Chioma - Episode 16

Only one night

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What about Ella? He asked and she gave him a murderous look,"was that jealousy?   I hate that lady. She says and David laughs, he could kiss the anger off her face. Why? I ask and she heaved a sigh   ......"She came here, called me names and thought she  could get your clothes, you know she has a crush on you....                David nodded,"my wife has brains, she's smart!" .                                                      .........she made me look like a tramp, so I decided  to make her pay, by not giving her your needed to see her dress, she wore to pick up your clothes, she looked like a harl*t. David laughs, Chioma's funny,very funny, its now he knew Ella had lied, his wife, the one beside him  wouldn't dare touch Ella, she was too soft to even kill a fly. He touch her hand and brought it to his face, she trembled and he knew she felt the spark he felt too.

Um...She started to say, but David held her chin..... "When you bit your lips like the way you were doing, it makes me want to kiss you....

Chioma looks down shyly, this was the David she always wanted, she's always dreamt about, she held his shirt and smiled at him" Then what's keeping you, make my first kiss real nice.

David needed no further encouragement, "her first kiss?" he had to make it good, he took her lips in his, first she was reluctant, then she gave in,kissing him back like a pro, she tasted like sweet, milky, he could swallow her tongue.


Chioma stare at him, after the kiss, that was amazing, she thought and frowned all of a sudden

Why are you frowning? David asked sounding worried, didn't he do better with the first kiss?

I was wondering if I had bad breath

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. Chioma said coyly and to make matters worst David chuckled and she felt the earth, to open and swallow  her up. He chuckled again, c*ressing her butts and that's when she realised she was straddling him, and he was cuddling me like a doll.

You taste like milk...

Chioma blushed, remembering the lollipops she had licked when she couldn't sleep, she put her head on his neck, he kissed her temple, he felt he  was floating,he watches as she buries herself in his chest. Once again he felt he was floating, but he decided to name the feeling "s*xy!".


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