice. As i prepare the rice to steam it, my mind wanders to the events of the later part of the day. The Lloyd -Penny squad. He could have chosen anyone. His football buddies or some popular chick around school. Maybe Sarah  Molly, his girlfriend. The most popular of them all. He could have, but he wants something off radar, small and undetectable like Penelope. My stomach tightens at the thought. He might as well be using me. For a moment i want to go upstairs and light every single note in that bag. No, he needs my help. Not that of lame people such as Molly.


A month ago.

9th January 2017

My first encounter with her.

It was lunch break of my first day in school. In my previous school we had a canteen that was usually crowded at lunch time. Lionsdale had a huge cafeteria. All its provision were paid for in the school fee which was as expensive as it could get. It was ironic how cheap the people in it were. Even with designer clothes you could not miss the desperation they had in their effort to cling to what money could buy.

The dining hall was huge. I had hoped Janey would be around to walk with me but she was nowhere to be seen. I filed with the rest of the students as i waited for my turn. On my left hand i held a coca- cola drink i had taken from the vending machine.

Yes, they have vending machines here.

I took a plate of fries and chicken then moved to search for a place to sit. I expertly sifted through the seated students.

No sign of Janey. 

I walked awkwardly to the corner seat as i tried to evade the gazes directed by the students towards me, the new girl. Finally i perched, placing my food, coke and phone on top of the table. I was really hungry. I opened the can and lifted the chicken to my mouth then..


Someone grabbed the chicken before it could reach my mouth. If there is one thing i don't like , it is someone messing with my food. Skinny as i was i loved my food alright. I looked up, my eyes livid with anger.

She had a blazer on and a strikingly short skirt. Her wig was giving me some Rihanna vibes. A domineering look was plastered all over her face. I was fresh meat and about to recieve my first dose of bullying. I looked past her. Three girls formed a protective circle around her. The tag alongs. They were enjoying every bit of this.

The rest of the dining hall seem unintrested. If anyone was watching this, he was ignoring it.

"I love fresh meat." She said while bitting a piece off what she had just snatched from me.

I stared at her not knowing what to do or say. I was angry at her but it was my first day at school.  I did not know how things really worked around here.

"Am sorry if i am on your space, i was just leaving." I said rising up from the table. One of the girls lunched foward and blocked my way pinning me back to my seat. I winced at the slight pain i felt.

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. For someone so small she had strength.

"You only leave when we say so." A smirk was playing on her lips.

"You wanna leave so bad huuh? Maybe you should not leave just he D.H but also Lionsdale all together." Sarah said while leaning foward. The smell of her perfume overwhelming my senses and need to breath.

"Poor kids are not welcomed here."

The girls attitude was nothing short of disgusting. I couldn't focus on her attitude right now.The feeling of throwing up stirred in me. I could not hold it back and out it went all over her blazer and white blouse. Even her security clique stepped back. Nobody wanted to get permeated with the contents of Penny's stomach. The poor skinny new girl who wears glasses.

Her face was livid. The entire dining hall erupted into laughter. I collected my phone and fled. I did not go to the ladies room, i made for the boys. I rinsed my mouth then cleared the fogginess in my glasses oblivious of the boys gawking at me in suprise.

What just happened?

 I knew i had made an enemy out of Sarah Molly and a dangerous one he proved to be.


Authors note.

Stay tuned.

lotsa love 


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