Beyond captivating - Episode 53

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Nigel POV:

30minutes ago

My stomach got knotted immediately i dropped my phone.....i glanced around at the guys and girls as they talked and laughed, I didn't wanna believe what Mr Alan just told me,

No Lucas is upstairs, he just excuse himself a while ago , he couldn't just possibly go to someplace like that ....its not possible, he dare not do some thing stupid like that without telling us

"Right" I glanced at the faces whose gazes were all intent on mine only to realise i said the words out,

"Nigel are you okay" Celine walk up to me and sat gently on my laps...

"My love are you okay" she whispered  softly again

I was trying to give her an answer when my phone beeped

"what the fu-k" I shouted with an huge eye the moment I saw the address Mr Alan sent and below it was

"Lucas Tyson is already on his way sir., be fast with the cops"

"Nigel what's wrong" Celine soft voice whispered again ...
I glare at her in shock and the faces sending their questioning brows at me ...

"Man you okay "

"It was him guys, Zion isn't Zion but Phyllis, Whitney's, you all know Whitney right .... I didn't wanna believe this but its true, heaven its true "

My hands went straight to Celine waist when I realised the guys were trying to refrain on who Whitney was,

"I would be right back, I need to go check up on Lucas" I whisked Celine aside and raced upstairs...

"Holy mother of Christ " I shouted in fear when I saw the escape root he took ..the balcony, what kind of madness is this ...

"What the hell is happening Nigel" the guys demanded the moment I rushed back down stairs...they were all on their feet looking like pupils expecting a vital answers from their teacher

"Lucas is gone guys, Silvia was kidnapped so he went after her....he escaped through his balcony  "

"What!!!!" Celine and the girls shouted

"How does the Zion turning Phyllis has to do with all this, and who is Whitney" the guys asked

"Don't you get it Zion is Whitney's twin, the lady Lucas got impregnated back In high school..who later died Zion came as a disguise all this while he wanted revenge..

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. he's planning to kill Lucas tonight, we need to get the cops down there nowwwww"

Sweat was all over my face as I rushed to grab my phone ...

Celine and the girls were all over me asking different kind of questions and looking worried as ever ... But I ignore their female act and stare back at the guys

"Don't just stand there looking like zombies Prepare the cars" I shouted at the them ..
I watched as they hurriedly grabbed their car keys and raced outside with their girls ...
Now I was left with Celine whose worried face was searching mine ...
She was mine, so she had to stay...I was staring at her beautiful face when the call got connected

"Yes this is Nigel Norman, calling from the Tyson's mansion" my heart was throbbing like never before, I can't believe I had once thought about murdering Lucas ...he was my kid brother for crying out loud

...Celine eyes was locked on mine as I talked ...

"I thinks the address is some kinda deserted area located at the forth hill of the mountain"

"yes we've tracked it on our computer sire ,, we are already on our way there  now "

"Thanks,  hurry please"....

I disconnected the phone, and stare back at Celine ...

"how is it" she asked hurriedly

"the cops are on their way there,,, we have to go ..."

I took her hands and raced outside with her...

Silvia POV:

"Son of a b*tch "

I raced further and took a back fleet turn weaving at the attacks the guys was about sending towards me


"Cruaaaaaa" the moment my dimmak fist landed on one of their neck there he was, eyes widened in terror as he sucked in his breath with one of his hand holding on to his neck ....

"What the gonna kill this woman" hunter cursed out, and raced towards his gun  ....

"Gbimmm" we all watched as blade landed unconscious

"Get her hunter " Phyllis shouted in horror ...

"Back off woman" hunter pointed his guns at me and smirked...

My jaw clenched at sight of Phyllis pistol pushed with fury to Lucas's head at the sight of that blind fury rose up inside of me like a geyser

"Silvia stop fighting them" Lucas cried out ...I stare at his sweaty face and swallowed,

Of course Phyllis has a point to make on his revenge, for crying out loud he screwed his sister, left her at the time she needed him, gave her options like going for an abortion, who knows it was poison the young lady took ...he later paid her uncle to bury his crime he knew what he did what an huge crime, the pleading gaze on his beautiful bruised face says he doesn't wants to die,...
Your past sucks Lucas tyson, I so wanted to shout that at him, but couldn't

"I'll handle this" I gestured at him and stare back at hunter and Phyllis like a tiger ..

"Try anything stupid little woman, or am gonna blow your head off" tiger threatened

i felt my palms begin to tingle with a warm, prickly energy as I stood their staring  fearlessly at Hunter's ugly face and that of Phyllis whose guns was propped at both of mine and Lucas direction ..

I did not understand, as if something
foreign was invading my body. It was as if, for a fleeting instant,  i had become somebody bigger than
Myself, somebody much more powerful .....more of an alien like

"You weaklings, pointing your guns at me huh" I smile

I stare back at Phyllis and raised my finger ...

"As a karate, am very disappointed"

I ignored both of them and moved towards Lucas but was stopped at the loud voice of Phyllis who fixed his gun at me this time..

"Silvia don't make me pull the trigger"

I stare at him, his face was the same as the  dark mask he normally wore  ...but the anger shimmering on his eyes now was one burn of fury

"You heard that, an echo of the police siren ...." I turned my gaze only to see hunter suddenly panicked

"Am outta here boss" this time his eyes went huge with fear

"How dare you hunter, we are in the middle of this I paid you, we are going down in this together"
Phyllis shouted back at him still with his gun at my direction..

"Shut the f*ck up, don't you hear that sound"  he cursed at Phyllis then shot a gun that got the ceiling blowing out saw dust and slates of blocks before racing out into the moonless night ...

"You called the cops you bastard "

Phyllis was about attacking his whatever on Lucas but i was fast to haul him aside then giving him a kick that got him flying back ten inches on the ground and his gun thrown to the side of the yard

"F*ck you" he groaned

"Do you still wanna continue with your revenge huh  " I raised my brow as I walked slowly towards him

"Non of what you did to the guys freaked me Silvia," he cleared the blood on his lips ...

"nothing would stop me from killing Lucas Tyson" he winced and got to his feet

I watched as he tore his shirt in rage  and wipe off blood away from his chest, his eyes was as keen as a wolf as he tied his torn shirt to his bleeding kneel ...the mere sight of his strong arms and biceps as he squeezed energy out of it got my throat tightened ...the darkness and the redness beneath his eyes made me realise
The innocent young man then, the Phyllis back then was long gone with his dead sister

For a moment he only displayed his kung fu moves and ended up in tiger style mode

"Get me if you can" he said through clenched teeth ....

Authors POV:

Private investigator Alan spotted a man he recognized as one of the men named hunter running through the wood

"Stop there you bastard" Alan shouted

....he chased after him through the trees, but hunter turned and fired his pistol at him

Alan hide behind an oak and fired back

The bullet pinged an ever green beside him, but hunter skidded down the embarkment sending rocks scattering ...
The police siren was coming nearer this time ...
Alan vaulted forward to follow him, by the time he made it to the top of the embarkment the sound of car engine roared to life ....

Alan raced down pulling his trigger repeatedly to the tires but the car raced away ...

Dammit ,

He picked up his phone and called Nigel ...

"Yes Mr Alan we are almost there "

"One of them escaped, he took a root down the hill,"

"Done, the police should catch up with him before he escaped "

Silvia POV:

I watched him closely, waited until the last moment the charged towards me with his blow, I study his attack ...

with fast forward I  sidestepped, allowing the powerful blow to
come straight down beside me. In the same motion, i swung my fist  around and whacked him on the side of his shoulder...


He groaned as he stumbled sideways, his eyes was on me ... He stood there, stunned, annoyed, having to concede defeat.

"I don't wanna hurt you Phyllis ,,"

"F*ck you, yaaaaaaaa"

He charged at full speed again, as i knew he would, he raised his fist hard and high, and came straight
down, aiming for my face .....but I was fast to do a back fleet stunt ...

His moves was one i had anticipated, one i had seen him perform during those times we trained together ...

There i raced and leapt over his
head as he thrust, spinning and landing behind him before whacking his shoulder....


He cursed and raced ..this time he landed a kick that got me staggering back wards ,

"Silvia, stand baby, stand"
I wipe off my sweaty face at the sound of Lucas ...

The moment I saw Phyllis racing forth his double kung fu kick...

I rolled, ducked with speed  and landed a decisive blow, unexpectedly, with my left hand.

"Huh" he groaned in pain....
He stare at me for a moment and suddenly raced ahead to a tattered  room to grab two swords ...

He threw it at me

"Let see if you can use this"
Pity he never knew I was also trained as a part gymnast, part kungfu and part sword woman, "

I watched as he swing and clumsily foreshadowed the sword by the motion of his arms. The sword was heavy and  powerful, but he was able to twist it with speed

I could tell by the way he held his sword that he was more cautious than before ...
I took that as a challenge finally, he was beginning to take this seriously.

He charged
It was as if my instincts kicked in and took over for me.
I found myself to be much lighter and more nimble than the heavy sword in my hand ...this time we both swing the sword and fought for survival ...

He was really good in sword than kungfu cause the moment i hit him he swung the sword on my shoulder and splashed blood out of my arm


"My God Silvia," Lucas shouted struggling against the steel

At the sight of blood i cursed and swing  his sword away and  fought for speed.
The sword moved in my hand like an extension of me, i spun it so quickly that this time he had no time to
react, he was still in mid swing while i was already behind him. I hit him on the legs that got him staggering forward

"You Piece of sh*t" he cursed

He turned and came at me but i merely sidestepped and swung the sword up, striking his wrist and dislodging his sword from his grip. I then brought the other end around and cracked him on the head.


The siren sounded nearer this time, the fight was mine and he looked at me in shock, holding his forehead, his sword on the ground.

"Surrender your self Phyllis " I frowned at him

Phyllis looking, enraged, looked up at me instead of conceding defeat

he suddenly charged for me again, raising his sword and swinging.
It was a move i had not expected, and As he came for me  ..I realized there were not many moves left at my disposal with such short notice. I could not get out of the way in time.

I dove to the ground, rolled out of the way, and at the same time, spun around and struck him behind the knees, sweeping his legs out from under him.

He landed on his back in the dirty floor and groaned, his sword flying from his grip and immediately i gained my feet i stood over him, holding the tip of the sword down on his throat...

"Kill me already " he seethed

and at the same moment, my friends and the Lucas's came racing in ....

"Lucas " the guys surrounded him

"Silvia are you okay" my friends came racing towards me then hugged me tight ...

"Celine " I looked at her face and smile ....

"You are okay "

Celine nodded between tears and hugged me

"You are under arrest ,,Zion Maylor "
The police raced their guns at him..., two cops moved towards him and was about grabbing him
When he suddenly raced across the room....

The police raced after him but he was fast to picked up his piston and pull the trigger right at the Lucas whose friends already loosen the rope tied around him .......

What is he trying to do, it can't be, it can't be

"Nooooooooo" I shouted at the sight of that so also Nigel whose eyes went huge as Phyllis pressed on the trigger...

"What the......."

He pushed lucas aside, and their he sucked on his breath as the bullet went right  in .....

"Jesus Christ"

Nigel hold on to his wound and staggered in pain...

"Nigel, Nigel " Lucas and the guys shouted in horror as he stumbled on their arms

"Huh" he coughed out blood

And their We all watched as Celine cried out and raced towards him with tears on her face ....

"Nigellllllllllllllllllllllllll "


Guys eyaaa omo things are burning up,
What would happen to our aunty Celine now if our subordinate actor die...

Kai...will Nigel die or will he not???

Don't let your heart pound too much ,, the next epi is on typing ....

Don't forget to like, rate and comments ,, thanks lots of love ...

My silent readers ...

My hands are up ooo...

Ya gal dey holla

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    Hmn!! Nigel sud fight this oo cox we need him to make things right
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    Nigel don't die o....
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    Ronke Adetula
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    Abeg Amina, you have this power, pls don't let Nigel die, I know you can do this dear, thank you
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    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Cause of Nigel I hv to go to night vigil so I can pray for him not to die bcuz I somehow like him small for our haunty celine
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    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    So he must not die ooo in jesus holy name!!!.... It onto ur hand now Amina::. Much loves
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    Pls don't let him die
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    Pls fideh am on my knees begging you pls don't let die
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    Nigel shouldn't die abeg.... He's good and we love him. Don't make this story tragy-comedy pls
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    Pamela cube
    Nah Nigel ain't going anywhere....he can't die now
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Nah Nigel ain't going anywhere....he can't die now
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    Adeoti Akindele
    Nigel is with a heart of gold pls save him o we need him to enjoy as Tyson's son and Lucas brother, what a friend and brother. Bravo Amina
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    Obioma Esther
    Well done dear
  • Chi Emeasoba picture
    Chi Emeasoba
    U know if an actor dies in a movie d director ll pay for d movie as a young kid we always joked about it, "lol" now if Nigel dies Sweetheart I ll stop reading d story immediately"lol"weldone oh more grace to ur fingers
  • Chi Emeasoba picture
    Chi Emeasoba
    U know if an actor dies in a movie d director ll pay for d movie as a young kid we always joked about it, "lol" now if Nigel dies Sweetheart I ll stop reading d story immediately"lol " and I ll give my self a dim wak, weldone oh! more grace to ur fingers
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    Toyyibah Ajiboye
    NIGEL,must not die o AMINA odays i wont stop cryin.thumbs up my dear
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    Nigel, please don't die, thumbs up
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    Plz next episode am addicted to dis story already
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    My lovelies thanks for the comments ,, the next epi is out ....muah to you ...God bless you all for the comments ... It gave me enough inspiration to write on the next epi.........
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