Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 6

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Jordan's POV
I was restless for Sebastian to meet the crazy mud girl since I knew after the meet up he would hate her as much as I did...

"Let's see if you will have the same opinion about her when you meet her..." I got out of the car before the driver could get the door for me...

"Come on you acting crazy..." Sebastian commented as we walked  inside the house..

"Hey, where is the new fashion designer???" I asked the maid who was dusting off the paintings...

"She is at the kitchen with Mr Mason.." She stammered...
"Okay, get back to what you were doing..."

I hurriedly walked into the kitchen, Sebastian behind me trying to catch up with my fast pace.

"Come on Brother, she is just a girl..." He said...

When we got to the kitchen, Mason was seated on top of the counter and her leaning on the counter beside him... She looked happy, her lips were outstretched in a perfect smile.

She wasn't gloomy at all and for the first time I realised how beautiful she looked when she smiled...

I was lost in looking at her that I hadn't realised that Sebastian was waving at my face..
"Dude where did you go???''
"Eeee.....mmmmmhh....She is the one..." I pointed at her...

"Hey guys???" I wasn't supposed to be kind but I couldn't stop myself and as usual only Mason responded...

"Sebastian??" The crazy mud girl called out running towards my best friend...

"Kims, how are you doing???" Sebastian enfolded her in a hug and there I was confused on what had just happened...

"What are you doing here???" Sebastian asked after she pulled back...
"I am working on Jaxon's designs for his album launch..." She smiled..

"Wow!!! He made the perfect choice...Talking of designs, did you get your invitation card to the fashion show this weekend???"

"Yes Seb with your yummy chocolates..."
"You can bring your plus one, David perhaps or even Brian..." Sebastian teased her and I could see the glow on her face fade away...

"I will definitely bring someone..."

When I realised that what I wanted to be an awful meeting was turning into a reunion, I cleared my throat....

"Oooh sorry bro, this is Ciara Kimani.

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. My good friend..She was my intern and trust me she does a very good job..I really miss her working for me..." Sebastian complimented and I could feel insides churn with anger.

"And Kims I bet you have met....." Before Sebastian could finish talking she butted in, "I know Jordan

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. So no need of introductions.." She forcibly smiled at me before turning back to Sebastian," Seb see you at the Fashion show..."

She walked away...
"Seb, how can you ignore your small brother???" Mason complained hugging him..

"Sorry Ciara had my attention..So how is your art work coming along???"
"It's okay...Can't complain.."
"Why was Ciara in the kitchen??? I thought workers were not allowed to hang around the main house..." I begun being dramatic..

"Chill Jordan. Ciara is a friend and friends are allowed in the main house. I will go back doing my thing before you affect me with your negativity..." He also walked away giving me the chance to suck explanations out of my bestfriend...

"What was that??? I didn't plan for a reunion..." I literally wanted to slit his throat..

"I didn't expect her to be Kims..Yes she might have some attitude but she is a good girl...Don't let your arrogance could your judgement.."

"I also want an invite to the fashion show..."

"I thought you hated them..." Sebastian looked at me surprised...
"Don't question me..."

"Okay," He lifted his hands up in surrender, "You are my friend and you are definitely welcomed.."


"I will go back to work, I have a big fashion show this weekend.."

Sebastian ran a fashion company which his target customers were teenage girls, campus ladies and independent business woman. At first I thought his business plan was a joke until I saw  the rise in sales in every year, the awards he has won and the hot girls that work there....

I loved how passionate he was about his job, how he would create fashion out of anything but I am not a fan of it. I hated those silly fashion shows but this fashion show was different because I would find out more about the crazy mud girl and bring her down...

Poor me, I tried working and focusing in my home office but nothing... I went to the gym but I had no energy to even lift a drum bell all I wanted was to stalk her...

There I was following her around like a crazy obsessed ex...

"Hey, what are you doing in the kitchen???"
Not again, how was I enjoying being insulted. Because  that was definitely going to happen..

"Dah, making coffee..."

"You know workers are not allowed to be in the kitchen or anywhere around the main house.."

"You love getting on my nerves, don't you???"

"Did Jaxon not tell you the house rules????"

"Take the coffee," She placed it on my chest and like a fool I held onto the cup.

"Drink it, maybe it will help you calm your nerves" She walked away brushing our shoulders..

Dang it, I screwed it again...Why do I do that???

I had had enough for the day and it was time I got my ego restored and so I called Emma over..

She was a model who I couldn't remember where I meet her from. Was it from business party, grand opening of something, during a business trip???? I DON'T KNOW!!!!..

Back to her, Emma was always there when I needed someone to tell me I was the best, I was a god , I was every girl's dream guy and many others... I knew she was there for the huge tips I gave her but I didn't care as long as she made me feel like a man....In charge and very respected...

When she arrived, I hugged and held her hand so tight... I wanted so bad to punish those lips of hers but we were rudely interrupted...

One moment she was beside me and the other one she was busy hugging the crazy mud girl...

"Ciara, do you remember me??? I was among your models when you  designed dresses for Jellie Asosi backstage singers..."

Emma tried so hard to embarrass herself while Ciara just gave her a plain look...
"I really wanna work with you again??? You are my role model you know...At 23 and you are living your dreams...."
"Its Emma for you.."
"Okay Emma, nice to meet you but I have to go..." And like that she walked past her like nothing had happened and the girl walked right back beside me looking all dull..

"Don't worry, you can always find another role model..."
"I want her!!!" She spoke in a low authoritative voice before running upstairs to my room..

Like c'mon does everyone adore this girl, she is literally nothing....

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