Behind You - Episode 1

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 I clung the blanket more on my body, continuing to sleep.

"Farah... Mom said you should come down for breakfast" I heard my sister Yasmin shouting ya Allah.

I groan and took my phone from the nightstand and checked the time, subhanallah 7:30 am almost late for work.

"Coming" I shouted.

I quickly ran to the bathroom and took my bath, I wrap a towel around my body and a small towel tied on my head. I changed into a black Abaya, and dried my hair with a hand dryer, then applied a little powder and lipstick . Since am not a makeup person. Lastly I wore my hijab covering my head to shoulder, grab my handbag and quickly went down to eat breakfast.

"Farah. I sent Yasmin to call you what took you long?" Moms said I sat down and took two slice of bread and prepare my tea.

"Mom I drifted off" I ushered back.

"Okay" after am done, I kissed her cheeks and Yasmin's 

"Take care of yourself Farah"

"Insha Allah mom, bye Yasmin"

"Bye sis"

I love my mom more than anything, she's always there for us whenever we are in need, our papa passed away when Yasmin was 2year old, our mom took care of us. I love my family; I will do anything just to keep them happy.


I made my way towards my desk and greeted my colleague.

"Morning precious" 

"Where have you being, the boss is been looking for you, I tried calling you, but you're not picking up" she said 

"Sorry, my phone is in silent mode" she nodded 

"Go meet him, before he throws a tantrum"

"Of course he will" since the important file he needs is with me and am not present

I knocked on the office door, no response, I knocked again same, I sigh before I knocked for the third time, and he spoke

"Come in" I rolled my eyes

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. He's busy checking some paper, he didn't even glance my direction. I croaked a smile

"Good morning sir" I spoke politely.

"What's good about the morning" I stood for like forever, before he speaks again.

"Call this number and schedule a meeting with him" I took the note from his hands 

"Anything Sir?" I asked. He just wave his hands indicating me to leave, I went out of his office and. Closed the door behind me.

I went back to my desk and did as I was told.

"I hope the boss didn't snap at you" precious ask. I just shrugged. 

After working for the day, I was exhausted; I was packing my things, preparing to go home. I asked the boss if he need anything as the secretary the boss has to leave first before me. And he said he doesn't need anything but warns me to always be at work on time.


"Assalamu Alaikum" I muttered as I opened the front door.

"Wa alaiki salaam" Yasmin answered.

"Welcome back sis Farah" Yasmin said hugging me.

I sat down on the sofa and my leg on the center table.

"Where is mom" I asked Yasmin who is busy playing game with her phone.

"She's in the kitchen" I walked to the kitchen and greeted my mom and then went up to my room to freshen up, together with ablution and perform salatul magrib and did my dua ya Allah protect me and my family from all evil.


After am through with my prayers, I went down to eat my dinner. The aroma of food spread all over the living room, I trekked to the kitchen and hug my from behind.

"What's the delicious you're cooking mom" I asked her.

"Rice and porridge" she smiled touching my cheek with her clean hands.

"Hmm...I can smell the aroma" I took a spoon and taste the porridge delicious. My mom's food is the best; you can never eat her food without wanting more.

"Okay go wait on the dining, food will be done in a few minutes" she tells me stirring the porridge.

"Okay mama" I kissed her cheeks and walked back to the dining and sat next to Yasmin.

"How's school my little sister" I asked her pinching her chin. She winces in pain.

"Sis Farah must you pinch my chin, school is just fine" she started gisting about college because it's her first day.

"Masha Allah Yasmin, papa will be proud of you. Keep it up" just then mom placed the food on the dinning.

"Let me serve" Yasmin said and she serve everyone. We prayed before eating Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving us food and shelter.


After eating, we sat down in the living room chatting and remembering our good memories. The telephone started ringing and mom went for it, living us too chatting.

"Assalamu Alaikum" I heard mom saying. She shouted in a low voice.

"Khadija! It’s been a long time, how are you doing" 

"Tomorrow? OK Insha Allah, we will be expecting you" and she hung up.

Aunt Khadija is mom's closest friend, they did the same school. From then on words they became good friends. Aunt Khadija husband is also papa good friends, even after papa death, they still didn't break the relationship until they left the city and we lost contact. Uncle Abdallah, aunt Khadija husband has a big company, Abdallah enterprise where am currently working now. They transport goods to different countries.

We heard from mom that they have one son, who we never met before, he's living in Netherland.

"Girls, Aunt Khadija and her husband are coming tomorrow" mom told us smiling. Yasmin started jumping up and down.

"Insha Allah" I answered 

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    Nice one
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    YO DE
    But what kinda meal is rice and porridge lolll
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    There is this type of food i don't know the name in English but you cook it in form of porridge. So they're eating both rice and porridge.
  • Zeelex picture
    There is this type of food i don't know the name in English but you cook it in form of porridge. So they're eating both rice and porridge.
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    Pamela cube
    Hmm interesting....
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