Cold But Charming - Episode 23

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Steve pov:

The plane landed in portharcout exactly eleven in the morning, 
After clearing customs which meant holding Sam hands and walking past some guards.
The inside of the airport had been uncomfortably warm,  but the heat inside of me was nothing to write home about...
I couldn't think, couldn't communicate, the heat, the stench,
the ache, of how Sam uncle had wickedly set his plans,
Of course i had received another call earlier and I knew right after dropping the call that the worst has come.,,

He captured Ann, now someone else's...

All he wanted in return was my life, to take my life for the freedom of those two and many more...
I had to call my mum and those I knew were close to me but none was missing except Ann.. Who could the other person be , I was damn sure in his speech the other person was definitely a male...
Now I have just twentyfour hours to surrender or else they die, God
I dare not tell Sam, and I dare not show it on my face either,
I knew right inside the plane she had been scanning my face probably searching for some hidden fears or weakness.
But I showed none ,other than strength and courage,,
I told her all about Anna, a long time friend,  scaling through secondary and university days together, 
With luck also got a job in the Same company,
She was such a wonderful friend,
It had been precisely this fact that we had nothing physical together that had allow us become such close friends.
Seeing the doleful expression on sam face I knew she felt so sorry for her disappearance  ..
But If only she knew it was the doing of no other but her horrific uncle ....

I  hold her hands firmly to mine awaiting for an available taxi,
i couldn't help but feel the way she felt so soft and beautiful,,
I can't believe In the next twenty four hours I would be walking right to death leaving all the promises I made to her  unfulfilled ..
God I didn't know her uncle could be this brutal , he is indeed a terrorist , a tyrant , an animal
How I wish there's no such irony In all this cause this isn't just about me anymore but the lives of so much more if I refuse to go...
Now I understand why Sam had to hold the secret for so many years ...
I understand why she'd kept it rather than disclosed it  ...

Now the worst is here and am about paying the price
I just hope she would be fine if am gone

"hey taxi "
I gestured at a taxi which careened at a zoom forth towards us .

"lewis Inc please. . "

Sam caught my arms before I could open the door...

"Steve, what are you doing, thought we are heading to the police station "

I sensed how her jaw went slack with disappointment

"yes,  the police are already doing their jobs Sam,  but we have to get to the company first "

She nodded and entered and all I could think of was nothing but the last dreaded Call I received, I hold Sam hands and squeeze on them

Flash back :
What  the hell,  I  pick up my phone and swallow with so much difficulty
I stare at the private number like I just saw hell..

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. I side watch Sam who was busy searching the wears she would change into..
Gosh I drop the towel in my hand and lumbered out  ....after making sure the door was closed behind me.
I wheezed out placing the phone to my ears

"Hey lover boy "

"what the hell do you want horror"

His laugh was like a specially reserved one..  Advancing from a double tone to that of a demon,,

"nothing but your life son"

"am not your son, and I think you should go get your brain checked in the mental asylum, you are going mad"

This time his laugh was substantial,  critically horrific advancing from that the demon to the devil himself..

"your friends are with me steve,"

At the sound of that my whole body felt like I was on fire,  it was like i was having a bad dream,  and really wishing someone could wake me up right away, I cursed and shuddered with my shaky voice,
How could I have been so stupid not to realise he's definitely the one behind Ann disappearance ...

"don't you dare lay your hands on her Erik,"

"actually lover boy, have I ever told you how much I love challenges, well glad you know now ..i love the way you are challenging me Steve, and I really wish to see how far you can get...well your other friend walked into my trap himself, his Ill fate is really sweet huh don't you think Hahahahahah "

I rack my hands through my hairs and cursed more....

"who is the second person Erik "

"come find out yourself lover boy, you have just twenty four hours to prepare and say your goodbyes or else I slay them like ram, and send forth their pieces to you "

"f-ck you, if you think your threat would work on me Erik "

"that's if you don't want your loved one to die miserably Steve, If you get to portharcout,  I can see you and your little chick are getting prepared already,, go check  Desmond office, there is a tiny fuse at the right hand of his book shelf, it's a bomb, and it's been placed like that to each and everycorner of the company,  like wise his house...and lastly to your mums tiny bungalow..all I needed to do is to press my botton, and you understand what would happen next "

At the sound of that it was like am being drunk and disoriented my kneels nearly crumbled beneath me

"Gosh Erik ,please just ....."

"I told you to prepare for the worst lover boy, hahahahah A-ha haha,
this is the price you get ..
You know I hate people who doesn't heed to instructions,  I told that stupid girl not to tell anybody about me, she was all but doing perfectly well with my little secret until you came to her life lover boy... "

I gasp, struggling with every bit of my strength to hold back  tears,

"eeya you don't have to cry, it's not something hard to sacrifice for the life of many now,
All I just want in return is to take your life with my dear knife.. Nothing else, and if you choose to bring the police along, you are free to,  you know I still have nothing to loose,  all I needed to do is to press the button right in front of the police, and everyone is gone,
hope you know you can't get hundreds of people, out of that company in the next twenty four hours, your mum and sister are always home you know that quiet well ,  and most especially, Sam mum, and if you think,  you can still get them out, then your friends here are gone, and you would still give me no choice than to press the botton..."

I was terrified, I became incapacitated almost going into shock,  how could he have manage to plan everything so well, once I was able to communicate with my brain, I cough and all I heard next was his mounting temper which was so hot and striking ...

"are you taking it or not lover boy "

"wait, how would I be sure their life would be spared after you take mine,"

"am the type that keeps to promises lover boy, before I kill you all I have to do is press disconnected, and it's fine, the bomb won't be active anymore.. "

"okay I accept, please don't press the botton., don't hurt them please... what about the address, "

"i would sent that to you, "

The phone got disconnected before I could open my mouth, my stomach knotted,  the fear of dying almost squeeze the oxygen out of me,  my leg ache terribly, it was like i couldnt move for a minute or two until I heard the door clicked open,,


I swallow hard

Her name was a soft plea I sent to God right at the moment, a way of saying how I wanted to stay alive and love her,  how she needed to be needed,, and wanted to be loved
How I would be the most happiest man in the world the day she said yes. Her love, her body been what I would cherish if I have the opportunity to meet her in my next life,  I hope she would stay just fine if am gone, to watch her through the sky the greatest blessing of all.
And as I walk through the den of death  I hope she would live to forget me, and move on with her life, probably fulfilling what her parent wants with Caleb..
Oh God how much I love her...
How much I would miss her when am gone
Flash back ends.
She stare at my face and patted my laps, the soft tone of her voice shifted my gaze to her

"don't worry Steve,  your friend would be found... "

I nodded and smile, but the hell of it was I don't wanna leave this woman, i want to hold her and keep her right were she belong ..i want to stay alive and love her endlessly

"ofcourse she would be "
I hold her face up and stare at her love shaped lips..


" I love you so much sam "

You can't cry Steve, please you can't cry in front of her but dammit I couldn't help it, I blink back tears and
Lowered my head to her not caring whether the taxi man was watching or not,
I kissed and kissed the stuffing out of her..
She was my life,  my world.  The reason why I had to live and why I had to die, my one and only cold but charming boss.

She was my everything, on each and every blooming space of my heart  she spreads her daises, she awakened the my closed heart with each golden locks of her sparkling charms..
She was a woman any man would want, her love was a kind of music that sings to my heart and lingers like an enchantment ,,
She was like my lost but found ribs,  wishing to stand in the middle of earth and announce to the whole world how much I love her.

Pressing my lips more to her,  I carried her to my laps as more of my tears fall..
God I can't remember the last time I cry like this... Not even when my dad had died
She released her lips and wipe off my teary face,

"Steve what's wrong "
I rested my head back on the seat and drew her closer to my chest, I wasn't replying, the fear that my voice would betray me held me speechless ...
I stare at the taxi man who was also blinking back tears,,.

Why is he crying

And there thought I saw my dad..
My heart skipped as I blinked rapidly


My heart started racing as I call much louder now...


This is the shortest episodes in all

You know how I love joining two episodes in one guys.. Cause I so much  hate short episodes...

But I guess we should stop here for now.. And I think update has been a little constant.. I hope you guys sit back and enjoy the remaining few episode of cold but charming ..

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  • Vikiy picture
    u mean his DAD!!!!!!!!!! what! oh nooooooooo i dont even know if my tears will stop .. next one pls
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Hmmmmm this is getting tougher
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    @ Amina u can write but am feeling like crying where is Amma come and cry with me ??
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    This is very emotional Amina, you doing great dear
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Lol @oluwakemi.... funny you.. Thanks
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks guys @ benedicta, Vikky ,kemi and destiny,,, your comments are the best... Love u guys... Thanks
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    This is really emotional, I almost cry reading this episode, pls nothing should happen to Steve. Kudos
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Crying already, the only thing they need now is God's intervention
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks guys
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