Cold But Charming - Episode 29

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Merry Christmas  guys,,,
This episode is dedicated to all of my dearest readers.

One love ...

Steve pov:

With a sharp intake of breath,  I slid into the seat and rested my head back after clicking on the seat belt,
I watched as Andrew reversed and drove out like a man whose nemesis is about catching up with him...
His eyes flew towards me in alarm after getting to the express way ,
He let out a smooth wolf whistle as if he just escape jumping over a large pit full of hungry zombies ..

"man,  how did it go,  did you see Ann and caleb"

He winced as I jerked him with my elbow

"man what was that about" he groaned

I widened my eyes at full length

"you fled Andrew,  you left my life hanging and fled "

"sorry about that"... He smiled

"but man,  if you'd seen the scene,  you wouldn't tell me to wait,  God my leg almost touched the back of my head in the process of running .."

He send me another glance

"but you are such a man Steve I bet if I were to be the one inside that boot,  at the mere sound of his horrible laugh I would run out like a scared puppy probably to start looking for my mum or something, that man is horror, total horror man... "

I smile and shook my head...

."All you're good at is to f-ck with that big d**k of yours andrew,   you're so useless"

I inched further and jerked my hand at his zipper.
He laughed out loud, dragging my hands off his privates..

"common man I'm driving, told you I'm sorry, oh God" he made a painful noise all the while and adjusted his jean after jerking my hands off him ..

He catches his breath and arched his brows ..

"you are such a g*y Steve, told you am sorry"

"take the sorry for yourself andrew"

I straighten up slowly and adjusted on the seat

"so how did it go, did you see them" he asked curiously

"no I didn't,  there's no chance for that,  but I manage to get an evidence at least "

Damn!!!!,  Andrew let out a litany of curses few seconds after hearing the record...
"wao, this is well enough to get the bastard convicted, he is such a psycho, I can't believe his brother doesn't even know about this, but it's done man we are talking this right ahead to the police station.. "

I stared into space and rub on my jaw

"it's more than that Andrew,  I am to surrender to him tomorrow or else he's gonna kill both Caleb and Ann.....

"what!!!,  he paused for a moment and continue

"well it's simple we still have to get him arrested before he make any attempt.."

I felt a painful rise and fall in my chest as I sort further control trying to pull my thought away from so many lives hanging in danger,
I slanted my glance  back at Andrew whose face was now concentrated ahead ..

"he has bomb stored everywhere, he even threaten if I choose to bring the police along I should go ahead"

Andrew cursed lifting his right hand to his head...
"oh Noooooooo, what kind of a hell Is this man pulling at, he's totally mad, a crazy psycho, I can't believe he is such a bully...
so what are planning to do"

"he said something about some botton he's gonna press to activate and deactivate those bomb, I have to go back there tonight and search for it"

"you can't man," Andrew wailed
"it's too dangerous "

I angled my head sharply

"See Andrew I have no other choice, something in me just doesn't trust the bastard not to press the damn botton even after I turn up,
he doesn't mind to go down, so far every one else is going down with him,...
You know what just make sure you get the police all ready up there at exactly eight in the morning ..

He shuddered and spoke softly,  more in a girly manner,

"so you'll still traipse all the way back to that horrible man house in the dark,  all by yourself..

I smile and landed a soft blow on his lap...

"you are such a girl Andrew "

He roll his eyes and chuckled

"If its pertaining to that horror ...i accept.. Uhhhh, the man is such a freak "

The whole drive back to Lewis Inc was exactly an hour, thirty minutes all together after Andrew brought the idea of visiting Ann's parents whose family and siblings were all but feeling all too dreaded about her disappearance ,
The sight was momentarily sad, full of different pastors who came to visit.. Her dad was off to the police station,  while her mum could only weep hugging a much bigger bible to herself..
Neighbours were all frightened as they came in and out to share their condolences...
I had to call her mum to private and explain what's at hand,  I played the record to her,  then plead for her to calm her breath ...

"all will be fine Mrs Jude, we are on it already, all we need now is your supporting prayers, and  not those tears ma'am, so far am concern  Ann is alive, and I assure you, I'll bring her back safely to you"

Being a well educated woman,  she accepted all I told her and outstretched her hands, she hug me, extending more of her blessings as she led us out,

"may God be with you steven, thank you"  she called out and wave till we were out of sight ..

"so what next" Andrew expelled a breath after driving into Lewis parking deck
Few minutes of explaining all Andrew needed to prepare for my mission  took like forever, 

I tapped him on the head when I saw him glancing at a lady passing by

"andrew" i send him scornful glance

"man sorry,  but that chick is wao"

I bit my lips unbelievably ...

"is this a curse or what Andrew, your brothers life is at stake here"

A mischievous grin played on his lips,

"common man,  am only appreciating her "
"must you appreciate all ladies ,"

I throw my phone at him,

"just send the record already "

I got down and turned back to him after getting at  the final decision ..

"no glances at  road side chicks Andrew,  get yourself busy,  I'll meet you at the junction around 7:oclock tonight okay "..i pointed my finger at him

He nodded.... "done man,  see you there"

I blew out a breath and briefly close my eyes while I made my way in..
I ignored Cindy who now moves shakily towards me while I holla at most of my colleagues who were eagerly asking about Ann..

"thank God you guys are asking about Ann now" my amber gaze pointed towards them...

They spoke at random, 
"you guys are impossible " I smile
While we talked about Ann, and all possible improvement the police are taking .
Few minutes later I excused myself and flashed a deliberate provocative scowl at Cindy who was staring at me all the while.. .
I tossed my head the other side and hissed. 

I got a lot more to worry about than your stupid flirty attitude miss

I lambered my way into the hall and towards mr Lewis office..
I knocked twice,
"it's Steve sir"

Sam was fast to open the door as she flinged her tiny form into my strong arms  ...
It got me by surprise at first, I sighed and  smile as she let out a soft breath into my chest..
I counted her closer and buried my face in her hair as I pressed more of her  into my chest
She clung to me as vehemently as i did to her, breathing in her baby scent, this time she smells of lily mixture lavender...

“I'm glad you're fine steve ” she whispered,
"babe" I bit my lips as she lifted her hands to frame my face, her fingertips reveling the roughness of my jaw.

"what took you so long " she asked softly

"went on an errand babe,  we'll talk about that later okay "

I glanced up to meet with her mums everly smiling face whose eyes were now clouded with tears..
She eased it away while she hugged her arms around herself..
It's normal for her to cry,  Sam was just like a new transformation they never imagined possible .
I smile towards her and kissed Sam hairs ...

Sam eyes never left mine as she slowly closed the door behind her,
  The smile on her face spoke the international language of love as I stare into them..

Our love  glances was cut when Mr Lewis called out

"hey Steve, you are welcome, my baby is so worried about you," he send me a grin

I pull the ever smiling Sam closer to me and winked..

"you know what" he continued...

My eyes followed him as he crossed the room.. And now back to the table. He pulled his chair and eased into it..

"Nancy and I was just wondering how you manage to turn sam into an incredible young woman in less than two weeks , .... Heaven knows we've been trying and looking up for that change in years "

I laughed  and eased Sam to the seat beside me

"I didn't have to change her, she has always been that charming type sir "

He tipped up his chin as both husband and wife let out a laugh...

"well,  we know it's a little secret between you two, so whenever you guys feel it's high time you tell us,  we are always here,
At least our daughter is finally back to us,
so any news about Ann" he said while going through some files...

"not yet sir, but the police are making necessary progress,"

"I heard she met with my lawyer last night before she got missing probably asking him where she can get  a private investigator or something"

"what!!!" I narrow my glance and adjusted when their glances melted on my face including sam... I quickly squeezed up a smile and nodded..

"yes I heard that too"

I pressed my thumb to my lips while I rubbed on it slightly..
I got Ann into this mess,  I created it,  and would possibly find a solution to it ...
Gosh damn Erik, what the hell does that man want
We chatted a little ...few minutes we were cut off by Mrs Lewis exiting voice, 

"you know what Steve,  Sam has said a lot more than I imagined about you,
so why don't you guys go on a date, She said you haven't gone at all probably cause of work or something.."

I smile towards her and nodded
"yes ma'am "

"go go go love birds,  you can just take  the veyron outside,"
Mr lewis said throwing the car keys at me, I was fast to caught it ..

"woah I widened my eyes at Sam,  whose soft smile hit me like a blow

"emmm, sire, ma'am mind if she stays with me tonight"

Mrs Lewis smile melted, I stare up at her and form my lips into a thin line 

"am sorry ma'am ..... I...i.."
I stammered ...

"common go right ahead" Mrs Lewis let out a laugh

"we missed her but I can see she's more happier around you... " Mr Lewis said

Sam eyed her parents a defensive glance

"mom, dad no, that's not it..."

"just go with your man already,  and no pregnancy without marriage"
Mrs Lewis warned ...

Mr Lewis and I let out a laugh , while I gave a sideways glance at Sam who now sat with her arms folded, defiantly staring at her mum like a wolf who just met with its prey

I could tell she felt so embarrassed with what her mum had said

I stood  to get the bag we brought along, which was placed at the corner of the room
I glanced at my watch it's 3'o clock. Pm.
Damn time is running by,  the most important thing first is to get Sam to safety..i know that stupid man won't be sending his address until tomorrow guess I out smart him

I took Sam hand whose dazzling smile was blooming on her face, I winked at her and turn my gaze back to her parents
"we'll be leaving sir , ma'am "

"never not until I give my daughter a motherly hug" Mrs Lewis smiled while she moved towards sam
She rubbed a cycle against her shoulder before pulling her close...

"take care dear " her eye were filed with tears..

"I'll mum " Sam sniffled
She extended a steaming glance towards her father outstretched arms, as she also took it with longing heart ....
After the goodbye pleasantries
Sam mum offered to lead us out ,
as we now passed through the main hall.. I could feel the hairs in my body rose at eager stares of my colleagues, & the everly jealous look on Cindy face...

"what ever"..

Sam pov:

An hotel, 

I was quick to see the logo ...i send my glance sideways at the now frowning Steve, who pulled the car to slow and make a turn towards the parking deck...
He noticed my stare and send his everly tempting smile towards me..... His smile melted my heart ,
God ,
I thought I have so many questions logging in my heart to ask him but I couldn't...
I realise I was all but silent all the while as he led me in and moved towards the reception to book a room,,..
I watched him and admire the way he stood,  his manliness, his hair cut,  the way he carried those bags as if it weigh next to nothing.. Thought he was taking me to his parents house or something why here,  I smile at the corrupt thought in my mind and bit my lips...

My heart rose as he gestured me in, I stared at the big empty bed with pang of emotions,  pink ties covered the floor,  and those thick pillows placed on the comforters made the sight look so inviting and romantic...
I could only stare as he moved here and there to drop our things....
right there I realise my feelings for Steve was  like a wire, a kind of string attached to my inner cord
A stucked magnet whose force melt me in every possible way ,, 
I hate seeing him out of my sight even for just a minute..

I moved towards the bed and stare back at him he was only few feet away,  his intense protectiveness sending a tingle of awareness and desire rip through me..
"I brought you to safety, Sam, I don't want your uncle anywhere near you"
He said as if reading my mind

I noticed his jaws tightened as I stepped forward towards him.. He gasped when I grabbed his shirt and inched him further..
I felt his heavy breath on my cheek with all kinds of hunger that flares in his deep brown eyes

"Sam " he said softly
I tiptoed and dropped a kiss on his neck... A smile curved his mouth as he trace a finger along the edge of my face ...he bit his lips tucking my braids behind my ears.
My heart swelled with emotions as more need tingled in me..
He moved round searching me s-ductively , my heart rose as he trailed his strong hands from my back down to my hips..
A sound escaped me when he hugged me from behind, trailing hot kisses from my neck down my back.. .
"Sam "
He turn and stare back into my eyes...

"Sam we can always wait for this, maybe.... You know "

"shhhh" I pressed my finger on his lips...
"am twenty six Steve, guess I don't want to wait anymore.. I want you,"

He closed his eyes as I reached down to his zipper... My hands slide back to his shirt, with a racing heart,  I started unbuttoning each and pulling  them off right before gasping at his biceps and packs ..i trailed kisses on them stroking my hands on it, touching him, 
he hanged up his head up and sighed...
Guess he couldn't take it anymore...
He stopped me and lowered his head to fuse his mouth to mine ...
He deepened the kiss as he did nothing but made love to my lips
He stood silently and stare at me for a moment before pulling my blouse off....
"you are s*xy Sam", 

I blushed
"no i'm not Steve "....
His mouth parted as he tilted is head sideways...
"you are,  at least to me "
My heart rose as he move closer
I slide his hands off and stepped back to the wall glancing at him with love filled eyes..
I winked at him twisting my fingers with all flushed face ...
He smile and take a few step towards me..
He backed me and pressed me against the wall ..
"steve" I call out to him
He unhooked my bra and trailed kisses down my back, i sighed in contentment as his hands slid to my bre**st...

He led me towards the bed and stand staring at me while he took off his jean...
He lean to kiss me once more before he excused himself...

"I'll be right back babe "
I nodded towards him and smile...

I hugged the blanket to myself and stared sideways staring at the bathroom door eagerly...
I suddenly hear a bing from his phone...
I grabbed it and stared wide mouth after reading it... A message from Andrew ...i frown

He came back staring at my face and the phone in my hand...

"Sam give me my phone" he said taking it from me, and glancing through it...

"so you are planning on keeping  all this from me steve" I said in an irritating tone

"no babe, just that......"

"just that what" I shouted

"so the bastard is planning to do all this, yet you keep me in the dark... " I cried

"babe listen" he closed his eyes,  but I refuse to shut up, I continue nagging and slapping him with words...

"I can't sleep here and watch you go to that devils den, 
you can't just leave me here and go to your death Steve, 
I won't forgive myself,  I would rather die instead, 
I cried and continue slapping him with my fist...

I shuddered as he suddenly grabbed my arms and pull me closer...
He supported me still with tears in my eyes he pulled me closer and gently eased my hips down in between his laps..
I felt his hardned privates against me as he hugged me tight..

He kissed my back..
"sit right here and think of nothing but now Sam"
 He dropped my head to his shoulder and trail caresses all over me while he whispered more...

"think about now and nothing else.. We love each other only that matters right,, . Your uncle doesn't exist,  nothing existed  but us Sam.. "

I wanted to jerked him off but I can't... I wanted to cry at him not to go to my psycho uncle,  but I felt so weak,,

"am here,  nothing is gonna take you away from me... Okay "

I nodded lustfully...
He kissed my ears and whispers through it...

"nothing is gonna take your man away from you,  "
He pressed kisses down my arm

"nothing,  not even death" he continued
He trailed kisses back to my neck

"think about the love we have for each other babe,  only that matters"

He nibbled on my ears, while I cry out his name..

"am here with you sam, am always here, "

He carried me gently towards the bed, and crawl up on me....
He smile , staring at me for a moment before bending to lock his lips with mine .. Surely his trick worked perfectly ,
Cause as he gently made passionate love to me all I could think of was nothing ,  nothing else but him.....


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