She did not expect to catch the eye of the crown prince neither did she expect that she would be married to him a week later. Her seemingly happy life takes a turn for worse when she finds out the only reason the heir married her was only because she looked like his dead wife. But that might not be the only secret he is keeping. *Mature content*

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    • Allure - Introduction

    • This is actually a werewolf menage but romance was the closest to it. I focused more on characters than shifting time too. It's mature but first Let's get to know the chara...
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    • Allure - Episode 1

    • Somewhere in Linsea Maisy Cold October mornings were a sight to behold every day for me. It was one of the advantages of living in the mountains. The early settlers of th...
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    • Allure - Episode 2

    • Maisy My humanity kicked in and I checked on his breathing. He was alive. I could feel the mist of warm air in my fingers.  I tore up his already charred c...
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    • Allure - Episode 3

    • Maisy I dashed to the healer as quick as light and returned the same way. Unfortunately, the old man wasn't as agile as me so I made it home before he did. Father saw...
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    • Allure - Episode 4

    • Maisy Those eyes were too mesmerizing to let go of. All I wanted was to continue staring at his gorgeous blue eyes, silent talking until he said something. "Tatia?&q...
      • Views (1,311)
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    • Allure - Episode 5

    • Eric  I watched her sleep. Who could have guessed destiny had fated us to meet. She looked just like Tatia It took all the control I had left not...
      • Views (1,330)
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    • Allure - Episode 6

    • Maisy My decision scared me but I didn't care. No one was going to take advantage of me like that. I grabbed my dress from the earth and rushed to put them on. His eyes were on...
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    • Allure - Episode 7

    • Maisy After the incident at the Lake, I avoided Eric. It was strange due to the fact it happened today and I was acting like a rape victim. The assault was real though. Eric, on th...
      • Views (1,223)
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    • Allure - Episode 8

    • Eric Today determined my future. Whether I would return home a Victor or lose the throne. I was convinced Maisy would fight for what she thought we shared but still, I could not be...
      • Views (1,253)
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    • Allure - Episode 9

    • Maisy  Tears flowed freely as I remembered what Eric spat right into my face. It just didn't add up. He loved me in Linsea and now, He hated me. I had made a gra...
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    • Allure - Episode 10

    • Maisy I ran my fingers on the rough surface of the mirror. It was terrifying, seeing how deep the scarring was. I wanted badly to put it behind me but no one was in the room. It di...
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    • Allure - Episode 11

    • Maisy End of Flashback I heard footsteps approaching so I wiped away my tears and returned back into the bed. He unlocked the door and came in tiptoeing which proved further that h...
      • Views (1,139)
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    • Allure - Episode 12

    • Linsea Spencer "How is he?"  I asked the physician tending to Ewan. The old man shook his head disappointedly. "Chief, I'm afr...
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    • Allure - Episode 13

    • Nodith Eric "You told her everything?" Anthony quizzed. "Yes. Not everything but most of it." I replied, pacing around the room. All my hardworking couldn't...
      • Views (924)
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    • Allure - Episode 14

    • Nodith Maisy "What?"Sara exclaimed, wondering what had made me jump. Tatia placed a finger to her charred lips and made the sound hush. It made me cringe. "Are you O...
      • Views (1,048)
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    • Allure - Episode 15

    • Maisy "So you're one of them?" Conrad gave me a hurt expression before giving a mature answer. "We all have our flaws but my family...we have more than most peop...
      • Views (1,052)
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