Beautiful Mask - Episode 24

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"Shit Caroline! Simon was at Kelvin's house and he saw me coming out.

I am supposed to be in America so he was so shocked. I couldn't think

of a lie so I just ran away" Beatrice rambles as soon as I answer her


"Beatrice, I was the one on the phone. when he saw you, I was talking

to him, pretending to be You . on video call!."

"Oh no Caroline. no wonder he looks so shocked to see me. He just kept

looking at his screen then at me. I thought his drunkenness was the

cause of the wandering eyes"

"wait, he was drunk?. you left him drunk!" I shout down the line.

"calm down Caro. I called a cab to take him home. I am not that heartless."

"Thank you Beatrice. I hope he is fine"

"I think he knows something. he was screaming about making Kelvin pay.

Caroline I don't think we have time anymore. have you gotten the

number I asked you to get?"

"no. kelvin doesn't just leave his phone with me you know."

"Caroline, you need to grow some balls and think of a way to get him

to leave his phone. okay?"


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. What do we do about simon?." I ask

"you are always about Simon. There is nothing we can do but hope he

thinks he was hallucinating due to his drunkenness. Caroline, we have

to get kelvin behind bars before he does something drastic to Simon"

"okay. I can do this. for Simon."

"of course you can. gotta go. don't forget to stay safe. love you little sis"

"love you too little sis." I say and laugh.

"Are we still arguing over who is older?" she asks laughing.

"until I get prove that you are older." I say and  end the call.

I know I shouldn't have answered Simon's video call, but I just wanted

to see his face again. Stupid, I know. Now we have to push our plans

forward. Simon confronting kelvin would just make kelvin change his

plans and get rid of Simon himself. My final radiation scar removal

session is tomorrow so I have to get that number today before we start

preparing to go back to Nigeria. A plan start forming in my head as I

dial Kelvin's number.

"Hello" kelvin's voice resonate through the phone. I remain silent for

two seconds then start sobbing.

"Caroline, are you OK?"

"kelvin, am sorry for calling bu-t I can't help it. I feel so alone.

This news about my death affected me more than I thought."

"its fine Caroline"

"its stupid but am scared. Maybe I should call the police and report

Simon so this would be over with. or I can call Simon and plead with

him to leave me alone" I sob out.

"what?! Caroline, don't do anything stupid. am coming over." he says

and I smile inwardly.

"But-" I say but he cuts me off.

"I mean it Caroline. just wait for me. I am coming"

"alright. please be fast, I don't know what I might do if I am alone

for too long right now." I say.

"I'll be there soon" he says and ends the call.

I can't help it. I burst in laughter as soon as I make sure the call

is over. He must think I am a stupid hormonal woman. wow! even I am

astounded by my acting. He must be on his way now so I better get the

plan underway. I hope it works. I know I am well out of my depths

here. I breathe in a deep sigh  then ring the nurse. A white nurse

walks in and I smile. she is just the nurse, I want to see. As usual,

she has too much eye make up on.

"nurse Sandra, I just wanted to borrow your mascara. you see, my

boyfriend is on his way coming and I want to umm look pretty. can you

help me please." I ask

"I knew that cutie was your boyfriend. don't worry, I'll get you my

whole make up kit. I always carry it with me. let me go get it"she

says excitedly and turn to go.

"umm wait, just mascara OK?"

"we aren't the same complexion so I don't think it would match" I add

when she looks at me like am weird. she must be wondering why I only

need mascara.

"Oh. why didn't I think of that. OK just mascara. be back in a sec" she

sings the last part and sashay out of my room.


"Caroline, where are you?" kelvin asks as soon as he enters my room. I

am standing in a corner so he doesn't see me at first.

"Over here"I say and I see his shoulder sag with relief.

"are you okay? did you call Simon or the police?" he asks. I am looking

out the window and kelvin walks to me. He grabs my shoulder and turn

me towards him. I launch myself into his arms, wrapping my hands

around his waist and cry fake tears.

"I can't believe I am dead. when I am here. alive. this is just too

much kelvin. I don't know if I am the right person for this. The pain

of removing my scar is so intense. I feel like I am no longer me. this

is too much." I ramble on and kelvin just hold me awkwardly. I notice

the bulge in his front pocket and guess its his phone. As he holds me

I slip the phone slowly out of his pocket. Thankfully, his trousers

are not tight so he doesn't notice. I drop his phone on the ground

noiselessly then pull away from him.

"I'm so sorry kelvin. I just needed to let go for awhile." I say then

smile wryly.

"its fi--" he goes to say but I cut him off.

"Oh my G. look what I did to your shirt. I got my mascara on you. I so

sorry" I say

"Its fine. I'll get it out when I get to the hotel" he says.

"You have to get it out now. This mascara doesn't wash out once it

gets dry. Why don't you hurry to the rest room just around the corner

and get it out"

"no need for th-

"i insist. go on. I promise to not do anything stupid. Now, go get

that stain out" I say and push him out of the room.

As soon as I close the door, I pick the phone off the ground and

turn it on. shit! The phone is locked. of course he would have a

security code why didn't I think of that?.

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. what could it be? I try his

number which doesn't work. okay, think Caroline, what would kelvin

use? I can't think of anything. Kelvin would be back soon. after

trying different random numbers, I decide to try 0000. I know it can't

possible be it but you can't blame me for trying. Surprisingly, his

phone clicks Open. wow. I quickly go to contacts and search for

bullet. I don't find it. He must have saved it with something else.

"Caroline, did i leave my phone h--. what are you doing with my

phone?!" kelvin startle me and the phone falls off my hands.

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