Could it be your eyes? - Episode 13

Could it be your eyes

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Dera's p.o.v
I breathed slowly. Fear riverted through my whole being... making me numb and defenceless. I tried opening my eyes but was greeted by the sweet relief feeling of emptiness. SO THIS IS HOW I'M GOING TO DIE..... I HAVE'NT HAD MY FIRST KISS AND CUTE ADORABLE BABIES  I thought as my world slowly blanked out. I knew it this was the end...of my tender existence in earth . I took my last breath ready to close my eyes in defeat when..I heard the swoooshing and the door came abruptly open. The breeze swirled around announcing the presence of the stranger as he squinted over me"Who..... are.... you"I breathed. I tried looking at the face of this stranger but everything was blurry and distorted. He pressed the inhaler to my mouth as I took certain breaths. I tried looking at him and said"Why.... are... you.... here?" He chuckled as if I had asked a stupid question and said "I'm your guardian angel". My heard stop beating abruptly at his voice, I tried to fathom what he was saying and when I raised my gaze to look at him he was already retreating. "wait... how can you be......."but the slam of the door greeted me .  I tried to get up and looked around me,was I dreaming... Did he really say guardian angel...

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. I'm not hallucinating... it's too early  to see a psychiatrist..I'm not going crazy. Mental note to look for Dennis after classes because I'm sure I'm late for algebra.

*Aji's p.o.v*
I looked at Dennis Lovingly as he took charge and then I wondered this is how stupid Dera is forfeiting all this. "Dera Is not stupid!"Dennis said as he pushed me away. Did i wonder aloud? "She doesn't have to know.... this will be our little secret"I winked. "Aji... I just made a terrible mistake... please don't tell Dera.... I'll never make it again"Dennis said.  "but I want to spend more time with you.."I said. Dennis got up scratching his head when I heard the bell go off. I would have sworn it's ten minutes early. "The door is locked...."I heard muffled voices. "Does anyone Know how to break down a door?"another said and I heard grunting as the door was kicked. "No.... they're coming in... they can't see us together.."Dennis said. I tried explaining to him but he took the risk and jumped right of the window. "Dennis"I screamed as I saw broken glass and blood. Just then the door was forced open and I stared face to face with my classmates. "Someone was even inside"one of the girls hissed. I didn't reply but shaking pointing at the window I shivered "D...Dennis... went out the window..... save him!"

Tiffany's p.o.v
Anger was all I could see and if not properly handled could lead to disaster. Walking to the boxing rig I wore my boxing gloves. I remember Dad's training to the boys.
"WHENEVER YOU'RE ANGRY TRANSFORM... YOUR PUNCHING BAGS  INTO OPPONENTS....GIVE THEM EVERY ANGER IN... YOU... FIGHT TILL YOUR OPPONENTS DOWN." the rig was empty.. everyone was in class, perfect opportunity. I boxed hard tears dripping from my eyes as I remembered Bobo's voice"I don't see you as more than a sister..."more tears blinded my vision as I hit it again. I remembered the way he looks at her, what does Dera have that I don't have...I wondered as more tears filled my eyes. The Punching bags were more than enemies they were threat to my life as I punched kicked, the more i became hurt... the more I punched. I kicked, screamed and punched tears going down my cheeks in torrents. "stop it!"I heard a voice and my hand was held. I turned to look at the face. . Bobo my heart skipped a beat. "You're bleeding.... Tiffany please stop hurting yourself....."He cried as he used his handkerchief to tie the wounds while looking into my eyes. I sobbed, burying my head on his shoulder, if getting hurt will make Bobo be so nice to me, then I won't mind getting hurt for the rest of my life.

Dennis p.o.v
I saw stars as the heavy slap greeted my face. Dad's hand was raised in fury as he stared at me in hatred while mom's mouth was opened In shock. "Dominic!"she screamed.

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. "Don't you dare call my name..  look at this thing you call a son.... the fool jumped out of a window and broke his arm for what stupid excuse if I may ask?"Dad yelled. I cussed under my breath then mom said"Please stop beating him... He's not an animal he's your son and if you use words.... it would be better... He's already hurt... beating him would worsen the wounds." Dad looked at mom and smiled"Go on give me lessons about my life.... I know I made a big mistake getting married to you..."Dad said when mom interrupted"Go on and bring that young girl you f*cked since she's a good mother"I closed my eyes as Dad's face turned red. He was about hitting mom when she ran and locked her room door. Before he could get to me I did the same. I need to call Dera and talk to her before Aji or Bobo will tell her anything against me...

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