Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 2

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Ciara's POV
My eyes became glassy with tears but I chose not to cry..

Crying was for the weak girls who didn't understand the term strong.

Yes he cheated but that didn't mean it was the end of the world...

In the first place, why was I with him??? It can't be the s-x...Trust me it was bland and boring...

Oooh yeah!!! He helped me so much when I begun my career and that made me feel indebted and in love...

I walked down the Cassandra street having all sorts of crazy ideas in my mind...

Was I the only one in love??? For how long have they been dating???

I hope they both get struck by lightning. I hope he grows fat..I hope his d-ck falls off...

One moment I was walking listening to heartbreak songs and the next I was lying in a puddle of mud...

"Oooh sh-t...." I swallowed my other words after seeing the perfect being take off his helmet and shook his tousled dark hair which was  thick and lustrous to its perfect messy shape...

He had an almost symmetrical face, smooth, spade shaped beard, natural warm undertone skin and to add it up hazel eyes...

Like have I ever met a handsome guy with hazel eyes before??? He was the first but his features showed he was kinda a mixed race...

"Hey," I sent him a weak smile..

"Would you care to stand up??? I wanna know if you are hurt..." He rudely replied...

"You should help me up . You are the one who threw me here..."

"Young girl, that's what you get for being absent-minded on the road...So are you hurt??"

"Why do you care???" I managed to stand on my feet...

"Because you middle class people love to be dramatic

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. One moment you are okay and the other you are busy looking for me claiming I broke your bones..."

In a spur, I hated that handsome man... He was a product of the devil and the angel of death herself.

"Don't worry, this one doesn't bother arrogant  men..." I tried wiping the mud off but all in vain..

"Okay..." He wore  his helmet and got back on his bike but I wasn't ready to let him go that easily...

I begun collecting the mud and hitting him...

"How am I supposed to get home all muddy????"

"How will I walk down the streets looking like the ghost of gabatura????"

"You are crazy, stop!!! Are you being serious???"He cried out walking towards me..

He took his helmet off again, "Do you know who I am???"

"Do you know the hell of a day I have had???"

"How dare you hit me with that disgusting mud??"

"How dare he cheat on me???"

"What are you even talking about??"

"Why did you throw me in that puddle of mud?? Did David send you to rub it in???"

"You are really crazy...Are you sure you don't have borderline disorder???" He begun shaking me while my eyes were focused on those perfect lips which were ripe for kissing..

"Do crazy people do this???" I smiled wickedly smearing the mud on my hand on his lips...

"F-ck sh-t!!! What wrong with you??" He staggered back and I ran...

He would have followed me if he wanted to but i guess he thought I was crazy...

I walked for a while before I could get a motorbike that was willing to carry a girl who looked like she just resurrected from horror...

"Hey, what happened to you???" Max asked when I got inside the house.

"A handsome man happened..."

"Give us the juicy details. Did you get his number??? Did you get his name???" The lovebirds begun jumping up and down in excitement...

"He ate mud..." I replied dryly and went to my room....

"Are you okay??" Jane asked throwing me my night cream when I got out of the shower.

"Is it that obvious???"

"We saw it..." Jane showed me an Instagram post of David and his girlfriend where he claimed he was happy to soon be a father..

"Okay.." I said coldly and sank into bed..

"You know we are here for you if you need anything..." She assured hugging me..

"Thank you and please switch off the lights on your way out.."

When I was sure Jane had gone, I sat upright and begun sulking about David... He never posted me on social media, was I a side chick??? My eyes were filled with tears was more but I manage to fight them.

He wasn't worth my tears and I wasn't gonna cry..

Yes my heart was shattered, my chest was heavy with sob but I wasn't gonna become a weakling...

I was about to cover myself and sleep when my phone pinged with message after message..

>>Brian Hey Ciara, I have some good news.
>>Brian Call me Asap, it's urgent.
>>Brian Are you asleep???
>>Brian Girl this news is hot..

Brian was kinda of my manager. I didn't pay him but he always found jobs for me...

"Hello??? WhatsApp??" I asked the moment he received  the call.
"Guess what???" He screamed excitedly.
"Come out with it, I have had a rough day..."

"Jaxon Marcias wants you to be his designer for his next album which is to be launched in two months.."

"Jaxon Marcias,the same famous singer or another Jaxon Marcias???"

"The only one you know Boo, he saw your work and ordered that I find you...Girl, I am so happy for you.."

"So when do I start???"

"Tomorrow. I am sending you the address asap...Please don't be late..."


Ladies and gentlemen that's what we call favour and luck... I have worked with alot of celebrities before but Jaxon Marcias was on another level.

He was like a god and me working with him was a lifetime achievement...

He had a twin brother who ventured more on artistry and an arrogant big brother who I didn't care much about...

Watch out Nairobi, I am about to paint this town blue....


. .

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