Behind You - Episode 6

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Why should I call back, if what he wants to say is important he will call back.

I was busy in my thought when I heard the ping of my phone. Text message from jawad.

Jawad: Mom is picking you up tomorrow to shop for the wedding dress.  The way he wrote the wedding dress with exclamation mark made me think likewise.

Farah: okay I replied back. I kept my phone on the nightstand making sure it's in silent mode and lay on my bed, before I know it sleep took over me.


I was sited at my desk working on some file that needed to be print out . I heard the landline phone ringing.

"Hello" I answered politely.

"Where are the files I asked you to bring" my Boss speak in a low tone, the way he speaks tell me he's about to lose his temper temper my foot.

"I'm sorry sir, I will bring it right aw..." he didn't even let me finish and he hang up what's this suppose to mean. We are not even married but he's showing his true self. Ya Allah help me! I prayed.

I took the file from my desk drawer and quickly made my way to his office. I knocked on the door, I heard him say 'come in'

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. Before entering I mouthed hasbunallahu wa ni'imal wakil and breath in and out to keep me calm. I opened the door and entered.

"Here are the files sir" I said in a low voice, I kept the files on his desk after I notice he didn't even glanced at me. I was just about to leave when he finally opened his mouth.

"Mom is coming by 2 O'Clock, you can leave early" he turned his face and our eyes met. Subhanallah I quickly avert my gaze. 

"Okay” I answered. I left his office hurriedly closing the door behind me.

I don't know why Aunt Khadija did not call me herself.

I checked my phone and its 1:00 o'clock I have one hour to get back home and get ready; I don't want to keep Aunt Khadija waiting. I packed my stuffs biding precious goodbye and left.

As I reached home, I greeted my mom by kissing her in the cheeks.

"Farah what time is Aunt Khadija picking you up" she asked.

"She's coming by 2:00 o'clock" I shouted, I was already halfway to my room.

I took a warm shower, it has become my habit whenever I came back from work the first thing I do is to take a shower. I perform my wudhu and prayed salatul Zuhr.

I wore a polka dot Abaya; I tied my hair in a bun and place on my black scarf. I took my phone and my purse and rushed down. I checked the time 5 mins to 2 o'clock she will be here anytime now. I didn't finish with what am doing when we heard the doorbell.

"It must be Khadija" Mom said while peeling Apples.

"Yes, I will get the door" I walked toward the door; I opened it revealing a beautiful Aunt Khadija, A beautiful floral scarf wrapped on her hair.

"Assalamu Alaikum Aunt Khadija" I greeted her.

"Wa alaiki Salam Farah" she embrace me in hug, aunt Khadija is a kind hearted woman. The moment they saw each other with mom, their face lit up with happiness. They embraced each other in a hug. After chatting for a while about the wedding preparation we decide to leave.

"Okay Farah, let's get going the driver is waiting outside" she said.

"Take care, I know if Yasmin comes back she will throw a tantrum that you didn't take her with you" Mom interjected. We both laugh.

Our car stopped at a big shop, we entered the shop, and I kept my mouth open seeing how the shop is filled with beautiful wedding dresses. A lady approach us.

"Assalamu Alaikum Mrs Abdallah" the lady said oh she know her.

"Wa alaikum Salam Fadila, we are here for the dresses" 

"Okay Ma. Follow me" the lady called Fadila said. We followed her to a room where VIP is written bold on the top. 

Fadila brought many dresses I can't even count them.

"Farah try these one let's see which one will fit" Aunt Khadija said.

I almost tried all the clothes before we get the ones that fit.

"Let's choose this for the Walima" Aunt said.

An ash Abaya with emerald stones design at the front while the back has a small bow tie around the waist area.

"Masha Allah this will fit perfectly" fadila chirped in.

"We will take those fadila" aunt said.

After going around shopping at numerous shops we decided to feed our stomach and we stopped at a restaurant.  Aunt said we should order take out, the moment we went back to the car I started digging in, I totally forgot my mother-in-law that is sitting beside me because I was very hungry food is life. You can't do without food.

Around 6:00 we finally drove back to my house the driver helped me with the bags, I bid aunt Khadija goodbye. 

"Goodnight Farah"

"Goodnight Aunt".

I entered the house spotting my mom sitting in the living room with a cup on hand while Yasmin is sitting beside her.

"Mom am back" I said 

"Welcome back, Yasmin go and help your sister with the bags" the way Yasmin was frowning her face tells me she's angry we didn't take her along. 

"I can't wait for the day sis Farah, I less than five day you will be married" it’s very easy to calm Yasmin I changed her mood from frowning to smiling I will surely miss my little sister. Just the thought of living my house made my body weak.

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