Cold But Charming - Episode 25

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Steve pov:


My eyes were wide with confusion, how is this possible,
I side glances at Sam who quietly shifted her weight from my laps and stare at both my face and the taxi man face,
Ofcourse, any one would call him my dad cause of the striking resemblance..
I thought I was going mad,  my throat inches so bad as the taxi slowly pulls to stop..
I sat sprawled in my limb body,
this feeling as if the air had been sucked from my lungs ...

No he can't be real, he was only in my imagination,  he was just an illusion from my mind,  maybe I've started to see ghost right before dyeing..
Ever so slowly I push my palm against my chest to support my racing heart...
I couldn't think any more,  I was in panic ...

At the sound of my heart snapping in my chest I realise I might actually go into shock at any moment, I felt another moment of dizziness as
My vision become so blury,   i try opening and closing them so I could see clearly..
This time Sam calls to me quietly,  I glance sideways at her and frown, 
Her eyes was full of battling emotions as she gestured with her head

"there" she said softly

Then did I realise the back door was already  wide open and there stood a man in his early fifties.
I stare back at Sam fearfully..

"God he isn't my dad Sam, my dad is dead and buried, it can't be "

My face was tear stained as I sat there feeling so disrupted, I couldn't move,  I couldn't think,  it was like the whole world is going against me,  just me, 
I lick on my lower and upper lips repeatedly as I gulp back pains,

It can't be possible to start seeing ghost when am not even dead yet, i need to focus, it can't be.

I suddenly felt Sam hands on mine only to realise she was already standing outside.. I inhale deeply still unwilling to accept it.

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. I allow her pull my hands from and out of the car,
Now standing so tall in front of him, I couldn't believe my eyes...

His eyes were overcome with regrets and sadness which were too numerous to calculate... the veins on his face as he blink back tears,
  God he was real,  looking so old and skinny than I'd ever remember,  his hairs almost covered in Greys

"God it's you dad"

I moved towards him and shakily touch his face,
my heart still throbbing inside of me.. My mind was covered in thick dark clouds and my whole form felt as if it had been shred to ribbon...
I was trying to understand what he was thinking back then as well as his reason for deceiving us

"but dad why " I said softly..

"why "

I was trembling, fidgeting like I was just thrown in a cold weather of 290 C degree..
I couldn't do anything but cry as my knees gave out on me, I knelt hugging his  left leg while he patted my back as we both loose ourselves into the mass of desolation.

"I was a weakling Steve,  how I wish I was as strong as you are, I had to fake my death cause of people's constant humiliation of debts,
it took me long to realize I should have put those I love right ahead of my weakness, instead i wasn't man enough to face it, nothing is as good as staying physical to fight ones problems,
instead I choose to fake a death by leaving you guys,  I'm so sorry Steve... Please find a place in your heart to forgive me.. "

I could feel Sam heated hands as she pat my back,  it was then
I realise, dad was actually right,  there no need of getting angry at him...
I shouldn't blame him  cause I was about doing exactly the same stuff he did..
I wasn't intending to face my problems,  instead wanted to walk right to death by leaving the people i love...
This woman who's supposed to be the reason why I should live,  this woman who is looking up to me to protect her, I wanted to leave her, my family, my friends all because of a mere threat, dad was right..
I release him from my hold and sniffed, Cleaning  up my teary eyes i look straight to his brown eyes and smile
he is indeed my dad..

"I forgive you old man and I miss you so so much"

I clear up the tears on his face as we hugged once more

"thank you son, I miss you more,"

He clear his tone, and yeah i was fast to realise it was because he saw Sam ... I released him from my hold

"and who is this geogeous highlass, who is so spotless and fine son"

.. I wrap my hands around sam waist and drew her closer,
I glare sideways at her and smile,
  she was indeed a geogeous highlass,  she met my gaze and blush...

God I love this woman

"Dad, she is the woman who stole my heart, I love her so much, I could hardly breath "

Dad laughed, I can't help but smile too..

"Sam meet my dad, Mr G.G,
Gideon gold, and dad, meet my princess miss Samanthan Lewis,  her dad owns the company I work in"

Dad was smiling all the way as he drew the ever shying Sam closer and hugged her,

He released her and smile..

"you have my blessing dear,  you are so pretty"

"thank you sir, it's nice meeting you" Sam replied smiling

Sam pov:

Torrents of emotion shook through me,
Seeing Steve cry with his dad was the most emotional sight of all.
I nearly blink back tears myself

Now as I watch both father and son exchange conversation, relief flickers all over my face as I felt really happy that Steve was able to find his dad..
I stood just a few feet away,  watching Steve,  I realise he takes after his good looks from his dad,
I wonder how his mum and sister would look like,  the family must have such good looks,
So fine and elegant..

Few minutes later Steve holds on to my hand after exchanging goodbyes pleasantries with his dad, 
We took another taxi..

"why Is he not coming with us Steve "

"yeah,  I would pick him up at this spot tonight,  I think he's ready to face mum and my sister too,  I told him to go prepare"

I smile

"oh yeah".

We get back to the company with my dad and mum awaiting their open arms to me,
"hi sir,  hi ma" Steve said as we entered into my dads office...
I hugged my dad tightly
Now in my mums arms who was blinking back tears,  looking at me as though she wouldn't believe what she was seeing,  I was smiling at her,

"Sam my dear, oh God my daughter Is smiling "

I eyed her lifting up my brow, 

"what do you think mum,"

She laughed and hugged me more, I side watch steve who chatted a little with my dad about his missing secretary, he excused himself and was about moving towards the door when I stopped him...

"hey steve"

I move so close to him as our lips was just a mere inches apart, I spoke softly and felt the way Steve was looking at me surprisingly and side watching both my mum and dad..
I shifted his gaze to me, as he was now staring straight to my eyes...

" Steve, pick me up tonight okay,  I want to meet your other family,

Not caring whether my mum and dad were looking.. I hold on the collar of his shirt slightly and wrap my arms around to hug him,,

"okay I will"
I released my hold

"so were are you going now"

"to the police station,  any news about her I'll call you, make sure your phone is on"
I nodded
"okay "..

"dont kiss me Sam your parents are watching," he spoke quietly..
I smile and glance back at mum and dad whose mouth were wide open as they watch us..

"am walking Steve out,  I would be right back,  I squeezed a smile with the way they both nodded at the Same time,
I hold my hand with Steve, as we walk out the door
We were walking down the empty hall when a lady suddenly raced up to us...


I stepped in front of Steve before she could slam her tiny body to him..
She staggered and stop..

"Hi cindy"  Steve said..

She was blinking rapidly with her double long eye lashes,  she recognizes me instantly and bend..

"hi maam"

"hi" I turn and stare back at steve,

"I'll be expecting your call" I lean over and kissed him slightly..

"okay  babe",
I eyed her once more with the saying that....
Hope you know he's mine
I turn on my heel slowly and left for my dad office....
Seconds later my worst nightmare  surfaced,  when the door suddenly clicked open and there uncle Erik walked into the office with a sharp glittering knife on his hands..

"hello samanthan"
His smile was horror.. And right there my legs trembled so bad,  I feel like fainting...

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