Anjola - Episode 8

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Thie interview had gone well, so it happened that she got to AANU HOLDINGS trying to find her way to the managing director's office, one Mr Olaotan Demi.

she had been directed to his office without no hiccups and imagine her shock when she found out that her very own Mr Perfect from the Grocery store was the M.D of the company, she almost died and resurrected, he seemed not to remember whom she was and she didn't try juggling his memory. 

They had had a short introduction, and she had got to work almost immediately, she had worked for hours typing and printing out, but it hadn't felt like hours because the full blast of the air conditioning, made time steal away quickly. After she was through she had gone to his office to submit the documents and they had gotten to talking, he seemed a nice enough guy, she wasn't supposed to considering the circumstances, but she couldn't help checking out his ring finger, Bare . Praise God..let it not be that she had been fantasizing on another woman's property she felt better.

She relaxed on cushioned chair, watching him as he spoke with his mother on phone, 

"Mom, im currently in a meeting will call you when I'm done...i know in an hour's!! Okay you win, thirty minutes." Demi scratched his hair, looking back at Anjy. "sorry about that, my mother is such a drama queen." he said coming to sit in the chair opposite hers 

"I know right, even at that we cant love them any less, they sure make our world go round." Anjola said picking up her drink 

"Demi nodded in agreement 

"So Anjola, with the little i've been able to observe of you.

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. I think you'd do. But then before your jubilate, i want you to keep this in mind, I don't mess around with my staff, its strictly business. I'm sure Pami will explain to you better what i mean by that when she comes....

Anjola knew he was trying to tell her off Incase she was harboring any kind of feelings towards him, she knew men like Demi didn't go for females like her, they mostly went on arranged dates and marriages orchestrated by both parents. So much for her thinking he was her Mr Perfect, to think Busola already foresaw that he could be a frog.

Starting tomorrow Anjola promised herself that she'd stop drooling over him and face her work squarely, afterall that was why she was here, to work. She had today to sort out her feelings and that was what she'd do. 

"Are we clear?" Demi inquired unaware of her thoughts

Anjola nodded "Yes we are sir, do pardon me, but i beg to take my leave"

Demi was taken aback, where had the carefree Anjola gone? Was she pissed by what he said, but why? why would she be? He nodded in affirmative,

"You can go, tell Pami to see me when she gets back."

"Will do sir, Anjola said as she bent to pick up the tray they'd brought in for refreshments. She turned to leave, just then a lady stepped into the office, her eyes roaming the whole office she hadn't seem to see Demi as Anjola was blocking the view,

 "Sorry ma'am, whom do you seek?" Anjola asked, staring at the woman, she was decked from head to toe in designers, a huge heart shaped chain  on her neck to the prada shoes she had on. nawa o, this one she was having various encounters with spoilt rich brats today.

The new comer seemed to look at her anew, she dropped her bag, coming at Anjola, "It was you on the phone yesterday right? Before Demi could interfere a hot slap already landed on Anjola's face, she dropped the tray, breaking the cups in the process, her face peppered and hot tears welled up her eyes, in all her twenty-four years on earth she had never been slapped not even by her own mother. Anjola held her cheek looking forlorn.

"Adesua what is the meaning of this? How dare you come here and threaten my staff, are you out of your mind?" Demi raked

"Demi, i understand that you're a man, and you'd definitely want to exercise your capabilities, but I'm disappointed, couldn't you have found a better replacement than this slut? Look here madam, if you're thinking because we've broken up you've got a chance, you're mistaken, we are a match made in heaven, Demi knows it everyone knows it. Don't bother wasting your time on him, you're still  young,you'd find a man that's the same status as yours... Stop building castles in the air, it ain't gonna work." Adesua admonished 

Anjola felt sick to her stomach, she headed to her office locking herself in.

"Anjola open up, are you okay?" Demi inquired

No reply

Demi was raving mad, this wasn't how he wanted Anjola see him, he didn't know why but what she thought of him really mattered. He walked up to his table ignoring Adesua who was still calling down fire and brimstone, he dialled security,

"my office right now."

"Demi, please just give me a chance to explain. "Adesua pleaded when she saw force wasn't helping her

"I don't want to hear it Adesua, the times when you mattered are long gone, you have gone your way and so have i, go meet your Lover."

Adesua gasped

"oh you thought i didn't know, i knew...i can read you like a book, just because i loved you doesn't mean i was blind. I won't let you take advantage of me the second time, it's not gonna happen." just then the security guard stepped into the office, 

"Take this slut out of my company, and the next time she as much as steps foot on the entrance of this company,You are fired." Demi issued

The security ushered Adesua out of the office, while Adesua tried pacifying Demi. He slammed shut his office door,

He wasn't good with apologies, and he didn't know where to even start from. Poor Anjola had been on the receiving end of Adesua's wrath, and he knew first hand how that slap must have felt like, since Adesua had slapped him once in their relationship. He dialed Pami's Number, 

"Hello Egbon, don't tell me you're already missing me o, I'm at the intersection will soon get to the office, have you met with Anjola?" Pami inquired she had a feeling that she was about to be scolded, and seeing she knew her boss well he didn't disappoint,

"Why didn't you tell me Adesua called yesterday."

"haa egbon sorry o, you were looking quite stressed yesterday didn't want to stress you more. What is it? Did she visit you."

"it would have been better if it was just that, she slapped Anjola thinking Anjola was the one she spoke with on phone the day before. Pami I hate complications like this and you know it, you should have told me, i would have forewarned the security people not to let her in."

"Egbon,e mabinu..will make it up to both of you." Pami promised. 

Demi ended the call, it was better he waited for Pami, she knew how best to handle situations such as this He swiped his sweaty hands on a towel. 

This wasn't going to be easy.
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