Beautiful Mask - Episode 13

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Good evening guys. Hope you are enjoying the story so far. The

picture above shows the kind of mask Caroline and Beatrice wear to the

party.  So, are you ready for more twists?.



"I cant believe chinedu set you up. Are you okay?" favour ask from the

other side of the line.

Simon didn't come home last night neither did he call
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. I have been

alone in this big house since yesterday except for the time favour

came to give me shoes and a purse for the party. Its almost four pm

and i am about to get ready for the party. My belly is currently

fluttering with nerves. That's the reason i called favour. Talking

with her calm me.

"I am fine. Its just that i am worried about Simon. Something seems

off about his disappearance yesterday." i say

"babe, you are thinking too much. Perhaps he wants to surprise you at

the party. Maybe with a proposal. Oh my God! Caroline that could be

it!" she screech excitedly and i have to take the phone away from my

ear to save my ear drum. She keeps rambling about the kind of ring i

am going to get and all the rest.

"Favour" i say but she keeps rambling.


"what?" she ask innocently

"you are a piece of work, you know that right? How would he ask me to

marry him when we barely know each other?"

"but it's still possible" she says and i roll my eyes.

"I have to start preparing for the party so i am going to hang up now"

" alright babe

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. Call me after the party. I want to know how many carats

your diamond is" she says and hang up. Could she be right?. No. Its too

sudden. I don't want to get my hopes up. I better get ready fast so i

won't be late. I slip on the pretty dress that hugs my curves

perfectly and flares from above my knee to my ankle. Its beautiful. I

put on the mask and stare at myself in the mirror. The mask is so

unique, i have never seen anything like it. It covers my hair and most

of my face. The mask covers my scar perfectly and makes me look

different. Beautiful. I put my phone in my cute purse and slip on my


Its already a few minutes to six when i get to the hotel. After

asking for directions i finally find the hall where the party is

taking place. I give my name to the guy standing in front of the door

and he checks my name on a book he is holding. He finds it and smile

at me.

"The party is almost over. But you are just in time for the big

announcement the boss is going to make" i look at him confused

"isn't it supposed to start by six?" i ask

"no ma'am. It says 4pm on the invitation card" i nod at this

information and thank him before walking in. Why did Simon want me to

come at the end of the party?. And what's this big announcement all




Bullet signals me towards the entrance and i look to see a Beatrice

lookalike walk in. It cant be Beatrice because i know she is currently

in the restroom. She has been there ever since the party started. I

didn't want her to see Caroline so i slipped a laxative in her drink

to keep her in the toilet.

I walk to Caroline and put on my best smile. I know the ladies love it.

"Caroline" i say and hug her. My heart feels strange while holding her

so i just release her quickly.

"Umm. Who are you?" her pretty mouth twist in confusion and i smile. My

mask must have confused her.

"Don't you know this smile?. Its kelvin" i say and she burst out laughing.

"Forgive me for forgetting your radiant smile" she tease and i smile again.

"didn't know you were invited. Its almost over."

"Simon gave me the wrong time. I don't know why though. Have you seen

him?"she ask and i shrug

"he should be around" i say and look towards the stage. It should be

time for the big announcement. I look around for Simon and find him

beside the stage talking with the MC.

"Oh, there he is. He's supposed to announce something important. I

think its time. Lets get you a drink before he comes up" i slip a hand

on her back and lead her to the bar.

"Um kelvin. I don't really drink alcohol" she says absentminded when we

get to the bar. Her attention is on Simon who still hasn't work up the

nerve to announce his engagement. I knew he is a weakling. I ignore

caroline's protest and get her a drink. I place the glass of champagne

in her hands and she just hold it. Her eyes are still on Simon who

just walked onto the stage.

"good evening. Y'all must have been waiting for my big announcement.

Well, i just wanted to announce my wedding to Beatrice Williams of

Williams corporation" he says and the whole auditorium echo with

applauds. I hear Caroline gasp and i turn to see she looks so stun and

pale. I know she is trying to blink back tears and i feel like someone

just sucker punched me.

"Are you okay?" i ask her.

"It hurts" she whisper and clench her fist to her chest as if in pain.

She drains the glass of champagne at once and drop the glass on the


"Caroline. You don't look so good" i say but her eyes are fixed to the

stage. I look to see that Simon has seen her and he starts moving

towards us. Caroline flees before he gets to us and i quickly pass her

champagne glass to bullet who takes it with his gloved hands and wrap

it in his handkerchief.

"Beatrice! Why is she running away?" Simon asks me as soon as he gets

to me and i hold back my smile. He thinks its Beatrice. Stupid man.

"I dunno man. You know women and their issues. Why don't you leave her

be for now" I say and he nods.

Read " Falling For Innocence " by the same author ( Ameh juliet )

. Even with his mask, he looks like he

hasn't slept in days. I squeeze his shoulder and gesture that i am

leaving. He nods again and i walk quickly toward the ladies room where

Caroline is headed. I have to stop her. She cant see Beatrice.



I feel like crap. Today is supposed to be a happy day for me but i am

spending it in the ladies room. Karma must be getting back at me. I

look at my reflection in the bathroom mirror as i wash my hands. I

wonder why kelvin insisted i wore this mask. Its so unflattering. The

door flies open suddenly and i look back to see a photocopy of

myself.OMG! Its like I am looking into a mirror.

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