Finding Solace - Episode 1


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Heart pounding, lungs on fire, my panicked breath like thunder in my ears. The cold evening air shocking my throat and lungs as I ran faster and faster. My heart beat frantically, if I slip I know my body will pay the price and if I fall I know I am doomed forever. I heard the arrow being shot, thankfully they missed. There were three of them, huge, fast, hyped up like they were on drugs and in their hands were deadly weapons that could send me straight to hell with another shot.

I have been running for the past ten minutes and now my lungs seem as if they would explode any moment . I felt like my pursuers are slowing down because it was quite dark running in the forest at night but not for me. Branches constantly attacked me, leaves crunched under my feet and big brown logs seemed to appear out of nowhere as if to try to stop me but the wound in my arm was already having its full effect on me.

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. My eyes felt dizzy and my legs grew heavier, I was losing momentum. I stopped, hid behind a tree and looked behind me, I could see flashes of their torch as they looked for me.

In the far distance, I saw flashes of light from moving vehicles signifying I was already by the side of a road I panted slowly, trying to catch my breath, meanwhile, I was losing blood fast, I could hardly keep still; my cloth was tattered already so I tore some part out and carefully tied it around my arm. I peeped again , there was no sign of them

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. Maybe they have gone or maybe they were laying a trap for me. Either ways, I would not die here. I began to run slowly, pressing my other hand against the wounded one to add pressure to it. I was exhausted and my sweat was blinding me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something sharp and huge coming towards me, I tried to jump out of the way but it was too late. I screamed as the pain lanced through me, knocking me off balance. As I lay on the ground there, I saw an image of myself, ten years ago, when I was only fifteen years old, my father and my little brother were there. My vision clouded as I saw a figure rushed towards me, my family and my world faded away.

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