Behind You - Episode 2

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We are in the kitchen preparing food for our visitors; they will arrive within one hour as they are coming by plane. I washed the plates, clean them and place them on the dining leaving mom to cook while Yasmin is in her room.


After one hour, we heard the doorbell; I made my way towards the door and opened it, revealing beautiful aunt Khadija and her husband.

"Assalamu Alaikum aunt Khadija"

"Assalamu Alaikum uncle" I greeted them. Aunt Khadija embraces me in a hug.

"How are you doing my daughter" she said smiling 

"Alhamdulillah aunt" I lead them towards the living . The moment mom saw each other with aunt they immediately embrace each other in a hug. I walked to the fridge to bring them cold drink to drink while chatting. After chatting for a while mom took them to the dining to eat, while I went up to call Yasmin.

"Assalamu Alaikum aunt Khadija" Yasmin greeted 

"Wa alaiki salaam, wow is this Yasmin" aunt Khadija said with too much surprised 

"Masha Allah, she's all grown up, how are you Yasmin"

"Am fine thank you" 


After lunch, we went back to our rooms leaving aunt them to talk. I received an email from my boss telling me to be in office tomorrow as early as possible.

After what felt like hours, I started drifting to sleep, when I felt Yasmin touching me.

"Sis Farah, mom said you should come down, aunt Khadija are leaving

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. I wore my hijab and went out.

"Take care my daughter, we will visit you guys again" aunt Khadija embrace me in a hug 

"OK aunt" we waved at them. After they left mom said she wants to talk to me, her expression is serious.

We are sited at the living room. I stared at her waiting for her to start talking.

"Farah I know you're an obedient girl, I hope what am about to tell you won't be a problem for you" I nodded my head I hope all is well.

"We were talking with Khadija, when she suggest something that I hundred perfect trust and agreed and I know you won't refuse" she held my hands.

"Tell me mama, Insha Allah if it's not prohibited by Islam, I will do it"

"They ask your hand in marriage for their son" I felt my head spinning what! Marriage?

"You know Farah, Khadija and her husband are good people and I know they will take care of you and their son too, I know him he's a good person, I told them I will talk to you first; I know you will be surprised but I want you to think about this. I will be happy to see my daughter getting married and that into a good family and someone we know"

"OK mom, I will think about it"

"Don't worry take your time" 

I stood up and quickly went up to my room. I sat down on my bed thinking should I accept this proposal or not. I don't even know him, but if that's what will make mom happy then I will accept this proposal. And I know they are nice people, I hope he's also nice like his parent. Ya Allah I hope the decision am about to make is right.

I went back to give my mama my answer she is sitting where I left her. I sat down beside her, its Better I say it now or I will Change my mind later.

"Mom I've thought about it, If this marriage is what will make both families happy then I will go for it. I accept this marriage" she hugged me.

"Oh my dear, you've made the right decision, am proud of you and I know your papa will also be proud of you. I will call Khadija and let her know" she stood up to make call.

Yasmin started jumping up and down hugging me.

"My sister is getting married, am so happy for you sis Farah" she kissed my cheeks. I just kept quite. Mom came back after making the call.

"Farah, I spoke to them, they are very happy about this news, and Jawad is coming back next week so they are coming together Insha Allah" so that's his name Jawad. 

"Your husband to be has a nice name; I know he's handsome as his name. I can't wait to meet him" she said giggling. 


I made my way to my boss office and knocked.

"Come in" he said 

"Good morning sir" I greeted 

"Morning Miss Farah" he said looking my direction. I pressed my lips in a thin line.

"Here are the files that need your signature sir" he took file from my hand.

"Go when am through I will let you know" he waved his hand 

"Okay Sir" I fake a smile. I went back to my desk and continue my work. I was in deep thought thinking about this marriage what if I made a wrong decision I was in so much thought that I didn't hear the telephone ringing.

"Yes sir" I spoke in a low voice 

"To my office" and he hung up. I quickly stood up and made my way to his office. I knocked 

"Come in" the way he speaks tells me he's angry, I brushed the thought away.


After the boss left angry, I hail a taxi and went home. I greeted mom and Yasmin that are watching TV. I was very exhausted I need hot shower I excused myself. I entered the toilet and took a hot bath, perform wudu and prayed ya Allah If this decision I make is right, ya Allah guide me through.

After praying I ate my diner and joined mom and Yasmin, we spent one hour in the living room watching one interesting movie. Yasmin has fallen asleep only me and mom.

"Mom let's leave this movie till tomorrow you must be sleepy"

"OK" I switched off the TV and woke up Yasmin and we went to our rooms.


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