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I can't believe am getting married today. I watched my reflection on the mirror I look different I was dressed in the Ash Abaya, my face decorated with makeup, with henna on my both hands. I touched the gold bangles on my hands Mom gave me that papa has been keeping it for my marriage. I look totally different . A small drop of tear roll down my cheeks I wish papa was alive. I love you papa, may your soul rest in perfect peace 

The door flung open revealing my beautiful Mom dressed in her beautiful purple Abaya. I wiped off the tear I don't want to spoil my mom's mood she's very happy about the marriage. She came towards me and sat beside me holding my hand, with a smile on her face.

"My daughter you look beautiful, I know if your papa was still alive he will be happy too" the tears I've been hiding escape me.

"No...Farah don't... It will ruin your makeup" mom said wiping off the tear with a tissue. I can't help it.

"I will miss you" she added.

"I will miss you too Mom" just then Yasmin came in clearing her throat.

"OK...enough with the cry cry, the guest are waiting for the bride" Yasmin said happily. I suddenly felt nervous

"Let me go, you come together with Yasmin" Mom said and she went out leaving us two.

"Sis Farah, you look so pretty, if jawad see's you he won't take his eyes off you" she chuckled if only what she said will be true.

We went downstairs, Yasmin holding me by my arm

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. My heart is suddenly beating faster. I heard the sound of people muttering 'masha Allah' my head is down although. I'm damn nervous. I sat beside Jawad who is looking very handsome, as I watch him my heart skip a bit because of the way he looks at me, I can't read the expression on his face.

"So let's start" the imam said bringing us out of our trance.

After signing the marriage certificate the imam pronounced us husband and wife. Now I will live with jawad for the rest of my life.


"Come on Farah, don't act like a kid, you're now a married woman" I held her tightly tear pouring down my cheeks like pool of water. I don't want to leave my Mom. She held my face and kissed my forehead.

"My baby don't cry, its not like you're living us forever, in fact I know Khadija will take care of you like her daughter. So I want you to stop crying" mom said fake frowning, I know she's holding back her tear she's just pretending.

After bidding farewell to my Mom and Yasmin We drove off, now am left with me and jawad only. I broke into another sob remembering how I left my family. Before we left I saw a drop of tears on Mom face I know she's holding it in. As for Yasmin we cried in each others arms not wanting to let go. I'm going to miss my family.

Throughout the drive Jawad didn't even glance at my direction. I know he's also being forced but he should at least show some respect. I wiped away the tears it’s of no use now.


As we enter the massive mansion we were greeted by the family, Aunt Khadija embraces me in a motherly hug.

"You look beautiful Farah" aunt said touching my cheeks 

"Thank you" I muttered.

After passing through all the welcoming things from jawad family, I was taken to my room no our room.

My eyes linger at the big king size bed now I will be sharing room with jawad and that the same bed, just me and him. The thought made shiver ran down my spine.

I sat quietly on the bed thinking of what to do next, since the time we came I didn't see jawad again God knows where he went off to.

I was deep in my thought when I heard sound of footsteps, I held my beating heart. He marched to the closet and took out some blanket what is he using the blanket for? My inner mind asked. He dropped it on the floor.

"You should sleep on the couch because I don't share my bed" he said emotionless. What is this suppose to mean.  I was just about to speak when he cut me off.

"And before you ask any further question let me make something clear for you, this marriage is absolutely nothing to me"

"Infact I agreed to this marriage because of my reason, so don't give your hopes high about this marriage" he spitted. I felt my body went weak.

He took some clothe and head to the bathroom, just when he was about to enter he stopped.

"Oh and make sure this conversation stays between me and you" and with that he enter the bathroom closing the doors.

My body went completely weak, I don't know what to think, a painful tear escape me ya Allah what has just happened, it was suppose to be my wedding night filled with happiness but it seems what am thinking is wrong. Ya Allah guide me through.


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