Dance With Me(Silent Whispers) - Episode 5

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'Life moves on, it never stops. Forever turning, forever burning. Just like the eternal flame of your soul.'

The joy that embedded Nora's face couldn't be told.

"You mean you're going to teach me how to dance?" Nora asked joyfully as she stare at the little fairy.

"That was what I said Nora." Daisy answered with a little laugh.

"Thank you so much Daisy, you don't know what this means to me."

"I know Nora, there is no more time, dawn will soon catch up with us." Daisy said to her. "Close your eyes and block out every sound you hear." She added.

Nora did as she was told, closing her eyes, she blocked out every sound sorrounding her . She felt something warm touching her body, it felt strange but she didn't want to open her eyes to know what was that and lose her concentration. She trusted Daisy.

"Now, open your eyes Nora." Daisy said, her voice now louder than before.

Nora opened her eyes and it grew wide in shock. She was seeing Daisy more clearly, she looked down and gasped out in surprise when she saw she was of the same length with Daisy and she was flying like her. She was now a FAIRY!

"Is this real? Am I now a fairy?" Nora asked as she flew round Daisy.

Looking closely at Daisy, Nora noticed how beautiful she is.

"Yes this is real Nora, unfortunately, the spell wears off in the next two hours." Daisy replied her.

"So why did you transformed me into a fairy?" Nora asked as she flew next to her

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. She loves this.

"The dancing steps, for me to teach you how to dance you must become a fairy. I told you how I and my sister were the last dancing fairies in our world before she gave up her dancing skills for a beautiful voice. I am the last dancing fairy and me teaching you, we are now the last dancing fairies. The steps I am going to teach you will make the humans want to be like you, but no one except you and I will know it. Even if you want to teach someone, you won't be able."

"Why will my kind want to learn it?" Nora asked not understanding.

"It is an ancient dance which humans don't know of, even our kind became jealous of it. Do not tell anyone where you learn the dance from." Daisy told her.

"I will not tell anyone, but I nearly show someone I have come to love the door to this place, but we couldn't find it. I thought it was gone forever." Nora told the Daisy. Calling Philip her love made her blush in embarrassment.

"This garden choose to revealed itself to you for a reason, a reason I don't know of yet. But I know you have a great battle ahead of you. The garden won't reveal itself to any other person than the person it had chosen, which is you. This guy you spoke of, the one whom you said you love, have you told him about your feelings?"

"Not yet Daisy, I am scared to tell him, I don't think he loves me."

"That's where you're wrong." Daisy said and gently took hold of her hand in hers. "Nora, you're going to have a great love trial in the future, who will choose is what I don't know of. Love is like a wind Nora, it fly's wherever it went, you're like that wind, look carefully the direction you choose to go. Not all roads ends up straight, always remember. Now close your eyes."

Daisy told her and Nora did. "Open it." She added and Nora opened her eyes once again.

They were now in a room where all kinds of instrument are.

"Where are we Daisy?" Nora asked looking at the beautiful tiny room that accommodated their size.

"This Nora, is where I developed my dancing skills." Daisy answered her.

She clap her hands together, sawdust came out of it and flew around the room, every instrument in the room came to life.

"Now is the perfect time." Daisy told Nora with a smile.


Philip couldn't sleep a wink, he has to summon courage and tell Nora his hidden feelings for her.

But if she reject his love, just like his father had told him, he will mend up his broken heart and hope that Nora comes to love him.

Yes, she might not love him now, but perhaps in the future she might realize her love for him.

He won't give up.

He couldn't wait for morning to come so that he will tell Nora his heart.

With that thought he slept off, dreaming of Nora.


In Casala:

Lora was happy with the way everything had played out.

Her twin sister has been forgotten with time as she did everything to make sure her name was on everyone lips and not her twin.

This was what she wanted.

Read " The Return Of ijele " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )

. This was the kind of life she wanted to live.

Her parents loving her and only her.

For the first time in three years Nora death was faked, she congratulated herself and voice for her success.



Philip was seen holding Nora as he took her for a walk round the huge compound.

"Nora I really want to tell something that has been giving me sleepless night." Philip said. He took her to the corridor and gently made her sit on the only sofa chair in there.

"What do you want to tell me?" Nora asked using her sign language to demonstrate.

"I don't know if you would hate me for this after telling you, but I have to say it out, I can't hide it any more." Philip said crouching next to her.

"I won't hate you Philip, tell me." Nora said in her sign language.

"I love you." Philip finally throw the bombshell.

Those words Nora heard gladden her heart that she tried not to smile. Philip love her?

"You love me?"

"Yes Nora I do. I have loved you ever since I saw you, the day your grandmother carried you. At first I thought I was only attracted to you but as the days rolled by, I realized that it was love and not attraction. I really love you Nora, you may reject my love but I won't give up on you."

Nora removed her hand from his. "Please I want to touch your face." She said and Philip place her hands on his face. "I wish I could see you to tell you this. I love you too Philip, and no matter what the future brings, I won't let go of you." Nora said and finally let the smile she was holding to appear on her face.

"Is that a promise Nora?" Philip asked feeling happy when he heard those words. Nora love him also?

"Yes, it is a promise Philip."

To Be Continued...
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