Chioma - Episode 15

A stronger Chioma

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The words stung, tears wanted escaping but she cleaned them, David watch her like a hawk watching his prey.                             

"If he's waiting for my tears, then he should keep on waiting, tonight it won't fall...she thought wiping her eyes, David kept staring, then it all happen in a flash, he hugged her, she couldn't help anymore, she let the tears out. Chioma could be more like an adult, he had watch her battle with tears, she was brave.

I-im no wo-wo-woman of w*e....she stammers, David took her cheeks in both palms.....hush, baby, don't say another thing, you aren't a woman of w*e, I wasn't thinking right.....

She threw her hands over him, shutting him up . David felt so ashamed, he wasn't a guy who showed tempers, he knew his fathers trait couldn't be dismissed totally, but he had been able to take control with the help from his mother, she had taken him away from his father for proper upbringing, his sister refused to joined calling him a coward, that's why they can't get along.

Chioma pulled him back to life, his hand roamed the nightie, velvet and soft, he liked it, he held chiomas chin

Big baby, why can't you sleep? she smiled at him"..... There's something important you have to know about me

Okay, we would start by knowing why you drove my car, alright?

She nodded, getting a genuine smile from David, cute with her two ponytails .           Come with me! he coax leading her to the bed, she sat at the edge of the bed, so David lifted her and placed her in the middle of his bed.

Baby,why did you drive my car? she hesitated, before starting her story, of how she saw him on the floor and thought he was dead....

David laughed, why didn't he realise the funny side of her destruction

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. OK, what about Ogbono soup? Chioma  bit her lips in embarrassment, she wanted doing it again when David placed a finger in her mouth and she bit it, David groaned.  "Was that how she bit her lips? He thought making a mental note never to let her bit those lips like that.                                                   

     So sorry.....I'm no cook, I've never learnt...but I'll love to

You sure? David asked awed, he could have taken it easy on her it would have been easy for him too, he thought before saying "Then maybe I can enroll you in a cookery class." She shouted and hugged David, he felt lost, she had a shape worth dying for, but she sat back way too fast.

What about Ella?

And she gave him a murderous look "was that jealousy?"


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