Beyond captivating - Episode 44

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Nigel POV:

I watched as Celine was moved into the emergency ward and it just felt as if my  life was put on hold , My heart kept racing,, my whole body feels wet and clammy. I try to take deep breaths, but I can't seem to get air
My legs were shaking like hell yet I could do nothing but wait dammit ,, I was the cause of this ,, 
If it weren't for the damn jealousy and anger of sort , she wouldn't be here and heaven know,...I was losing it ,, 

I pull off my stained shirt and left the inner one while i continuously stroke my hair the fact was I was already going mad
What was I going to do without Celine ??
She was my life ,,??
She already dominated my world with her whole and heaven knows there is nothing I could about it , I just pray she is okay or am never gonna live to be me for the rest of my life ...
Few minutes of pacing and sitting uneasily ,, I jumped when I saw a nurse appeared at the door way ...
I raced towards her like a wild lion ....

"Nurse my girlfriend is she okay ,, the fair one , with a ......"

" She's doing fine"

"If she was I wouldn't be here nurse ,,she is bleeding "

" the doctors are with her,, that's why am here "
She gave me a note ,, 

"Those are the list of the things you need to go get for her "

I read the content of the note and immediately swipe a hand across my nose ...

" Where am I gonna get all this ," I struck my eyes out at her

She smile before looking up to me ,,

"Its no big deal sire ,, just walk up to a store any where around here ,, and you'll get all that's on the list okay ,, but before you leave , come with me , you need to feel some form"

Minutes later I raced out of the hospital before driving out like a mad man ..
Locating a store around wasn't so hard  anyway ,, 
After pulling into a safe corner
I walk in feeling nervous as ever... I glanced around only to realise all that was in the store was entirely feminine ..
Damn i managed a composure before greeting the store owner warmly 

"Hi ma'am "

"Welcome to de La cruze store , what can I do for you sire" a woman in his late fourties replied

I realise she was attending to some few females who were all but gasping at my direction ..
I glanced around,, the sight of sanitary pads arranged at a corner made me swallow ...I scratch my hair a bit before clearing my tone ...

"Pls ma'am I need some females....."

The other words jammed in my throat when I realise the ladies beside me were staring at me ,, probably waiting for what ever I wanted to say 
I met with some of their stares before smiling back at the store owner 

"Pls ma'am can I .....can I ...make the shopping myself "

"O yes sire"

She gestured at a girl at a corner who might likely be her daughter ,, young and beautiful,, probably around twenty

"Susy, get him a trolley and show him around please"

" alright mum" 

I stare at her and followed her to the direction she went ... 
After getting a trolley ,, I gave her the list of what I am to buy , she stare at me and smile ...

"Wao Your gal is really lucky mr ,"

I couldn't do any thing but smile ,,of course she is...
As she drop whatever i am to buy in the trolley I end up dropping triple or double

When we got the sanitary pads roll ,, she dropped two ,and there I dropped ten more ...

"Sire ,,isn't it too much ,, does she bleed much"

At the sound of that I coughed , how was I suppose to know,


"She might need them later " I manage to say

"No ,, fresh ones are best ,, five is enough instead of these twelve" I watch as she return them 

"Thanks" I smile at her ...

"You are welcome"

When we got to the underwear part ,, she smile at me ...
"Do you know her size sire"

"No ....yes ...noo..I mean yes..." I frown

"No or yes" she smile

I cleared my tone before saying rather shyly 


She picked one ,and raise it up at me ,, at that my eyes went huge..

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. I scratch my hair slightly at the faces staring at me ... My god what kind of embarrassment is this

"I....i....That's small" I manage to say with speed ...

I pointed at a lady who was staring at our direction , her hips is a bit wider than that...

she smile at me after glancing at the direction

"You are really selective Mr,, your girl friend must be really s*xy, she is suppose to use size 16 then "

I nodded , when she got to the direction

She dropped two and there I end up dropping fifteen  ...
She stare at me and smile ...

"Your type is rare sire,, doing this type of shopping for his girl "

I smile at her 

"I guess so"

"but Your face is really familiar sire,, "

"Oh really "


With all other purchases like dress, hair accessories ,creams,,and all ....
I packed them all in front of the store owner who was smiling at me as she packed it bit by bit after paying I took the bags five in each hand before walking out ,, i poof out a breath as my face finally hit on the fresh air...
Gosh if stares could choke I should have died in there ....


A hour later 

I shake hands with the doctor who introduces himself as Dr Ross

"Pls have your seat Mr Nigel"

"Thank you doctor ,,so how's she"

"Well , apart from the cut ,, bruises and abrasion ,, we notice she hits her head,, 
But we did all necessary test and it is confirmed that she suffered no internal bleeding or swelling ,, her skull is fine ,, just a little bump at the back of her head ,, and that's gonna go down in no time...
She's gonna stay here tonight ,, tomorrow we can grant her discharge

" alright doctor glad to hear that ,, can I see her now ..."

"Yes ,, but she's sleeping now ...if you promise not to wake her up "

"Alright doctor"
I stood up before shaking hands with him ...
My heart dive down in blood pressure spiked when I saw her laying with a drip fused to her hand,,, she looked so pale and hurt.....
I sat closer to her just watching her until the day gone by totally ,, 
When she finally wake up at night , I rushed to her side and caressed her face ...

"Celine am here now ,, "

"Forgive me Nigel" she cried ..

I cleared the tears on her face before kissing her lips slightly...

"You'll be fine okay, am never gonna leave you ever again"

"I love you" she said softly 

"I know" I c*ressed her face ...

After calling on a nurse who came in to attend to her ,, I fed her some stuff to eat ,, and throughout the night ,, every time she awakened to stare at the ceiling I would squeeze her hand and keep giving her reassurances .

Hours go by..
 the white in my eyes grew more rosy with sleeplessness ,, the night shift nurses were urging me to leave and get some rest but I refused 
"I can't leave her okay" I told them 

When a nurse came back in to fix her second drip ,  she let out a soft cry while I keep caressing her other hand and assuring her that she's gonna be fine ,, after the nurse left ...
I moved closer to her to caress her hand once more before she slept off ...
And there after I finally lay my head at the edge of the bed,, Mr Edwin's call came in ...
After giving me the shocking information on who was actually stalking Lucas ,, I decided to give Lucas a call instead and asking about his welfare ...

"It can't be him ,, it can't be ,, why would he wanna hurt Lucas" I whispered to myself immediately I dropped the call

Celine POV:

"How do you feel , miss Celine ?" The quiet voice pierced the aching fog which seems to surround me 

" much better ,, but I still hurt in the head " I mumbled 

"I'm not surprised" 
I stare at the front to see a bearded man in a white coat looking at me ,,it must be the doctor

"You really hit your head ,, but you are fine ,, just a bump at the back of your head ,, but its no issue"

My lips tremble 

"I thought I was dying "

"Good lord no " he said cheerfully 

"you are a very heathy young woman dear ,, your boyfriend is going with the process of the discharge ,  he'll be here soon, "

My boy friend , he meant Nigel ...
I was about parting my lips to talk when Nigel arrived , he was looking so pale ,, the lines of a strained mark was on his face ,, any one could tell he hadn't had a bit of sleep
He bent and kissed me on the fore head ...

"How are you feeling now my love" he looked down at me gravely 

"Much better thanks" ,, I watch as the doctor remove himself tactically from the room 

After closing the door the doctor left open Nigel moved towards the bed ,, sat down to stare at me for a moment  before moving closer to place his lips on mine..

I wrapped my arms around him before kissing him back ...

"You really had a raw deal between Lucas and I ,, we both nearly kill you Celine" he said immediately he released my lips

"No Nigel its not like that " I moved my head in agitation before wincing ...

"You are going to be fine " he said gently 

I nodded before clearing the tears on my face ...

"Why the tear again Celine"

"Nigel I ....I ...I have a confession to make "

"And what's that" he caressed my hands 

"I know after I make these confessions, you are gonna leave me , and okay with it you don't have to see me again ,, I have offended a lot of people especially those I love ,, and this is the rewards "

"No matter how worst it is ,, am never gonna leave you again Celine  ,, I promise"

"Okay " I sniffled 

I stare at him and immediately my heart felt as if its about ripping out of position 

"Non of my parent were in the states,, my two younger sisters , parents and I lives in Capetown Nigel ,, around Nantes estate"

He stare at me for a moment and smile..

" is that all"

I shook my head ...


"My friend Silvia , I betrayed her too ,, but I have not the heart to tell her cause she trusted me ,, 
Just because I wanted to meet with Lucas ,, I gave her to nate" I sniffled on my tears 

He frowned 

"Which nate "

"The same Nathan Elliot ....Nigel"

"He said if he end up dating Silvia,and having a good time with me  ,, am gonna meet with Lucas ,,"

He frowned at first I thought he's gonna choke me on the neck but he remained silent 

 "so I set them up after he had his way with me , truly Silvia fell in love with him ,, and i told him to promise not to betray my friend but I never knew he is a gold digger nigel ....nathan end up selling my friends innocence for his money"

"What was that suppose to mean Celine" he stare up at me with a red eye and right there I knew I already hurt him all over again

"Nate sold my friends innocence to non but Lucas, " I sobbed more

" what did you just say "

"What I meant is Silvia son ,, Jamie is Lucas's"

His eyes went huge....

"That boy father is Lucas"

I shook my head ... 

"Non of them knew about it " he asked

 I shook my head again

"At first I never wanted to tell her for my greed ,, but no matter how I think about it now ,, Silvia is gonna kill Lucas if she finds out he rapped her"

"Nigel please forgive me "

I watched as he dropped his elbow on his kneel before sliding his hands into his hair ...

"Celine how can you do such an huge thing and yet kept it secret" he scolded

"Nigel am sorry "

"You shouldn't be telling me that,, after you get better ,, we are going back to cape down "

"Nigel" my eyes went huge 

"Yes we are ,, Lucas and Silvia needs to know the truth okay" he struck his red eyes out at me 

Kai another wahala for Celine oooo...I hope she survive wetin dey come this time ooo

.......kai kai kia ....
We are about getting to the action part of the story ooo be prepared ...

Oya here comes our princess Matilda ....

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  • Stephanie picture
    Hmmm.... I can't wait to see what will happen next
  • Busayo Ilori picture
    Busayo Ilori
    Thanks love for this episode. Thank God Celine voiced out, I just pray Silvia will not kill her. Lol. Pls update soon
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Good for her,I don't pity her at all I only pity Silvia when she find out that the man she loves is the man she hate for raping her
  • Chinenye Maureen picture
    Chinenye Maureen
    Chai.... Am running out of patience oooo.... Amina, u deserve an award...more ink to ur Biro babe
  • Angel picture
    Pls can u leave Matilda out of this the drama is much already
  • Fagbire Omowunmi picture
    Fagbire Omowunmi
    Celine sin is just too much...... Bt Itz a good thing she is regretting all she did ...... Matilda should have plane crash and die jare ........ Those two have enough troubles to Deal with, Celine and the stalker.....,,, Amina Nice one from ya side jare
  • Eunice Ache picture
    Eunice Ache
    It's about to go down
  • Faith Benedeth picture
    Faith Benedeth
    I can't wait ooo
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    haaa...Amina,so u lied to me bah,wen I asked u if Elliot is the same Nathan,u said fact I don vex ooo...... ....But wait ooo,why can't Silvia recognize Elliot nau
  • picture
    Can't wait!!thumbs up darl
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @confy lol ehn don dey mix things up again .....our amiable taunter Elliot Christian Berry is different from the gold digger Nathan Ell now ...let me shorten it from now on so I won't confuse you again.. okay don't worry ...the yeye guy go soon show hin face.... it's possible for two or more person to bear the same name now I don't want you mixing things up again ooo.....thanks baby you
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    already posted another episode.... guys
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @stephanie love you dear thanks
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @busayo ... already uploaded another episode ...thanks dearie you
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @destiny please go keep plenty handkachief you guys are gonna cry for Lucas ....
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @maureen you ....thanks dearie ....
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @angel lol...just wanted you guys to meet another character to put in more fun ...Abi now .....thanks lovely
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @omowunmi lol person wey don arrive already ....plane crash no work ooo you dear
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @eunice ,,,serioisly ...thanks love
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @faith you dear ...thanks
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    @bella love you too ...thanks dearie
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    Seriously enjoying this story, it is good the way Celine confessed all her sins, that means she has really repented. Love you Aminat
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Hmmm,this will not be easy at all,i am Certainly ready for the main action.thumbs up amina.
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    wow thank God Celine voice out,i pity Siliva becos if She knows that She fell in Love with the person that rape her i dont know how She will take it, i also pity Lucas too
  • fatma picture
    I know it won't be easy, but I hope sylvia doesn't be too aggressive on Lucas.
  • Ruth Nkatha picture
    Ruth Nkatha
    This is sweet...good work you much @sylvia
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    oh...OK...Elliot Christian Berry...Elliot Nathan. ........This my head ehhhhh. you more Amina
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Karma is knocking at aunt Celine's door........been waiting for this!
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