Fixated - Episode 7

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I was out of my element. 

My feet ached and my belly churned with nervousness but earlier this night, I promised Kathy I'd try. 

I deserved to be happy and most especially, I deserved to forget.... Even if it was just for a night. 

"I'll be back." I told Kathy. 

Her hands gripped mine as they met my stare and slowly they loosened. "Are you okay?" She asked.

I nodded with a smile . "I just want to adjust my make up." I replied. It wasn't entirely the truth but she didn't need to know. 

I couldn't let her know how much I was dying inside. 

I smiled harder. 

She frowned. 

"Do you want me to come along?" 

"No. I'll be back in three minutes." 

"Kathy, you're up." A familiar voice interrupted. 

We both turned to look at Michael, Kathy's current boyfriend. "Gimme a minute." She replied and then blew him a kiss.

I watched them flirt shamelessly, It was awfully cute but I'd never tell her that. 

"I'll be back." I said again but this time, I doubt she heard me. 



"Uh, excuse me." A soft voice whispered. I felt her light tap on my shoulder like an electric shock. 

I turned. 

And it took willpower to maintain an aloof composure as I stared at her. 

"Do you know where the rest room is?" She asked, her voice still soft and sweet. 

I stared wordlessly, somehow, she'd left me utterly speechless. 

Somehow, my brother's girlfriend seemed nothing like I'd imagined her. 

And somehow I knew I was fucked. 

"Uh, Mister?" 

No words. 

"I should get going." She said, her brows scrunched in confusion. 

I watched her turn to leave. 

'Get your sh*t together.' My mind whispered harshly. 

I grabbed her wrist. 


She turned back to look at me

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. Her lips pulled in a tight frown as she looked down at her wrist. 

"Sorry." I mumbled. 

I shoved my hands in the pocket of my jeans. 

"I'll take you to the rest room." I offered. 

For a moment she just stared suspiciously. 

"Uh, thanks but I'm good." She finally  said.

Disappointment filled me and this time, I watched her leave.

I was really f*cked. 

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  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    Your story is good..try to keep up
  • carmen picture
    You're very good, keep it up
  • Maryam Ali picture
    Maryam Ali
    Nice story,bt daamn don't keep us in suspense,p,s:can u atleast trying giving us long story,would really appreciate it, Keep up the good work
  • Orisaheyi Folakemi picture
    Orisaheyi Folakemi
    I'm really sorry for the short chapters.... I'll try to update more often due to that and the suspense has only begun. Lol... The next chapter even has me curious.
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