Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 79

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Jordan's POV
When I saw Beatrice walking towards me, wearing the same dress she wore during our first date I was blown away... The emptiness crawled back so raw like five years ago...The loneliness, coldness and pain felt so fresh beneath my skin...The memories played in my mind in a fast forward mode...

The messy bun, the nude off-shoulder sequinned gown and a black purse...Nothing had changed apart from she had grown more beautiful..

I remember how shy I was on our first date and she was the one who stole the first kiss from me...I didn't sleep for a week, I kept dreaming of that kiss until I grew the balls to kiss her again...

She was my first love, she was the girl who made my heart beat so fast because of love and here she is standing Infront of me...

All I wanted was to hug her and ask why she left me...I thought she always told me I was perfect and I had everything she needed in a man then where did I go wrong...

When she fainted, I almost lost my sanity...I bet she is still dieting. Many are the times she has fallen in my arms in the name of she doesn't want to be fat..

"Why did you leave whereas you say you loved me so much????" She was finally beside me and I could ask the question that has been torturing for the past five years....

"Jordan when you took over the company, you began neglecting me and I grew lonely....James was always there and he made me feel loved..." She stuttered....

"Why did you not tell me??? I would have done everything for you...Do you know what I went through??? The humiliation, the embarrassment and torture...." I raised my voice at her that she flinched....

"Don't you think I don't regret that every single day????" She pulled her hand from my cheek and sat upright on the bed ..

"You said I was perfect then why did you leave???? Did you know how much I loved you????" I could feel tears burn in my eyes....

"Jordan I  lost our baby...I miscarriaged two months after I eloped with James..." She threw herself on my chest and begun crying...

Maybe it belonged to James and she wants me to be vulnerable...But she sounds sincere...

"What happened to my baby????" I stammered, wrapping my arms around her so tight..

"I slipped and fell....I was so traumatised that all I could do is cry. . James got tired and left me...I always wanted to come back but I was embarrassed and ashamed..."

"But you know I am married and love my wife so much???? She was there in her own way when   I was empty and lonely..Even though I hurt her, she stayed...." I stated as Ciara's beautiful face smiled at me in my mind...

Talking about Ciara, she must be angry with me right now...Damn I yelled at her for no reason...She was just insecure but I was selfish and thought only about my closure and the answers I needed to seek....

She was also not feeling well but here I am with my ex...What am I doing???? Why do I want to hurt the woman I can't live without??? Beatrice is my past and she is my present....

"Didn't you hear what I said??? We lost our baby..." She begun screaming, slapping my chest so hard..

I held her hands and pinned them above her,"I know you are in pain and I too feel broken but I have moved on and I now love someone else...I was happy to see you tonight but I don't want this...." I spoke softly...

She moved closer to me and rested her forehead on mine, five years ago my heart could flutter uncontrollably in my chest but now I felt nothing...

I was surprised that it actually disgusted me...The excitement I had when I saw her in the ballroom was no longer there...All I wanted was to look my Ciara and apologise for being carried away with what were mere memories...

"You can leave her and we can go back to been JoJo and Betty...I am ready to give us another chance...I know you love me too..."

I slowly pulled back and freed her hands,"Betty do you understand what you are asking of me???? That my wife you are talking about..."

Even though we are to divorce soon, I wouldn't humiliate her in this manner...

"Then make love to me...Let me have a baby that will remind me of you..." She begun kissing me and unzipping her dress when Ciara yelled behind me...

"How dare you????"

Ciara's POV
I slowly walked into Sophie's room and found Jane on her phone...

The moment she saw me, she came running...

"So tell me, what happened????" She asked excitedly...
"I allowed him to take care of her...I shouldn't interfere...." I bit my tongue very hard so that I couldn't scream my pain out..

She raised her eyebrows suspiciously and crossed her arms on the chest,"What really happened???"

I blinked at her a teary-eyed stare,"I couldn't go in..."

I buried my face into her shoulder and cried harder,"They were so happy....I felt like the intruder...What if it's always her all along???"

"Are you kidding babe??? Have you seen how Jordan looks at you with immense love in his eyes??? Even a fool can see the love he has for you..." She spoke in a soothing manner as she stroked my hair..

"But she humiliated me at the ballroom???? What will People say??? I will be the talk of the town tomorrow???"

"Babe???" She drew me back, "The Ciara I know never quites...We will go in that room and put that little skinny b*tch in her place...Don't even think about giving up on Jordan..."

I wish I could tell her we are divorcing very soon...

"What if he chooses her over me???" I asked in a shaky voice...

"Then we will smash his car, burn this house and go to another country..." She joked and I couldn't help but laugh ..

"You are crazy???"
"Anywei the risk is worth it this generation you don't just let your man go, these b*tches are like vultures...You sacrificed your love for that David's baby mama and also Ariana...Are you going to also do that for Beatrice????" She raised her eyebrows at me and I shook my head in disapproval...

"So let's go there and show her who is the boss..Trust me if she misbehaves, she will lose that pretty face..." Jane sneered...

"Okay, if he doesn't chose me I hope you are serious about us burning this house down..." I confirmed and she chuckled,"If you have 20million then yes we will go and live in Ethiopia..."

"Why not South Africa????"
"Dear are you ready for xenophobia??? That would be like from falling from a hot pan into the fire..." She shook her hand and I just laughed...

Even though Max was in Dubai for a while, she seemed okay..If Jordan is even a minute away from me, I feel like a part of me is dead...

Jane held my hand and walked me to our room...When we slammed the door open, we found them kissing...

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. I felt like someone had ripped my heart out....

"How dare you???" I said between closed teeth..

Amazing, he couldn't wait to be in her arms...You are a fool Ciara to think you would ever have a happy ending ..What's the need of tolerating a painful pregnancy in the name of love???

I know I should have acted like a b8tch but I couldn't hold back my tears.... He gave up on us even before the divorce...

Karma thank you very much for being a backstabber....Like really why I am the one who is always dumped??? Why can't I dump for a change??? Pathetic hater...

I staggered back with loss of words but Jane held me....I could feel a headache threatening to spread through my temples and my abdominals pains becoming unbearable...

The doctor was right, I wasn't capable of taking care of the little being inside me...

"My love is not what you think????" He pushed her aside and walked to me,"She kissed me..I swear.."

"Do you think I am a fool???" My hand came in contact with his cheek,"Is this why you want us to divorce so soon so as you can get together with her???"

"Betty, tell her that you are the one that kissed her.." Jordan pleaded with her but she just smiled wickedly....
"Jordan I trusted you, I was there for you ..I tolerated your coldness and arrogance...I never thought you would do this to me..If you wanted a divorce you would have just asked...Not pin the cliche statement of me being in love with Jaxon..." I said almost in a loud whisper as I allowed the tears to stream down as they pleased...

"Ciara calm down, the doctor said to not stress yourself...It was a bad idea to come here, let's go..." Jane grabbed my hand ready to walk me out of there but I twisted my hand from her grip...

"Let me say what I need to say then we can leave .."

"I will be expecting the divorce papers on Monday, I am setting you free so as you can be with this woman you love..."I stuttered , suddenly feeling my head so heavy...

He unexpectedly pulls me to him, my chest pressed against his,"Don't leave me...Trust me I love you so much...I don't want this divorce...I know you can never love me and that's why I am letting you go..." A drop of tear dripped from his eye.

"Please trust me," He rested his forehead on mine, "I am sorry I yelled at you I was overwhelmed but I am sure it's only you I want..Only you..."

For a moment I believed him, for a moment I was intoxicated with his scent and wanted to bury my face on his neck and tell him how I feel...But the fact is that they were kissing...

"Let me go Jordan, nothing you say will change my mind..." I try to pull away but tightly wraps his arms around me...

"Are you doing this because of Jaxon??? You are looking for a reason to dump me and go to him right???" How shameless can he be??? He is the one I found kissing his ex and he is trying to pin the blame on me...So disgusting...

"He is a better than you Jordan and today more than ever I regret ever choosing you...I would have let you drown in that sorrow of yours and maybe this b*tch would have had a clear picture what a mess you were...Not to come ruin our marriage..." I thundered and he drew back clenching and unclenching his fists...

"Then go to him....Beatrice is also a better girl than you because she admitted her mistake of leaving me...I wish I had waited for her then I wouldn't be tortured with this love...." He yelled and grabbed my elbow...

He walked me closer to Beatrice who seemed to be enjoying the drama...
"Jordan, be careful with her...She is so delicate..." Jane tried to tell him but he didn't listen...

"Look at her, we lost our baby...She is in pain and I am broken..I am never going to be a father because of your damn family planning...Can't you see the urge I have for being a father??? But I can never be one since she lost it and you don't want to be a mother...She kissed me out of pain but how would you understand???"

That was it...Too hell with this secret...I am going to tell him the truth....I have reached explosion point...I can't take this rubbish anymore...I dropped his hand from my elbow and held him by the collar...

"I can understand because I am going to be a mother...I am three months pregnant and it's killing me.You see the weight loss, dehydration, vomiting is that little thing that should call you dad that it's draining me, I am in pain and I don't know for how long I can do it...I am not sure it's worth it anymore..." I snapped at his face and he looked at me with wide surprised eyes...

"What???" He stammered, tears dripping from his eyes...
"I hate you as much as I love you..I have loved you for the longest time but this time it's goodbye.." I turned around ready to run from there when his hand gripped my wrist and stopped me...

"What are you saying????"

Suddenly everything around me was blur before it got totally dark...

. .

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