Chioma - Episode 14

Change Of Mind

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Chiomas POV

"Don't cry, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry! The voice soothed Chioma, it feels good to hug him, she thinks, snuggling closer to More warmth, he noticed, cause he stiffen immediately, and when he hugged her again,the warmth was gone....feels like hugging my toy! Chioma said silently, she buries her head in his chest and sniffs, who knows maybe that was going to be her only hug from David.

I'll go to bed! She whispers staring at a dazed David, seems she had outsmarted him this time, he quickly released her.

O-okay,...of course, go to bed ,good night.

Chioma sighed.... He couldn't even wish me sweet dreams, argh he's so impossible....


She couldn't sleep, when she went to bed, David's drama and all, plus mercy's call, has her friend started saying her first word? She paced to and fro, in the room, until she got tired and sat down on the marble floor . Her room looks wonderful, it's like entering a cartoon world, you could watch cartoons by mere looking at her wall, from, mirror mirror, to Cinderella, barbie spongebob, Tom and Jerry, Bambi, Beauty and the...Eww, too much .

What's this? she asks herself as she got the magazine under her bed, it was cartoon but just different "a p*rn magazine" interested, she got engrossed in it she laughs at a picture and turns over a page

....get your arse, is that guy about to r*pe her? She reads interrupting herself. She never got to finish the magazine when she started thinking of the owner of the magazine

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. "I better return it, David won't like to see it with me. And that's how she found herself going to Davids room.

Davids POV

David woke up immediately, he felt someone was in his room, he switches on his light, to see Chioma twitching her mouth as if she has been caught doing bad which was almost true.

What is it? David asks, sitting up and plugging the fan cable, it was too hot, then he stands up, she blushes, David looks around him " why is she blushing? He wonders, she didn't stop or hide, then reality hit him "he was shirtless,with a good body"

I saw this in my room! She says shyly giving him a magazine, he looks at the cover photo and bit back a curse,

Its so kinky! she remarks blushing like never, David bit his lips,was this woman okay, yes, the magazine was his, but its not that important for him, he wasn't that p*rn lover any more, he had self control now than then, how is he going to escape this interrogation, he checks his time, 12am screamed back at him, anger blinded him, he couldn't believe, she came this late to his room to return a stupid magazine.

What the f*ck is your plan tonight, or rather this morning? Her blushes disappeared.    David tore the magazine.... Oh woman of w*e, did you just creep into my room to seduce me?.....


Seriously, this their fight have tire me, what do you think about this and next episode, Davids is temper Chioma is stupid

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