Behind You - Episode 3

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The cool breeze cascaded through the streets making me increase my speed. As I reached home I closed the door behind me.

"Mom am back" I shouted. Mom is busy in the kitchen preparing food as today my soon-to-be husbands are coming, to be honest am nervous. I kept the thing I bought on the kitchen counter and help my mom prepare the food. As we are almost through mama ushered me to go am start dressing up, as they will arrive anytime soon.

So I washed my hands and went up to my room Yasmin will be coming back anytime from now . As if she read my thought, she banged in making me jump back in surprise.

"Wow Yasmin...I was just thinking about you and next time make sure you knock first please" I fake frowned.

"Done sis" she cracked a smile 

"Sis you better start getting ready, you don't want to keep your husband-to-be waiting” she winked at me before I could say another word she closed the door and shouted 'I will be back'.

I entered the bathroom and took a warm shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and tied my hair with a small towel. I opened my wardrobe deciding on the clothe to wear and I came across a beautiful maroon Abaya, my dad bought it for me on my birthday before he passed away. I smiled thinking of the day; our lives are filled with so much happiness back then.

I wore the maroon Abaya; it still fits my body perfectly

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. I used hand dryer to dry my hair and tied it in a tight bun. Just then Yasmin came back with a plate full of chocolate balls.

"Masha Allah sis Farah, you look so takeaway" she sat down on the soft bed staring at me.

"You just need one thing" 

"And what's that?" I asked curiously.

"Makeup" I stared at her wide eyes.

"What? No...You know I don't do makeup"

"Come on sis just for today, besides don't you want to impress jawad at first meeting" 

"Please" she pleaded. If I don't agree with her she won't leave me alone.

"Okay just for today" I pressed my lips in a thin line.

"Are you done" I asked her feeling tired, she's been turning my head here and there.

"Just give me a minute" she sprayed something on my face.

"What's that Yasmin?" 

"Calm down sis, it's called setting spray. It is used after you're through with your makeup. A finishing touch to your makeup, okay done" she clapped her hands together. I watched myself on the mirror masha Allah.

"Sis Farah you look stunning, jawad will fall head over heels for you"

"Thanks for the makeup" I smile at her.

"Let me check on mom, before they arrive"

"Sis Farah!"

"Sis Farah!" I heard Yasmin calling my name. She knocked on the door.

"Come in" she sat down chuckling

"What happened Yasmin, why are you shouting my name?"

"They are here; I saw jawad he's so handsome till you meet him, am so happy" she started jumping up and down.

"Let's go mom said you should come down" I place my scarf gently on my head and held Yasmin's hands am nervous.

Aunt Khadija and her husband are sitting on the 3 sitter chair, while who I think is jawad is sitting on the 2 sitter chair his head down.

"Assalamu alaikum aunt"

"Assalamu alaikum uncle" I greeted them.

"Wa alaiki Salam my daughter you look beautiful, how are you" she held my hands.

"Thank you am fine aunt"

We exchange greetings with uncle too. I sat down on the one sitter chair. I lift up my hand and my eyes meet with a cold dark eyes subhanallah I quickly averted my eyes looking elsewhere.


We were sited at the dining eating and the families are chatting. All the while I couldn't bring my eyes to look at jawad, he's also quite too until mom asked him.

"How's Netherland jawad" 

"Fine ma" he answered masha Allah he has a sweet voice.

"He's taking over the company" aunt khadija blurted out. What? He will be my new boss? I can't believe this. First marriage and now my boss.

Yasmin touched my arm and mouthed 'are you okay' it was then that I realised I didn't eat much.

"Sorry" I muttered without being noticed.

After eating the families excuse us to talk to know more about each other. I'm walking toward the direction of the garden, while Jawad is following behind me. We sat down on a bench quite only the sound of birds chirping am damn nervous and he's not saying anything, he just kept looking at his watch. I decided to break the silence.

"Salam, Am Farah" I croak a smile.

"Am jawad" he said without showing any emotion.

"You must have heard about from your parents, so tell me about you" I don't know why my mouth blurted out the stupid question. He kept quite for a while before he speaks again.

"Don't worry, you will know me when we get married" what that suppose to mean. He glanced at his watch again.

"If you don't have anything to say again, can we go inside" wow I think I made the wrong decision by agreeing to marry him.


We went back inside, and he sat on the same place he was sited when they came and I sat beside my mom.

"So since everything is settled now, let's fix the wedding date" uncle Abdallah advised. My heart started beating fast. Mom and aunt Khadija nodded their heads.

"Okay let's fix it in 3weeks time, are you okay with it Farah" he asked me. I started fidgeting with my hands just say it Farah

"Yes uncle" 

"Masha Allah. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala see us through this day"

"Ameen" everyone answered.


As they are living we escorted them to their car. Jawad is already in the car, I saw aunt khadija talking to him before she trekked towards me with phone on her hand. She took my phone and exchanges our numbers.

"Here, don't worry about jawad he's just a little shy" she wink at me. We waved at them and they left. I looked at the driving jawad who didn't even glance my direction 3weeks? In 3weeks time I will be married.


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