Firesparks - Episode 32

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***Winter's p.o.v

I shivered the cold night. They have brought food for me to eat...but I simply refuse to eat... I don't want to be poisoned and I don't Know if this man is very wicked.

I thought of Ken and shivered.

 The door opened and he slids right next to me.

"I'm no longer scared of you..." I smile.

"Wow you're a brave little princess but why wont you eat your food?"He asks.

"Because uncle Ikenna you're bad!"I say.

"I'm bad...yet you call me uncle... childish.. . mentality....let me tell you another story..."He says.

" I don't want to hear"I say but he continues

Ikenna was heartbroken and wanted to revenge his parents but Immediately he set his eyes on this little girl....he... he...likes her.. her smile...her charisma and so he becomes so nice to her forgetting she caused his parent's death.
They were best friends until one moment in the heat of feelings he told her he liked her and tried to kiss her.
All hell let loose and she told him she'll rather die than like him back.
He was furious but promised to help her and until then...he dissapeared..

"That's a scary story"I say.

"Winter I know you're a smart girl... you know the role your mother played..."He said.

"She killed your family and on top that she not only disgraced you but didn't like you back..

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. that's not good" I say silently.

"Smart...she ruined it all.. and since then I promised to help her. She must die if she will not... like me"He smirked.

"I don't want my mommy to die!"I say.

"But have you ever wondered about your Daddy...she never told you before right?"He says and I hold in my breath.

Every time I asks mommy about Daddy...she goes mad!!

"Do you want to know about him?"He asks.

"Yes"I pleaded.

He brought out a photo and gave it to me this is Dayne...
your dad.

I looked at the photo and gasped I had his eyebrows and complexion...I also smiled like him.

"Daddy..."I cried tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Your daddy...was...."He began.

I wiped my tears to listen but he stopped.

"Naw that's a story for another day.."

He was gone as quietly as he entered but I continued crying...
Staring at the only memory...
I have of my father


***Sara's p.o.v
I continued crying...even while the security men were gone with Treasure gently consoling me.

"God will punish whoever did this to winter"She screamed hysterically.

I smiled and wiped my tears.

"I just don't know what condition she's in and the Kidnapper hasn't even placed a call"I cried.

"It's okay... maybe you should you know....try and take it easy...."She said.

Her phone started ringing and she looked at me. I thought she was going to curt it but she answered it and walked away.

I looked at the table and started... remembering...

We played card and I lost. Dayne didn't. He teased me all day.
I started keeping my distance but he noticed so the next two days he entered my room without knocking.

"I could have been dressing up"I scolded.

"It would have been such a sight to behold"He said widening his eyes.

"Stop!"I hit his shoulder embarrassed.

"Why have you been avoiding me?"He asked in his deep masculine voice.

"I've not"I said quietly.

"Look into my eyes Sara"He says so softly.

I tried to but looked away.

"Do I make you feel uncomfortable?"He asks.

"No..."I mumble.

"Then look at me"He says and I look at him.

"You're so pretty" He Wispers.

I nod, gulping.

We look at each other for a while before he slowly leans and kisses me.

His lips are soft and velvetly.

I find myself responding with a passion I didn't know I had.

He pushed me against the wall and we continued kissing.

Till we came up for air.

"I love you..."He says.

"I love you too.."I say .

At that moment...I knew Feremy was my past and Dayne was my forever.

"I know"He chuckles and I hit him embarrassed.

"Look at the way you were kissing almost pulled off my lip"He joked.

I made to walk back to the bed but he pulled me back and continued kissing me.

"Are you going to do your laundry...."Pooky started entering the room but dropped the basket on seeing us kissing.

"Oh my!!"She screamed

I  came back to present and sighed. Treasure has taken a long time on this call.

I got up and started calling
"Treasure!! Treasure!!"

I saw her answering her call..

I was about to call her when I heard
" I will crush her!"

I stopped dead in my tracks.

"I don't care if it involves killing her"She said.

This is not the treasure I know....

I saw her ending the call and immediately ran to the chair.

"I'm back"She smiles sitting down.

"You took a long time"I said.

"Oh it was just business"She sighed.

I nodded and looked at her.

She looked at me and smiled.

***Aisha's p.o.v
"Are you okay?"I asked Ken for the umpteenth time as Remy was being loaded into the ambulance.

"Yes mommy.. and I saw the face of the Kidnapper..."He said happily.

"Ssh don't tell anyone you didn't see any face" I warned.

"But I saw the face.."He said sadly

"Yes but i don't want any bad guy after you...."I say and hug him...

It's finally the day.
I'm ready and I'm taken to the church.
My dad is presently missing so a friend gives me away.
My uncles do not come because I've disgraced the family and married a Christian but I don't care...I love Remy...
We say the vows and he opens my veil.

Tears drop from my eyes...
Then he is told "You can now kiss the bride"
I know from his look that he will kiss my cheeks.
So while he turns...I make an unexpected move and our lips meet...
I kiss him for long and he doesn't relent nor agree.

"Congratulations...."Fred said grinning hugging me.

My eyes glitter and I stare at Remy.

He's mine and mine forever!!

""Ken calls.

"This man is asking you if you saw the suspects face"

"No"I said.

"I did"Clifford said coming out from the shadows.

"You've been lurking around haven't you..."I said between clenched teeth..

"Smile more often it makes you beautiful"He said and walked away.

"Mommy he called you beautiful"Ken screamed.

"Shut up"I screamed huddling him into the car.

He watched Aisha push her child into the car.
She doesn't know what's in store ..
He said dropping his coffee and trailing her car

Winter finally finds out about her Dad..

No be small love between Dayne and Sara

Treasure is being suspicious...Is she really bad?

Who's the psycho trailing Aisha and Ken???


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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Nice 1 Lois , Sara needs to be careful of Treasure
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    I just think she's harmless... Buuuut you can never telllll
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