Anjola - Episode 7

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The sound of the incessant ring of the alarm, coupled with sounds from the kitchen roused Anjola from sleep, she rubbed her eyes trying to remember what was so special about the day. She yawned, settling back to sleep. 

The blanket was yanked off her body, as the light switch came on, making the full glare of the overhead light disturb her eyes. Anjola covered her face with her palm, oh lord... 

"Wakey-wakey.." Bimpe called entering into the bathroom and helping Anjy run her bath water . She came back to the room helping Anjola to her feet.

"Auntie mi, Good morning" Anjola greeted yawning some more. 

"Good morning ANJOLAMI, omo ola. How was your night?"

"Night was great and yours? thanks for waiting up for me last night. "Anjola said,packing up her tousled hair into a shower cap, she stepped into the bath tub.

"Good. What would you have for breakfast?" Bimpe asked, peering into the bathroom.

"Auntie mi, i don't think my stomach can contain any food right now... I'm just too nervous, what if they don't like me?  What with me being clumsy and all." Anjola lamented, she left the bath for the room settling on a chair.

"What's so special about the company? Anyways, they would be a fool not to like you, no one could bring their selves to dislike such a pretty, well mannered cutie as yourself. .If they don't like you, my dear it's their loss o, not yours."

Anjola sighed exasperatingly,some times her aunt could be soo clueless, "Ha Auntie mi, its actually the other way round o, if they don't like me then it's finished."

"what do you mean."

I don't have a backup plan remember? i resigned yesterday." Anjola said,as she searched for the box she always kept her hair pins. 

Bimpe tapped her forehead," That's true sef,anytime i remember how that witch in yo ur school treated you, i can't help but regret my refusal to attend karate class."

Anjola burst out laughing, "Auntie mi,please leave me o, my belly hurts.

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. I can just imagine you warming up to fight against Miss Anike, nah it's not happening.thanks for the vote of confidence though."

Bimpe chuckled in spite of her self, "let me leave you to it then."

Anjola shook her head as Bimpe left the room, "Karate, indeed.Where on earth did i keep this box o, I'm running late." she searched all to not avail, scattering clothings all around the place, she examined her hair in the mirror,

"Looks like I'm gonna have to wear you on a fro." she detangled her hair using a finger comb, and spritzing the hair as she went." she smiled to self.  "This should do." she concluded staring happily at her hair. she'd have to make it snappy though. She picked up her already dry cleaned suit, donning the silk camisole  mumcy gave her as a birthday present last year, it was some sort of good luck charm. 

She didn't want to look too dressy, so she swapped the fire red spike heels her aunt chose into a more comfy black pump.  She was hoping to get a job, not murder the poor man in her shoes. She picked up her leopard print bag from her bag stand, transferring all important documents into the bag, this bag had cost her two months salary much to mumcy's exasperation. It had nothing to do with the price though, she had seen the bag and had known she had to have it, that was her way of doing things she guessed, she wasn't predictable, and she liked that about herself." She spritzed her Urban Woman Cologne stepping into it as she left the room. 

"Auntie mi where are you o, i'm leaving..," Anjola inquired humming to herself

"Right here, i prepared Akara, will you take it with Ogi or custard? wow..someone does look like a million bucks!! What's with the shoes na, you don't like the red one?"

"Auntie mi, i can't wait. As for the shoes, i'm going for an interview not trying to kill my boss in my shoes." She picked an akara and bit into it, "hmm... don't tell mom, but I must say, your akara is the best."

"You think so.. I could teach you if you want." Bimpe said,feeling emotional by the remark

"I know so. And thanks, i'd love that." Anjola said, she cleaned her hand in a serviette washing down the Akara with the water Bimpe passed to her,

"I'm off."

"Break a leg sugar."

"Sure,Bye." Anjola replied,running out of the kitchen and minutes later out the door slamming it in the process. 

"Bye" Bimpe whispered,she stood by the counter, her head bent. fat drops of tears began to fall on the slab, she held her chest wailing and crying bitterly, "I'm Sorry,I'm Sorry..please forgive me...

She picked up her phone, dialing a number, 

"We need to talk, it's important." Bimpe said still clutching her chest 

"Bim-Bim is that you? How did you get my number?" The receiver inquired

"Yes it's me, how i got your number is of no importance. We need to talk about what happened that night...

"Look Bimpe, there's no use bringing that up right now. I'm married now,happily married. why would you want to bring up issues that are best left in the past? What is it you want this time? Is it money?send me your details I will wire you five million naira as soon as you send it. So please stay away from me."

"You bastard!! How long will you keep running from the truth. You want to buy my silence like you've been doing all this while, Wale its not going to work this time around. I've got your home address and I promise you, your wife is definitely going to be the next person i talk to."

Wale laughed wickedly, "Oh Bim-bim,you know me more than this o. i'd advice you walk with your five million quietly. Don't let me unveil my other side Bimpe, believe me you won't like it."

"So you don't want to see her."

"No, i don't. Send me the details, Goodbye."

The line disconnected..
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