Demigods(book one) - Episode 20

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His breathing had hit overdrive.

He did not stop his horse from running until he had reach a considerable distance.

F**k! Adetoye cursed under his breath.

Adeola had humiliated him. His men's stares told it all.

They were disgusted. They were against him disobeying the laws of battle.

The first day was to prepare and make camp.


A voice echoed in his head.

Did someone say that? He wondered.

The voice got louder and he could see a creepy silhouttee figure crouch behind him.

The place became eeriely silent as he observed they had all disappeared.

He turned to the silhouetted man.

The man was half covered by darkness despite the bright sun that bathed the territory.

"How are you doing?"

The man inquired, a frightening smile was on his face.

It was made more terrifying when the sun twinkled on them keeping his face still black.

"Who are you?"

Adetoye demanded.

The man immediately came forth.

His appearance made Adetoye's skin crawl.


Adetoye yelled.

His father was blue as corpse still wearing the clothes he wore the day he died.

He had no eyes and worms were tearing into his skin and out.

The definitely dead man came forward holding a frozen Adetoye in his grasp.

He opened his mouth to speak and sent an odour that caused Adetoye to feel nauseated.

"Reckoning has come."

He declared looking up to the sky.

"No! No!...No!"

Adetoye kept on screaming, his eyes clenched shut.

He opened them and found himself back in the midst of his men.

They had applied look on their face as they examined the terror-stricken Adetoye.

"I don't want to die."

Adetoye whispered to himself.

It was at this dreadful moment that he summoned Esu.

The vile god showed up.

"I see you need help."

He pretended to notice despite knowing it all.

"Aren't you a god? You know all that is going to happen."

"Not everything."

Esu corrected. 

"Only Eledumare, the elder God knows tommorow. We only know what we are meant to know."

"Not the time."

Adetoye interrupted.

"I need a divine help."

"A favour?"

Esu rephrased.

"Yes! I want to win the battle Royale."

Adetoye revealed.


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. I can help you but, I need a favour."

"And who do I have to kill?"

Adetoye queried.

"Just your cousin."

Esu answered in a casual manner.


Adetoye asked to be sure.

The god nodded before fading and leaving a smoke like blackness.

Nothing good truly come cheap.

All Adetoye could picture was how he would get his half mortal cousin dead, again.


The spy relayed the little information he had gotten on Remi.

Gbade wondered why Aremu could not put the faded lines together.

Without magic, he could tell the Remi was his lost son.

Aremu was just too blind to accept reality.

He was occupied with his desire to see Ayetoro burn to the ground.

From what the spy had said he picked up that the boy had the mystical ability to ward off evil eyes.

It made his job easier.

The boy was still human and his visions could only come one at a time.

It would be unlikely he would be able to predict his evil.

Gbade's thought temporary wandered to his daughter.

She was still as naive as ever.

He wondered if her abilities had began to manifest.

He wanted so much to see her again, to hold her hands.

But no, he was trapped with Aremu.

He ran his fingertips on the mark that bonded him with Aremu.

Only Aremu could take it off as he was the one who drew it.


Aremu said breaking all of Gbade's gloomy thoughts.

Gbade raised his head to meet his intimidating master by circumstance.


Gbade answered.

"Is it the right time to attack?"

Aremu asked.

Read " Living The Pureblood Series " by the same author ( samuelade. )

. Gbade held his thoughtful reply.

Of all the possible future, he could see in his mindeye.

Only one suited his needs, his dangerously craved needs.

"Of course."

The mage answered, keeping his smile glued on.

Aremu was quite a fool to believe him so quickly.

It was obvious he was tired of waiting.

He wanted bloodshed and that was exactly what he would get.

The only problem was a flea who wanted the throne of Ayetoro so badly.

He would need to help the boy.

They both wanted something.

It was white simple.

For their plans to work, they wanted to poor boy cold as a corpse and of course the boy had something that could end Remi.

He might as however forgotten.

Gbade remembered instructing Aje to decieve Adetoye to believing that Remi's blood could be his and his people's salvation.

It had been Aje's purpose since he had saved her and gifted her a fragment of his abilities.

Aremu was giving a motivational pep talk on how they needed to go into Ayetoro unsuspected and attack when they were at their weakest.

That was fairly unimportant.

The future was set in motion and he was surely going to make sure it didn't change.

Aremu had instructed his men to invade Ayetoro in small numbers.

Aremu planned on being the first to see Ayetoro before it's destruction.

It was quite funny he had no idea he had put Gbade's first prediction in motion.

The second prediction needed a little boost though. Soaring in the skies in his animal form, Gbade spotted his Target's camp.

Adetoye has chosen refuge near the mountains for unknown reasons.

Still as a bird, Gbade swooped down and took the form of a dwarf.

He walked directly into Adetoye's camp pretending to be limp.

The men inside immediately held thier swords in preparation for the coming.

Immediately Adetoye saw him, he dropped his sword,

"Is that you Ebube?"

The plan was officially a success.

Gbade bowed his head in insincere respect,

"Yes My lord."


Ajoke could barely recognize Adeola.

She looked much mature and more than confident since they last met.

It was even more surprising that she knew magic.

Ajoke still remembered their petty little fight over Remi's affection.

None of that mattered now.

Her life was so complicated now. Her lantent magical abilities, The arrival of her supposed dead father, the threat of invasion amidst others.

Adeola noticed Ajoke's troubled expression and striked a conversation.

"How are you and Remi doing?"

Adeola quizzed. Ajoke figured what Adeola was trying to do so she decided to tag along.

"Great I guess."

Adeola also looked like she had something important to tell Ajoke.

Her eyes always refused to stay put if she had something troubling her.

"Is anything wrong?"

Ajoke inquired from Adeola.

There was something wrong.

Adeola could remember the graphic detail of Remi's future.

She wanted to share it with Ajoke. However, not in the midst of so many people.

All she could manage was,

"Can we talk over there?"

She said pointing to a tent.

It was the brightest looking so Ajoke could tell it was Adeola's.


She replied, her anxiety building.

She knew it had to be serious and could only fear the worst.

The tent was small but Adeola was doing a great job calling it home.

It was nightfall and the sound of nocturnal animals filled the campsite.

Adeola set forth an oil lamp, carefully placing it where it couldn't become a fire accident.

She sat close to me on a spread that served as her bed.

She sighed deeply and Ajoke theorized that Adeola was ready to talk.

"It's about Remi."

She began,

"when I became a witch. I saw a terrible future that awaited him."

Shivers transcended Ajoke's body and she began to feel cold.

"What kind of future?"

Ajoke asked, brushing her hair backwards to cope with the aftermath of her question.

Adeola paused as if thinking of something subtle to say to Ajoke.

She feared Ajoke would go haywire if she just dropped the bomb.

"It's a possible future and might not really happen but from what I saw, Remi-he-he-is going to die."

It was like a great stab to Ajoke's heart.

She felt numb.

She could picture lying on the ground covered in his own blood.

"How? How is he going to die?"

Ajoke forced herself to ask. Remi's death was actually the simple part that Adeola could reveal.

The cause of Remi's death, That was a no go area.

Ajoke would obviously do something insane.

"How is he going to die?"

Ajoke repeated, looking into Adeola's black irises, she saw it all.

"It's me, isn't it?"

Ajoke asked, praying it wasn't her.

"It's you."

Adeola said so solemnly that it did not sound like a bad thing.

Millions of questions ran through Ajoke's mind.

Why would she want to do such evil? She loved Remi dearly and would never have wished him harm.

Was it the strange power that was running through her veins? She needed more answers.

"Can I see it? You know, the future."

Ajoke spoke breaking the eerie silence.

Adeola shook her head.

It was a definite no.

She suspected the mere thought of it was too chaotic for her to take in but a look into it, that was messed up.

She was surprised to see Ajoke leave without a fight.

"See you tomorrow then."

Ajoke said whilst leaving.

Her mention of tomorrow reminded Adeola of the battle Royale.

It was definitely something to sleep with a heavy thought on.


The night was ripe and a ghostly shadow tiptoed to the brightly coloured tent.

The inner was sleeping and did not notice the third presence.

The figure took a book before slipping into the shadows.

It was a spell book.

Ajoke opened it when she got far enough.

Flipping through the irrelevant pages to find one that needed her attention.

She found it written in bold, the spell that could allow her to see the future.

It had a lot of warning that she chose not to even brush to and she began the chant.

It was her opportunity to find out what really happened and if truly she had unnatural powers.

"Ein Teil der Zukunft rufe ich hervor, zeig es mir, zeig es mir."

She changed in an ominous tone.

Time stopped immediately and she could sense it.

She saw a bright light that made her blink her eyes for a millisecond and suddenly she was standing in a different place.

It was Ayetoro nonetheless but different.

There was a fiery ring protecting it instead of the shield.

She walked around to make sense on what was happening.

She heard a conversation and approached the talkers.

It was Adeola and Daruma and they looked worried.

Why? Ajoke wondered.

They kept on staring into a tent and Ajoke peeped to see what or who was there.

Love and behold, it was Remi and he looked sick.

He was almost white and seemed to be doing.

Before Ajoke could find out more, she found herself back.

It was still midnight, the spell book was on her hands.

Was that the future? Has it changed? She wondered.

The future had surely been altered but it was not sparing Remi. (late update. forgive me. I'm presently in a Wattpad contest and I'll need your help. if you're on Wattpad pls click the link)

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