Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 5

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Jordan's POV
Did I sleep??? Of course not... Every time I tried closing my eyes I could see that crazy mud girl throw mud at me... She was taking over my thoughts and I didn't like it one bit...

As if that wasn't enough, I had alot of work at the office because yesterday I was busy thinking of ways to get back at her...

No girl ever drove me nuts like that girl did... Her attitude was the kerosene, I was the matchbox and very time we collided she became the fire...

I was impatiently waiting for Carol our housemanager to text me when the crazy mud girl arrived...

I was walking in my room in circles looking at my phone after every seconds...I was going crazy and I was helpless . All I wanted was give her my piece of mind and show her who was the boss...

Finally Carol called, the crazy mud girl was in  the kitchen. I ran out of my room like the house on fire only to bump at her and have coffee spilled all over my expensive suit....

"Can you check you are okay??? I wanna get back to work..." She rolled her eyes...

"You spilled coffee on me..."

"You pushed me in the mud..."

"You know you should tell me if you are fine...You know you arrogant men love to create a volcano out of an anthill..."

"I am sure it's not said like that...."

"Okay Mr know it all" She glared at me with annoyance...

I thought I would give her a piece of my mind but there I was staring at her like a fool....

"I am......"

She just left even before I finished my sentence, she was so rude...

In the boardroom, yes I was in the meeting but my mind was elsewhere...  I could hear people talk but I couldn't tell exactly what they were saying...

"Mr Marcias, what do you think about the proposal???" Mr Kimati asked getting me off guard..

"I think it's a good idea but I will need you in my office later.We need to talk more about this proposal..." I smiled and walked out of the boardroom...

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. I needed to focus but I couldn't...

"Jordan Marcias stressed....this is???" My assistant walked in without knocking...

"Excuse me sir????"

"Can't you see I am busy????"

"But Mr Fran....."

"I don't care...You are fired

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. I can't work with a girl who doesn't have manners..." I thundered making the poor girl flinch.. I could see tears balancing in her eyes but I didn't care... She didn't have manners and that's all that mattered...

"Jordan, that was mean..." Sebastian shook his head when I slammed the door...

"She doesn't have manners but back to my story...I wish you meet this crazy mud girl..."

"She even has a pet name, interesting...."

"No, she is irritating and I can't stand her..." I could feel my blood heat up..." She first insults me infront of my siblings then spills coffee on my Italian suit and she doesn't say sorry..." I slapped the table in fury...

"I wanna make her pay for humiliating me...I wanna strangle her and show her who is the boss..." I was so mad that I hadn't realised I had clenched my fists so hard...

I inhaled deeply trying to control my anger," I want her to beg for mercy. I want her to respect me.."

"Okay calm down, Jordan... I don't think it's that bad.." Sebastian poured me some whisky, "Don't be dramatic, you just being mad because she doesn't worship you.."

"I wish you see the anger in her eyes, her attitude...Damn brother, you are gonna get scared..." I gulped down the content in the glass and threw it at the wall...

"I be....." Again the financial manager balged in my office without knocking..

"What's wrong with everyone today???" I yelled lifting my hands up in the air, "Can't you knock???"

"But sir????"

"Get out..." I ordered...

"It's about the audit report you asked for..."

"Get out or you gonna lose your job..." I pushed him out and slammed the door...

"I think you should go home...You are a hot mess and I won't let you turn this company upside down..." Sebastian suggested his hand on my shoulder...


Sebastian has been my best friend since I could remember. Our parents were best of friends and that made us automatically friends...

Sadly when we got at the parking lot, Jackson and the car wasn't there... I had to wait for him for five minutes something I never did before... There was a negative shift in my life and I didn't like it..

"Where have you been???" I thundered the moment he arrived...

"I am sorry but I had to drive Jaxon's new designer around town to pick up some fabrics..."

"But you are my driver...."

"All the other drivers were busy..Alex was driving to mum to the spa.Today is your grandmother's check up day so Sam went with her. It's Albert's day off so I was the only one available.."

"Okay open the door, my feet are hurting..." He nodded opening the door for me...

"You see, she is taking over. Now I have to wait for my driver as he drives her around.." I stated in a worried tone...

"Just calm down, you heard the driver..He was the only one available..." Sebastian made me feel like she was taking her side and I didn't like it at all...

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  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Hmmmmm, both of them are too hot tempered, can't them even control themselves. Na wa for them ooh
  • lydy mbuh picture
    lydy mbuh
    all this anger and attitude thingy is hilarious, loving it ,thanks Fideh.
  • Vikiy picture
    i so love this.............. keep it burning and drive him crazy.......................
  • Phavo Asinobi picture
    Phavo Asinobi
    Fideh great work hun, please keep it coming, can't wait, I'm glued to my phone please
  • Emmyve Njoki picture
    Emmyve Njoki
    Wow this is the greatest....
  • Amma picture
    ooh poor secretary!!
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    Who is going to back down? Fire, fire! .........someone is fuming, .....Pour more fuel. Loving this. Well done.
  • Olaokun Rofiat picture
    Olaokun Rofiat
    See the way he's boiling... All because of woman.. Lol
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    I for see someone falling in love unknowingly
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Ucheoma yeah so in love
  • Charlesfaith picture
    I like their drama
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    Honestly am beginning to fall in love with this story.????
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Worship ur story
  • Michael winful picture
    Michael winful
    Na Wao dis Jordan Sef is another thing, ciara is really driving him crazy that he had to sack one of his staff. I wonder what his problem is ?
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