Beyond captivating - Episode 54

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Nigel POV:

Stars shook across my visions as the bullet slammed into me

I stumbled and staggered dizzily across my friends unexpected arms ...

"Nigel, Nigel" i heard the screams, i heard Lucas yell and roar ,,saw jack and tom horror face calling to me and Elliot blank expression of incredulity

A taste of blood filled my mouth as i coughed,

All too soon, i heard Celine screaming ...


the roaring of blood attacked my senses at the sound of her voice, the scent of cold air made my throat felt as dry as anything ...

"he is loosing blood"

i heard jack shouting in fear as Celine kneel hit on the floor crying with her hand on my teary face ...
What ever was happening around me went unheard as i watched the moisture of her tears spilled down the side of her face ...

"My love, don't leave me please"


I closed my eyes and for a moment i prayed God would take the love I felt for her and place it in the heart of another man, one who would cherish and loved her the way I have....

"I'm sorry Celine" I coughed more this time the blood was more of a vomit

"Lift him up" thousand of voice screamed ....
I heard sounds, sirens, murmurs and screams ...
i close my eyes and groan more in pain

"My love please, my love please" she panted

I stare at her beautiful face and smile ...

"I'm sorry Celine"


Authors view on Nigel Norman

He understood the reason that made him good, cause actually up to this point he was a good man,
Death had never been any big threat to him,, it held no terror, nor fear....
Although it was torture, but he had to take it all

And that was it ...he was a man with little to loose ...cause his world itself only consist of those he loved but yet find it hard to accept him ...

The life he lived up to this point had been devoid of quietness, loneliness, hurt and pains.....

but now that he knew,  joy, happiness  and most propounded of all love and attention, death came calling

He wasn't particularly sure to own up to the fact that he could take the bullet in for Lucas Tyson but his heart says he truly loved his brother,

it wasn't an emotion he was comfortable with at first but now he was glad he did the right thing ...

even if his dad had preferred for all to remain the way things were ....

he was able to perform a big brother role, he had surrender his life for his kid brother,

Now he was sure he could die for those he loved in an heartbeat,
His love Celine Evans, his kid brother Lucas tyson, his mother ...Mary Cooley, even his father Greg Tyson  now he had did just that ...
He had died for one of them

He had truly captivated the heart of the author to tears cause..until the last moment he sucked on his breath ...until the last moment Nigel closed his eyes....   he had experienced no regret, no sense of loss cause the fact was he did what he did for nothing but love ....

If any man trully deserved to stay alive it was non but Nigel Norman


Celine pov:

15minutes out of the wood and into town, nearly got my life crushing

I glanced ahead in tears friends were giving me reassurances but never am I listening ....
Nigel was my life now, if he dies then I die... The moment i glanced ahead with my blurry eye..I hit at Elliott's back with my fist ...

"Stop the car"

"Stop the car now" I screamed

"Celine calm down" he voiced out

guess when my fist wouldn't stop landing on his back he packed to the side way, both Silvia and Diana were trying to stop me but I was fast to jerk their hands away ..

"Leave me alone"

Hurriedly  I raced out breathless towards the ambulance which was called for a first aid treatment...

"Celine" my friends were calling me but never am I answering, the mere sight of Lucas and tom who carried him on the rolling gurney and followed hurriedly along with the paramedics and into the ambulance causes cold dread washing over me ....
Of course they had refused I followed the car he was in ...

Now Grasping the ambulance door like a mad woman...I hold on to it's handle  that I know might give me enough leverages to jump inside...
I glanced at Lucas and tom who came out with sweat dripping on their horror faces...

"Get out of my way"

"Celine stop" I felt Lucas arms wrapped around me, he was stopping me from going in for crying out loud, I struggled more while I shout with tears more like some one who has just been attacked with a zombie disease ...

"Leave me alone, I need to see my Nigel, he is my life don't you get it "

"Allow her please" a paramedics said,

He hadn't finished with his words when I pushed myself out of Lucas's grip....i raced forward and gbamm...
I was in ....
The door slammed shut and the  ambulance carresed through the express almost immediately

"Nigel"  I raced to his side and sat at the corner, he was looking pale and worned, his eyes was closed with an oxygen wrapped to his nose and angled at the back of his ear...

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. a breath tube to his throat and a dressing on his wound,

"You have to keep calm ma'am, all he needs now is prayer and not those tears okay" the  other paramedics who was holding his strong wrist said

"Okay mmmm" I nodded soberly and got the prayer going silently..., I watched in wonder as they inject different kind of stuffs on him to get him going before we get to the hospital, he wasn't moving nor do I feel much of his breath on the oxygen...

"Nigel, pls stay alive for me baby" my vision grew blurry then I realise I was crying again

"give me the injection, we need to steady his pulse" the other paramedics said to his partner

I watched as one of them stabbed injection inside of him...
slow drip of IV fluids was instantly passed to his veins as they closed his wound with more occlusive dressing to stop the bleeding ....

"His pulse" the other asked ...

"Same, he is not responding ,,"

"How is the drive "

"Ten more minutes, he is loosing blood"

"Apply pressure, How is it,".

The younger paramedics pushed repeatedly to his chest


"He didn't have much time left "

I stare at both of the paramedics charades to keep Nigel's going and there everything felt like a nightmare where you run and run but never gaining any ground cause the harder you try the slower you move ...

the sound of their voice went through the jet engine noise of blood cause the fact was what they were saying went unheeded as my tears fall with speed ..
I couldn't hold them ...
This wasn't happening, Nigel can't leave me

The moment the ambulance stopped and the door fling open....
doctors and few nurses raced out, I heard their sounds as the paramedics pushed out the rolling gurney

Time suddenly became wildly elastic cause
How my legs hit on the ground was a miracle, I ran after them as my lungs burn.... ears roaring, the speed of my heart choking me as it lodged in my throat ...
I jumped in between different reporters who were taking snaps of the atmosphere, hovering and buzzing, police sirens echoed, every where became lousy as the police shove the reporters aside but they were only goddamn Obstructor, nothing can stop me from reaching for my love 

"Celineeee" I heard my friends called, guess they got to the scene almost at the same time but never am I answering.....death take me instead, Nigel doesn't deserve to die, lord please
The moment we'd reached the ER (emergency room) I was abruptly shut out of process as the double glass door slammed closed ....

"Nigelllll," almost immediately i went down on my kneels and cry my heart out ....

"Don't leave me my love,, I can't live without you"

Silvia POV:

After pulling out of the reporters clutches, we left the guys outside, while we all make our way in

"Babes look at her" Anabel whispered

The sight of Celine on the floor crying like a two year old kid  was as though she had knew Nigel her whole life, non of us really understood her almost going crazy charade ...
Its normal to be worried about his survival...of course  she was his girlfriend

truly we all were worried cause he took the most bravest risk to save his friends life....that's what true friendship is all about ...if I was in his position I would have done the same for any of my friends but Celine shock and reaction to the incident was on the extreme...according to Lucas and the guys what they were able to tell us was both of them had been together for a while ...
But Celine had never for once made mention of nigel to any of us .....
What was happening ...
When the guys finally came in
Some of the them were sitting at the corner with their phone clung to their ears, some were pacing while Lucas had went ahead to take care of his administrative paperwork ...the news of the attacks and the incident was all over the news already.....all thanks to Lucas Tyson  .....

I stare at Celine again... The fact was
I was too numb to find answer to my curiosity but the girls and I couldn't stop our selves from putting each of our arms around her while she cried endlessly..the two must have really loved each other....the fact was Celine loved him with all of her heart, she was crazy about him...
And to my view, this kind of love and connection was a true love built with time ...
But why would she keep her relationship with him from us
All she kept saying was how amazing he was,
A quiet, cool guy, who would never shows his emotions through words, rather...he talk in parables that end up  leaving whomever it was finding him rather strange ....

And at a point, as if remembering stuffs about him she would burst out crying saying  she's gonna end her life if he dies but we kept stroking her hair and whispering reassurances...

I glanced up ahead as Lucas appeared in the door way.....the bruises on his cheek and some of his wound were being taken care of though but his eyes were dehydrated into something related to prunes...
He looked like a bum....
His shirt were rumpled and sweaty ....

Hands inside his pocket he moved towards his friends who looked depressed at whatever he had said to them ...guess there was still no news about. Nigel,

Color splashed across my cheek like a war paint when I saw him moving towards our direction ...
I tried all possible ways not to look at him but it seems impossible, he was too beautiful to be ignored
We locked eye all the while until he  took Celine hand gently and scooped her forward into his arms....

Wait when did they meet??!, is there something else I need to know here..??

I stare back at Anabel and the girls then swallow hard they knew I was angry, angry that he had to be the sole reason his friend end up in that condition,....but I would rather keep quiet and worried about Nigel instead or else am gonna say things I'll end up regretting,

I watched from the corner of my eye as he caressed Celine hair softly ...wait why is my heart pounding

"He will be okay, mmmm, Nigel is gonna live Celine, I don't want you crying please," he whispered

"Can I see him now?? Is he awake yet??" Celine raised her teary face

"Shhh" he caressed her hair while she cried more into his arms...

They stayed that way for a moment before joy stood up to reach for her ...she gave him a look that got him nodding

"We'll take her from here"  she said softly ....

He moisten his lower lips and glanced at my direction this time he stayed quietly and long enough which had definitely got my throat tightened...

"Silvia" I glanced up at his face, despite the plaster across his cheek, his sight was still as ravishing as ever,

He struggled and look down at his finger more like the way Jamie normally does if he wanted to apologize ...

"Your shoulder, you need to come with me, or it might get infected"

"Its fine ,  its a small cut "

He heaved a sigh...

"you are a stubborn woman Silvia" he took my hand ...I can't believe I followed him like a zombie still deciding to maintain my quiet state ....

Few minutes later...he came in right at time after my wound is being treated and neatly plastered ...

"Thank you nurse" he said to the nurse whose eyes was on him like a prey, gosh this nurse really needs a dimmak, what is she staring at??  ...

I shook my head and was about heading back out when he stopped me

"i will like to talk to you in private Silvia" 

I watched the muscles on his jaw and down to the exposed part of his chest before I pushed myself away from his frame ...

"After you" I gestured

He led me out to the breezy moonless night which looks exactly like a dungeon of shadows but the light reflecting out from the hospital makes it look Rich and nice   ..he cracked his tone and at the same moment silence hung like humidity in the air...thick and oppressive ,,
I keep watching...maintaining eye contact with him before he finally struggled with his voice ...

"am sorry Silvia, am sorry for being the cause of every thing,"


I gave him a fake smile and shook my head ...

"Your past sucks Lucas I mean, that's what guys like you always end up are sorry killed that innocent girl,

your friend was shot......
now he has just slim chances of surviving all because of your mess ....

you've destroyed the lives of many with your foolish past Lucas, how many more have you bullshitted to go for an ab*rtion huh, how many???"

When he wasn't answering I knew they were uncountable ...

"I can't believe this, why am i even asking you've slept with uncountable women, so you've gave countless of girls the same option"

"Silvia listen, they are not countless, just few"

"Few, come on Shut your mouth Lucas, what difference does it make you are nothing but a man wh*re"

I glanced down at his jean that shows the line of his dong ....

"That knows no shame, no single shame" I said through clenched teeth

When he realise my gaze was focused on it, he adjusted his jean

"I know Silvia, I know it has no shame but That was in the past, not any more, I swear "

I saunters away from him but he was fast to grab my arm...

"I don't want to get mad right now Lucas leave my arms" I scolded but he didn't

"I've accepted all of my mistakes, and am sorry Silvia, am truly a changed man" he said hurriedly

I stare back at him as tears brim on his eyes and his voice thickened ...
He squeezed my hands to his as if he might be able to pass his feelings to me through touch ...I looked off to the west and back at him, heaven knows after every thing I still love him so much, what if he had died tonight, what would be left of me...??? Now I understand celine, oh how I love him so much

"God knows I was sincerely sorry, you are now my one bright spot Silvia, not Matilda nor any woman could take your place, don't you get it, Silvia for crying out loud you are the best thing that had ever happened to me, you've changed me, am not that thug anymore, stay with me please..stay with me, don't leave me Silvia" 

He was about going on his kneels but i was fast to grab him

"Oh Lucas"

I moved forward and leaned my head on his broad chest...the moment I felt his strong arms wrapped around me, I couldn't hold the tears on my face...the Almighty terror Lucas Tyson was able to fall so weak because of me, I felt his emotions and love as he squeezed me into his hold...the memory of the times we spent together brought a smile to my face, I lifted my head and looked into his lovely beautiful eye balls ...A big ball of tears wadded more at the back of my throat as I whispered

"I won't leave you Lucas,  I promise I will stay with you I love you so much.."
"I love you too Silvia"

He looked down at my lips, he c*ressed it with his eyes ,then thumb, before he lowered his head and touched his mouth to it ...
Gosh this lips was mine, i own it now...I opened and  in steps he began to taste and suck and nimble  and with each strokes he took ...I grew weaker,
He smell of blood and sweat , I can't believe I found myself loving the ruggedness, I prefare the smell coming out of him now than any of his expensive perfume ..

Gosh this guy was fully male ...I dragged his tall and bigger form to my height as I suck along with him...
Not caring whether we were outside or the fact that people might be watching,
I slide my hands inside his shirt and stroke his strong chest and packs ,,
his tongue swept through mine as he devoured more on my lips hands were going down ,and down, and down ,on top of his belly button and down ,,, the moment my hand hit on his zipper, I was glad he didnt try to stop me  ...I felt the length of his arousal which i was sure was one quarter of it ...I just wanted to see,,..I was struggling my way on his zipper when he grabbed my hands

He tore his mouth from mine and managed breath lessly...


"let me feel the length lucas"

"We have to go in"

Dammit what kind of embarrassment is this, what's wrong with me... ??
I stared sideways and back at him

"Yea am sorry Lucas, I ....I...."

"Shhhh, this body in front of you is yours okay, nothing is gonna take it away ....we just need to take it slow mmmm"

I sniffled and smile

"Yea i understand"

...,,he hold my hand to his and led us back to the front, we were about going right in when his phone ringed ....

"Oh, that Nigel's"

He brought it out ...the momont he glanced at the name on it which says dad he muttered ...

"Nigel doesn't have a dad Silvia"

"Pick it up"

"No I won't it might be private"

"Pick it up Lucas"

He swallowed and press on the green botton....

"Put it on loud speaker"

he did just that then all of a sudden  his eyes went huge...

"Hello, Nigel is that you" the voice said more in a worried tone....

"he got into an accident right answer me who is on his phone," he said again

"Lucas are you okay" I whispered

When he wasnt replying just staring into space with his mouth slightly open I took the phone from him...

"Hello please Mr Nigel is unavailable for now"

"I don't wanna believe he was the one I saw online just now," the voice said in a shaky tone

"please, am his father, am calling from Australia, just tell those doctor to do whatever possible to save my son please "

I stare back at Lucas whose throat was working convulsively, thought he said Nigel doesn't have a dad

"Sir your son is gonna be fine"

"Save my son Pleaseee, I need to apologize "

That was the last thing he said before the phone got disconnected..
I stare at Lucas who took a step back wards and moved ahead to lean on the wall ....

"Lucas are you okay??"

Suddenly getting out of his shocked state he stare at me with a red eye and down to his hand

"That was my dad voice Silvia, I would recognise his voice anywhere"

Then it hit me, realisation struck me in the chest that got me gasping ...
So if the voice claim he is Nigel's father, that means, wait he is calling from Australia same exact location as Mr  Tyson....I don't wanna believe this

"We are not sure, am gonna use the true identity caller app"
I pressed on the tab hurriedly, then searched the number through the app, and there, the bold name of no other but MR GREG TYSON was seen.."

"I can't believe this Lucas" I raised the phone up at him, which got his mouth open repeatedly

"Nigel is, Nigel is"

"i think he is Your brother Lucas, "
The sight of tears falling from one of his eyes made me shook my head soberly...

"Lucas don't cry"

"How could dad do this to us, how could he keep this from us,"

He tried holding his tears but couldn't

"How could he deny nigel....???"

"Lucas, you can't say that, because you don't know......"

"I know dammit, I know ...Nigel never stop talking about him Silvia was more in parables so I never understood, now I do...why would he deny him of the family he'd always wished for huh "

"Why huh, Nigel's quietness and never ending mood came out of emotional issues Silvia, the doctors are saying he wasn't fighting it, they are saying he doesn't wanna live .....,"

he sobbed through clenched teeth

"Oh gosh lucas"

Almost hurriedly I pull him into me and wrapped my arms around him.

"Its gonna be fine Lucas, its gonna be fine" I patted his arms


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  • Alawode Suliyat picture
    Alawode Suliyat
    Wow Nigel is truly an hero I wish you fight for your life and happiness
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    Omo Ola
    Nigel, you've got to fight this for your love ones You've got to live... don't give up, man!
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    Obaapa Carolina
    very interesting storing
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    Ronke Adetula
    Nigel is a hero, he should not die. I felt for aunty Celine. I just wish you can be posting the update
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  • Omobola picture
    Yeah, Nigel fight for your life plsssssssss give it a second chance , you're gonna get all the love and happiness you had ever wanted.... thumb up to u ma!
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    Oke Olabisi
    i hope Nigel wont die and pls i want a love making scene btw lucas n syliva
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    Nice ? story. One of ur silent reader.
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    Ayomide Huntress
    Nigel would want to fit for his life if he hear that Mr Tyson wants to apologize, Lucas Is aware they are brothers and want to experience that relationship BTW them as siblings and that Celine will die if he dies.. That's Y I like Oyinbo doctor they ll sure find out wat can make him fit for his life so they can use that to resuscitate him.. Nigel pls fight for your life atleast cos of me u knw I love you #smirk# More pls Ami n Ami don't break my heart wit Nigel's death u knw I love u too Ami and Tankyu also more pls
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    Please make Nigel to live... I think he sure deserve it and be truly happy with his real family
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