Beyond captivating - Episode 42

Beyond captivating

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Author's POV:

"Nigel please I love you please "Celine said weakly with all tears filled eyes as her head bounced against the last step ...

As badly as she had hurt him , as angry as he'd been , Celine knew she deserved it if Nigel wasn't able to grant her the forgiveness she seeks  

Pain shot through her head and for a moment she saw double..
She cry so hard as she hold on to her head ...
It was a pain that shot through her brain causing the blood in it to boil like hell .... when her visions finally  cleared she crawled using the back of her hand to wipe off the blood  sliding out of her nose ...

Slowly the physical effort it cost her to stand caused her to tremble violently ,,she was all drenched in blood and looking exactly like a dumped being who had been abused by some savages ...
She really looked so pitiful,, scattered hair,,swollen eyes and her blouse already fallen off on one shoulder..
She was exactly like a blood dripping zombie

She staggered as she took a step ,she barely made it to the last step when her legs dislocated and there she is rolling off the step again , 
She cry out in pain as she hold on to her banging head ,, the sun was already up in the sky as it pierces through her eyes almost blinding her eye socket ...

"Please god" her voice trembled with the force of her tears

She was thirsty ,, she needed water so desperately but all she kept drinking was her own tears ,, 
If only she had done things the right way . . maybe she might just be meeting with the guys as her friends were just meeting with them today..

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. but her greediness caused her this humiliation ...

She crawled like a cripple towards  a corner as her blood followed her along , she realised her dress was socked also probably the stress forced her monthly period which was supposed to come in three days time out ,, she could do nothing but glanced at her self as her blood followed her to the corner ....
She rested her head on the last step as keeps crying silently while she call repeatedly to Nigel's name ...the sun burn on her cheek , her ear was as red as a pepper sauce ,,she looked exactly like a dumped begger
At a point she would glanced up at the closed door hoping Nigel would come out and rescue her but he didn't ...

She had never knew Nigel to be this mean surely she had really break his heart totally and he doesn't care if she die out here ...
Her bleeding ankle couldn't make her crawl on the step so she slammed her eyes closed for God to give her strength it was like her prayers was answered as she made all her possible effort to stand up ...

She staggered in pains and climbed up with her blood sliding off her legs ,, her legs and whole body ache terribly but she had no choice,, she needed Nigel to help her...

Her breath was already becoming heavy ,,she was weak and sick 
Her sight was nothing but unpleasant ...she reach for the nape of her blouse to blew the blood sliding out of her nose before taking another step.
She was about getting to the last upper step ...but it was such a tragic sight...
 cause when her legs dislocated this time..she back fleeted so hard  before hitting her head back on the bare floor ....

Her breathing jammed in her lungs
She screamed out Nigel's name as she cry out in pain...
She couldn't bear the pain anymore,
This pain was too much for her..
She had betrayed every one around her including her very best friend and the only man that had truly loved her and the reward for such is death ...
She would have appreciate if God just take ........her thought was cut shut when 
She heard the sounds of something hitting on the door , she heard the screams of her name , but her breath were faint now...

"Nigel" she said softly as her tears slide down the corner of her eyes

She stare back to the pure hot sky before closing her eyes ...
The pain on her head pierced like nothing she'd ever known 
Nigel was her heaven sent she knew that but pity she had misused the opportunity and the chance to be with him 
He was a type of man that should be described as love itself ,,...
Cause all he ever did was love her despite her one sided love for Lucas,
The man was nothing but good and kind,, gentle and caring throughout the whole time they'd been together..
Now she had made the mistakes and had paid dearly for it ...

She coughed repeatedly before spatting out blood.

"I love you so much Nigel" 

That was her last words as her head gently fell right against her shoulder...



Anger could be such an error feeling..after making us do this crazy stuff.. We end up regretting our actions 

Surely impotent rage that filled Nigel at the sight of Celine suddenly showing her face in front of him was so dark and over powering  ..

he had closed the door angrily even after seeing her roll brutally off the step....
The flash back on how she had call on to Lucas name when he was about making love to her made him raced for his keys ....put a lock on the door before throwing it angrily to wherever...
Jealousy had brought out the worst in him, he knew he had been crude to her ,,,wanting to shock her ,,punish her  for breaking his heart ,, but his peep at a corner window that shows the views of what might be happening outside made him scream at the sight of Celine rolling off the step once more  ...

Here he is pacing every where with tears on his face ...his sitting room was already scattered to the a extreme but it seems the keys just flew and disappeared into thin air ...he had watched Celine through the same window the whole time he was searching for this keys and all he did was cry out at the way she was ....

"God Celine,,, am finished ,,,keys ," the thunderous sound of his heart kept pounding unto his own ear.

Despite the air conditioner ,,sweats were brimming on his face and body as he open and scattered every where
He couldn't even calculate how long he has been searching for the keys ,,, but the sight of her already socked in blood was enough for him call out her name ...

"Celineeeee , please my love"
His kneels gave out of him as he slide his hand into his hair ...

"What have I done to you"
Fruitless searching could be the worst scenario ever  ,,he raced around to the back doors and hit on them so hard ,, but its been a while he had been to his villa,,his head was completely disjointed he couldn't even place where and where he kept the keys to the Back doors he thought of calling Rosa ,,
a woman who helped in taking care of the villa while he was away..
But when he remember Rosa wasn't always in Swaziland on weekend days he cried some more

"Damn it, " almost falling he raced back to the door like a mad man ,and began forcing his hands on the knob and kicking his legs on it ,,

"Celineee" he shouted

the heat shimmering out of his body produced this banging he'd never felt in his entire life.

The fact was he was already going crazy ,,he was going mad ,,,completely out of his head

he look exactly like someone whose oxygen is about leaving him and willingly going with the airs

He would never forgive himself if something bad happens to Celine ,, she was his life, his world ,, a woman his heart has ever beated for matter how long she had been lying to him,, no matter amount of truth he needs to know about her he was ready to take her back , he was ready to forgive her dammit 

With tears falling so miserably on his face he angrily kick on the damn door

He was doing this when he suddenly heard her scream out his name ,, his eyes went huge ,

with a double pounding heart he rushed to window to peep only to see her already laying flat on the floor as she winced in pain,he watched as the moisture of her tears spilled down the side of her face

"Celineeeeeeee,," he cried out her name, ran back to the door and began hitting continuously on it.

With his dear heart on his throat 
Nigel whirled around with his hands on his head ,he knelt on one kneel only to see the keys looking straight at him right ahead exactly beside his dinning room chair,,

"Jesus  Christ " he roared on his feet as if would be after some battalions of soldiers

With all the speed he possesses he flew 
Like spiderman almost breaking his neck ...he roll over his sitting room, crawl , kicked and jumped over some few pillows and chairs before frog jumping to his dinning room.,
Finally grabbing the keys he stood on his feet and ran like a wolf ,,,
He fell ,,stood up again and ran for the door gasping and panting for air  ....

Gosh the sight was really touching ,,it just feels so good to be in love

Finally opening the door Nigel stood at his entrance...only to see Celine's blood here and there , the sight of her looking so tattered and blood socked got him Summersaulting off the step .....

"Celineeeeeeeeeeee" he screamed

He picked her up into his arms 

"My love ,, can you hear me " he shook on her repeatedly ...
His eyes went huge when he saw blood sliding down her legs ,  

"Celine open your eyes am here now please Celine god ,, "
He dropped her and raced like a mad man inside to grab his phone and car keys ...

With teary face and trembling hands He put on the GPS of his phone to track the nearest hospital ,, glad it was just 50min away from his villa ,,,
With Celine's blood all over his body ,, he picked her up and race towards the car ,, 
Hurriedly he settled her at the back seat ,, speed over to the drive , cut on the engine before driving out in volcano speed ....

"Hold on my love ,, we'll be there soon"

He said before wiping his sweat off his fore head

"Nigel forgive me " Celine whispered  softly in pains ,, her head was banging as if its about blowing off ,, her breaths were weak and her heart beat was shaking 
She must have lost consciousness for a while  cause the next thing she knew was she was gone, she moved her head slightly..... where ever she was
Looks so blurry  ... perhaps maybe it was a passage to hell ...
Her heart swelled with love and regrets 
For the life and moment she and Nigel might have shared together ,, 
Now it was all over for her ...she was dying

With the thoughts of Nigel lingering in her pounding heart ,she felt weighted down with great sadness ,, she hadn't the strength to continue the will to live on ...
She prayed Nigel would forgive her ,, 

Thoughts of Silvia again crowded her pained head ..they'd always been so close ,, they were very best friends right from a tiny age ,,Silvia was her saviour but on the other hand she'd been her doom... She had betrayed her .....her death is gonna devastate her and for that she was truly sorry ,, 
She knew Nigel as one of the most kind hearted man that could ever existed in this world ,,but she'd broken his heart instead maybe her death wouldn't have much effect ...

If only She was able to confess all of her sins on a letter probably send it to her friends  ,, maybe the forgiveness she'd so seek would let her make it peacefully to the home of light.....
The home of the heavenly lord ...the home called paradise

But now it was too late ...either hell or paradise she wasn't sure 

It wasn't her fault at all...just that she was only being human..


Guys ....

I had to write this with speed ,, common any mistake no mind am ...

Have kept you guys waiting for too long  ,, conscience no let me rest ...

,,,,don't just cry while reading this epi oo biko ...let's just pray for our aunty celine...

 looking forward to your views...
Finally weekend expect more episode

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Thanks lots of love ,, 

. .

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  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    This episode is touching but nice Sha
  • Blessing Opeyemi picture
  • Akos Geyevu picture
    Akos Geyevu
    Don't know what to say
  • Eunice Ache picture
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    Celine don't die yet. She has realized her mistakes, ready to let go of her obsession for Lucas and embrace Nigel's love. Looking for more episodes from you Amina
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    uhhhhh...pls,don't let Celine die oooo nice episode dear...thumbs up
  • Chinenye Maureen picture
    Chinenye Maureen
    I pray Celine lives oooo, at least she has come to her senses.. It really feels good to be in love
  • Stacie Maitha picture
    Stacie Maitha
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Aunty Celine can't die now,not before Silvia gives her a dim mak...... Will definitely pray for her recovery!
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Celineeeeeeeeeeee!!! Pls don't die now u still v a lot to do atleast to tell Silvia who her son of a bitch bastard of a rapist is
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Kai I already posted another episode ...I hope they approve it soon oo...
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Thanks guys ,, am busy working on other epi ,, I can't reply to your comments now ,, but I hope they approve the next episode you all...
  • Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi picture
    Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi
    sorry celine, greediness causes you this pain, pity
  • Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi picture
    Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi
    sorry celine, greediness causes you this pain, pity
  • picture
    Chai!!!dis is too much 4 celine.kudos amina
  • Op. Amina picture
    Op. Amina
    Already posted another episode guys...hope they approve it sooner ...wao love you all for the comments..... Am working on all other epi....I won't be able to reply as at now ...thanks ...
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