Behind You


FARAH RASHAD a 23-year old beautiful, calm and obedient lady. Her family is her first priority, her life takes a turn when she is to marry JAWAD ABDALLAH 

JAWAD ABDALLAH is an arrogant billionaire. He doesn't give damn about marraige, he doesn't even believe in love for him love is a weakness. 

What will happen when these two are tied in a loveless marriage.

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    • Behind You - Episode 1

    • Farah" "Farah"   I clung the blanket more on my body, continuing to sleep. "Farah... Mom said you should come down for b...
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    • Behind You - Episode 2

    • Farah We are in the kitchen preparing food for our visitors; they will arrive within one hour as they are coming by plane. I washed the plates, clean them and place them ...
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    • Behind You - Episode 3

    • The cool breeze cascaded through the streets making me increase my speed. As I reached home I closed the door behind me. "Mom am back" I shouted. Mom is busy in...
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    • Behind You - Episode 4

    • JAWAD I can't believe am getting married and that to some low-class girl. I just came back from Netherlands happy that finally I will be taking over the company but i...
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    • Behind You - Episode 5

    • Farah. It’s almost a week now since my encounter with jawad I didn't hear from him, his mom used to call mom so we get in touch Preparation for the we...
      • Views (860)
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    • Behind You - Episode 6

    • Farah. Why should I call back, if what he wants to say is important he will call back. I was busy in my thought when I heard the ping of my phone. Text message ...
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    • Behind You - Episode 7

    • Farah. I can't believe am getting married today. I watched my reflection on the mirror I look different I was dressed in the Ash Abaya, my face decorated with makeup,...
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    • Behind You - Episode 8

    • Farah I woke with a neck pain due to uncomfortable position I slept yesterday. I checked the time on my phone 7:00am Subhanallah! I miss fajr prayer.  I st...
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    • Behind You - Episode 9

    • Farah "What the hell are you doing here" he shouted, one look at him and you'll know he's very angry ready to explode. "I...I...was"...
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    • Behind You - Episode 10

    • Farah It's been a week since our marriage but nothing changed between us. First he leaves without eating breakfast and come back late, eat his dinner change his cloth...
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    • Behind You - Episode 11

    • Farah The ray of sun woke me up from my deep slumber; i slept in the same place jawad left me yesterday. The room was quite only the sound of birds chirping. I ...
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    • Behind You - Episode 12

    • Farah. One week later I was sitting on my desk, working on piles of files Mr jawad dumped on me. The day i resumed work, I've been working like ...
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    • Behind You - Episode 13

    • Farah By the time i went back to the office, i asked precious to give him the file as am not ready to face him. When I told her about the resignation she was angry at Jaw...
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    • Behind You - Episode 14

    • Farah  The morning rays of sunshine erupt through the window making me walk towards the window to take in the bright sunshine. I stood like that for 20mins before i ...
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    • Behind You - Episode 15

    • Farah "What!" i watched him as if he's grown two heads. His face didn't show any form of joke. "Why must we act as couples in love, let's act n...
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    • Behind You - Episode 16

    • "Nah... You know i can't wear this, it's too revealing" "Come on Farah, you have to look sexy for jawad" she chimed. Only if she kne...
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    • Behind You - Episode 17

    • Farah Morning came and i instantly dress up finding the bed empty, jawad must be in office. Going downstairs i met with Myrah, a plate of scrambled egg in her f...
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    • Behind You - Episode 18

    • Farah "What did you just said?"  I couldn't believe what he just uttered "Did you hate me that much?." I asked him watchi...
      • Views (548)
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    • Behind You - Episode 19

    • Farah  It took me some minutes to register what just happened. Staring at my plate, i suddenly lost my appetite, i checked the ticket and the location is Dubai. I al...
      • Views (441)
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